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Stephanie Relfe

UFOs, Nordic Aliens, Reptilians, Reality Shifts, Mind Control, Mars, Earth Changes, Spiritual Warfare, and More!!

  “Previous members of the military made a grave mistake when they hid the reality of aliens from the people of earth. That mistake has been continued. That mistake could endanger the future of humanity forever. It is time to remedy this situation before it is too late.”-Stephanie and Michael Relfe

Most people were introduced to Stephanie and Michael Relfe from their posting The Mars Records online in 2000. Michael was the first whistleblower to tell the world that there is a U.S.Naval base, and breathable air, on Mars. The Mars Records detailed over 250 hours of Clearing sessions with a biofeedback meter, where a man who had been in the U.S. Navy regained hidden memories of military service on Mars, Time travel, Killing with Remote Viewing, Mind control, and Military and Alien Abductions.

Do aliens exist? If so, what is their agenda?

stephanie_relfeStephanie has a number of memories from childhood. When she was around seven years old, she and her family lived in Australia, on four acres in a little town called Appin, about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney. There was a lot of bush around the house. (“Bush” is an Australian word for “woods”, but the Australian bush is very different from the woods of the Northern Hemisphere). She can remember distinctly one day walking up the dirt road to the gate. There was no one around but her. She was thinking about ant farms and started wondering if somehow we were an art farm to something a lot bigger than us. Suddenly, she could ‘feel’ several large ‘things’ looking down at her from the sky. She felt like one of those ants.

Years later, after watching the movie “The Matrix”, and other experiences, and muscle testing, Stephanie came to have even more certainty that there are beings out there who use us as batteries, and suck energy off us. She believes they do this especially at the ‘down times’ of the ‘circadian rhythm’ of around 12 noon – 2pm and midnight – 2 am. Maybe the circadian rhythm wouldn’t exist without these beings? If you pray to Yahweh God against them, you may find that your energy is not so drained at these times.

Show Highlights:

-How Stephanie learned of her husband Michael’s hidden memory of being on a Navy base on Mars for 20 years.

-Using biofeedback meters and kinesiology to clear a person.

-Aliens – varied kinds, abilities, some good, some evil. – 9/11/01 is Neo’s passport date in the Matrix. The Harvest of Humans.

-Earth is run by the military aristocracy. Recommended book: History: Fiction or Science, by Anatoly T. Fomenko.

-Who are the slit eye aliens and what are they up to?

-Are all aliens fallen spirit creatures?

-Battle of aliens. Don’t get on the ships. Be prepped for 4 weeks survival. Danger of smartphones.

-Scopalamine and loss of will power.

-Hollywood trying to control our reality. Crisis actors. Setting the population up.

-Are vaccines part of this agenda? Their effect on metaphysical abilities.

-They want us alive and stupid to enable the Harvest.

-The government is the Nordic aliens.

-How are smartphones and other technologies used for mind control?

-Abductees given booby-trap commands.

-Did Ephesians in the Bible prophesize the aliens?

-What should a person do to guard themselves? See – Having Problems? Try this.

-Advised to stick Biblical verses on mirrors in the house.

-Twilight Zone episode of promise of eternal life to people who get on an alien spaceship. Another TZ episode of aliens who “come to serve humans”.

-Importance of steering clear of fear.

-Engineered decline in US economic well-being in last 20 years. Good jobs still as truck drivers, security guard, merchant marines.

-Cats and toxoplasmosis. A mind-control disease.

-Who are the men in black?

-What about Bashar? Can we trust anything channeled?

-What about the Annunaki?

-Did the moon landing happen?

and so much more!!


stephanie relfe, aliens and things that can go bump in the night for some, july 12, 2016, hour one


stephanie relfe, aliens and things that can go bump in the night for some, july 12, 2016, hour two


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