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Harald Kautz-Vella

Engineering Consciousness: From the Deterioration from Paradise to corporate fascism. A brief history of propaganda and transhumanism

Featuring: Nanobots, Biobots and Sociopathic bloodliners

harald-kautz-vellaHarald Kautz-Vella is a chemist, activist and author living in Germany.  He is one of those rare beings who can weave together both the spiritual-metaphysical and the scientific. He started to look at the topics of AI, chemtrails, Morgellons, Smart Dust, and nano-technologies while looking at environmental protection analysis and, “came across a number of substances that shouldn’t have been in nature because they are 100% artificial, and they are high-tech, and there is no other reason to have them in the environment apart from intent — and not the best one, let’s put it this way.”

Referring to this list of semi-secretive technologies and to the substances he found in the environment, he says, “… if you root these substances back to what they are designed for, you come to Transhumanistic technologies, which is the attempt to get an interface between artificial intelligence and biological. If you ask the Transhumanists themselves, they would always say they would like to give humans better access to AI — and if you look into the technologies, it’s always to the opposite way round, it’s always giving the AI access to the human, in the sense of getting the human system controlled from the outside.” (READ MORE from Waking Times)

Show Highlights:

-Somebody is trying to create an interface between artificial intelligence and human consciousness. Why and Who?

-Mercury, an under supply of copper and heavy metals need to be available in the body to be able to manipulate the body with this technology

-The mind control signals that blanket the United States

-The importance of avoiding microwaves and all technologies that use antennas

-Morgellons disease explained. Is it real or just a figment of the imagination?

-The most effective way to avoid becoming a victim of nanobot technology is through eating a good, organic diet and getting the gut in shape

and so much more!

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