Theta level meditation is a trance state of Conscious Sensory-Motor Semi-Organic Relaxation.

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) explained …

“The body is increasing in size and age. Meditation seems frivolous compared to this. If this immortal soul is taken care of by a mortal body, I think you got a lousy deal.”

Meditation is conscious sleeping.

Adano said …

“The pituitary is the resonance between between the two sides of the brain, so meditation is MEDIATION – bio-optic-sonic focusing.”

Those not in a thought-free state are “lost in their thoughts.”

Adano said …

“The designer, container, and occupant is God. You and I don’t exist. ‘Me’ is a state of isness.  The unified field of me, I-amness, organizes relativity, which is personality. If the ‘I am’ can understand it’s I-amness while asleep, the result is Delta, in God we trust.”

The GODSPEED might be an appropriate name for the zero- to four-cycles-per-second of the Delta brain wave.

Adano said …

“The breathless state is the enlightened state. Breathlessness is joyfulness – breathless with joy. Machines are now being made to produce this state. The decompression chamber brings the pressure down to sea level, which is enlightenment. Enlightenment is not total knowledge of the universe. It is merely a state of obedience – the ability to make a correct decision.”

Adano and my buddy The Leather Tiger (George Adams) purchased two bathyspheres for this purpose in the 1970s.

CONSERVATION is continuance.

Adano said …

“The mind cannot live in a state of continuance.”

Our visual system constantly QUIVERS – saccades, glissades, and vergence shifts – to avoid continuance.

Blank is ZEN, the ZENITH of mind.

Adano said …

“The first seven-and-a-half minutes of Delta is schizophrenic. There’s no control of geometry. In the second seven-and-a-half minutes there’s no geometry, no alphabet, no light, no sound. It’s the Dark Night of the Soul. You must use CARBOGEN to take you to Delta.”

Carbogen will kill you if you PANIC.

Cranberries are ANTI-PANIC.

Bears eat cranberries to prepare for hibernation.

(To Be Continued.)




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