Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) advised me to study what atomic elements and molecules do OUTSIDE the body to learn what they do INSIDE.

His insight has allowed me to stay years ahead of the “latest” supplements. :)

Regarding selenium, according to “Addition of Selenium Improves Lubricating Oil,” Science News Letter, Feb. 10, 1945 …

“The selenium compounds impart many desirable features to the oil, including the ability to resist its tendency to oxidize and form sludge and gunk resins in the engine. A film of selenium-treated oil will support increased pressure between surfaces.”

Here’s some things Adano said about selenium …

“Use selenium to stabilize silver, like in photography.”

… and …

“Copper, selenium, and antimony, in that order, are necessary for maintaining balance in the bones for flexibility and proper bonding effect.”

… and …

“Selenium is knocked out by epileptic seizures. Pork eaters tend to become epileptic. Beets help the liver, which is responsible for epileptic pressure.”

… and …

“Eat matzo-ball soup to trigger the selenium process to grow hair. For hair growth, make a cream from hazelnuts, coconut, avocado, and zinc. Hazelnut contains the selenium.”

… and …

“Cockroaches contain a superior form of selenium.”

(One of my friends microwaved a cockroach and ate it. Unfortunately, it had previously visited a Roach Motel.)

… and …

“Selenium gives you consistency and allows you to be yourself. It speeds up reactions. Conflict between you and the other party will cause a selenium drop.”

… and …

“Selenium is the core of vitamin E. The ‘E’ stands for ‘energy’ and ’emission.'”

(Vitamin E and selenium can be regulated by Reflexology. Massage the little finger and the “Crystalline Zone” on the left side to “speed them up,” and the same on the right side to “slow them down.”)

… and …

“Take selenium for shingles.”

Selenium toxicity and selenosis can occur when taking 400 to 800 micrograms of selenium per day.

A rose may be a rose may be a rose but selenium variants can’t be confined to a rule.

Emanuel Revici, M.D., treated certain cellular cancers – associated with the Fourth Period of the Periodic Table of the Elements – with ONE GRAM of selenium.

Dr. Revici knew how to tame the savage beast by using novel forms of selenium, e.g., hexyldiselenide, heptyldiselenide, tetraline perselenide, napthalene perselenide, etc.


Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. (Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer’s Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention, 1992, 1996) wrote …

“Scientists sometimes have short memories. In a 1980 review, for example, one doctor seriously stated that no human experiments with selenium had ever been performed. Yet at that time, Dr. Revici had been using organic selenium in his practice for about four decades and had published a medical textbook describing such work (Research in Physiopathology as Basis of Guided Chemotherapy, with Special Application to Cancer, Princeton: D. Van Nostrand and Company, Inc., 1961.”

The above is a classic case of MEDICAL AMNESIA.

Furthermore, D. Van Nostrand printed 50,000 copies, and the Powers That Be ordered 40,000 of them to be destroyed.

The entire Periodic Table and its practical relationship to high-level wellness is covered in my out-of-print book Cosmochemistry & the Periodic Table of the Elements from A to Z.

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