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George Altgelt

2 Hour Gardening Special

It’s Spring!

Time to Plant Your Garden

George studied Chemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology at The University of Texas, Austin and started Austin’s first organic nursery in 1971 before organic was cool. He has considerable knowledge in all areas of food production, including the proper care and feeding of animals for food. He has a deep understanding of the principals of agriculture and nutrition. We think you’ll find George a delight to spend time with.

Show Highlights:

-George updates us on what’s going on in the world of GMOs

-Your liver can’t detoxify certain proteins if it’s not getting certain minerals. George explains

-Up until the 1950s cancer was a rarity in children; now it’s the #1 killer. George tells us why

-George talks about the lack of sulfur in the soil; how to add it to enrich the soil; and which type of sulfur to buy

-Using EcoVie in the soil to increase mineral content in homegrown food

-The role of H. Pylori in the gut

-What about adding probiotics to the soil; it is a good idea? George responds

-Mineral deficiencies are the main reasons for immune system breakdown; George shares a story on how he used iodine to help a friend with shingles

-Are paramagnetic substances worth looking into?

-What is compost tea and how it is brewed?

-Why earthworm castings are so good for the soil

-Top plants that uptake more minerals from the soil

-A listener sends in some good information and links:

Dr. Ingham is a GENIUS.

Fantastic presentation:
Ingham’s website’s compost tea recipe:
Ingham’s Soil Biology Primer:

FYI, Christine Jones is the carbon-in-the-soil and mycorrhizal-fungi genius:
Special Presentation of several years ago:
Creating New Soil:
Acres USA interview:

George Altgelt is wonderful. Thank you!

-George talks about biodynamic farming, the work of Rudolph Steiner, and a book called Quantam Agriculture

– Is there any quick way to measure the pesticides on produce?

and so much more!!

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spring gardening special with george altgelt, march 17, 2016, hour one


spring gardening special with george altgelt, march 17, 2016, hour two


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