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Will Power & “Thy Will” Gland – Will Power is Nitrogen plus Hydrogen


I learned ***MUCH*** from my mentor and friend Adano Christopher Ley, aka Swami Nitty-Gritty.
For example …
Consciousness is Oxygen.
Will is Nitrogen.
Power (Energy) is Hydrogen.
Will Power is Nitrogen plus Hydrogen.
Attachment (Karma) is Carbon Dioxide.
The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland is the proper home of Will Power.
In the average man/woman (not the normal one), the thyroid is under the command of the gonads.
In the normal and rare man/woman (not the average one), the gonads are under the command of the thyroid gland.
In Chakra-speak, our normal state is one of Fifth Level Mastery — Consciousness acting as the producer and director of the movie titled, Will, Power, and Attachment.
The thyroid is actually three glands in one …
(1) Thyroid.
(2) Parathyroid.
(3) Ultimobranchial.
The human body is constructed out of Yes No Maybe — Positive, Negative, and the Flow between opposites.
Iodine and thyroxine control transformation and transmutation and offer a Cosmic Opportunity to achieve the Diamond Body — “the body that casts no shadow.”
A polliwog deprived of iodine grows into a giant polliwog, and never achieves its “frogness.”
The thyroid controls the TEETH and their link to the spinal vertebrae — enamel is the most radiosensitive and radioconductive of any tissue in the human body.
(Be careful next time you get a dental X-ray.)
Skin is the least radiosensitive and radioconductive tissue in the human body.
Skin is our Cosmic Spacesuit — sprouted from an almond in the identical way an oak is sprouted from an acorn.
(Split an almond in two and lick the inside with your tongue to feel a possible outcome for your skin.)
Let’s play pretend …
Joe and Moe both come down with the “dis-ease” known as fluorosis from eating too much fluorine.
Joe opens and closes his mouth, while Moe keeps his shut and eats in the dark.
Joe’s teeth turn black from fluorosis, a condition known as Colorado Brown Tooth.
Moe’s teeth remain sparkling white.
Any questions?


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  1. shellinspector says:

    Hi Atom,

    To summarize Atom’s ideas here:

    1. Thyroid = will power = nitrogen+hydrogen
    2. Thyroid should command gonads (sex glands), but seldom does so
    3. Thyroid connects teeth to spinal vertebrate.
    4. Teeth absorb electromagnetic radiation.
    5. Skin is connected to almond-like gland in the brain, so eating almonds is good for the skin.
    6. Showing your teeth to the sun is depleting them of nutrients, so keep mouth shut in the sunlight.

    Possible Conclusions:

    1. Strong Will-power means good resistance to radiation.
    2. Good teeth health and spinal cord are helped by thyroid and iodine.
    3. Skin linked to almonds, so eating almonds protects from UV rays?


    1. Atom, how can I use my vertebrate to help my teeth and vice versa?

    2. Maturity in polliwog depends on iodine, and protection from radiation. Do children have to eat seaweed to develop in strong well defined feminine and/or masculine forms when they grow up? Why don’t we then see many guitar shaped Japanese women and broad shouldered Japanese men? Black men and women, on the other hand often have attractive curves. Can you extrapolate here?

    Enjoying every line of wisdom from Atom !

  2. atomb says:

    Good thinking!!!!

    Without listing exceptions to the rule, a straight spine leads to healthy teeth.

    Genetics proceeds from east to west, and Geometry proceeds from north to south.

    The latitude and longitude of “location” is *one* indicator of “ethnic” differences.

    Planet Earth is a giant centrifuge, calibrated to 1,040 mph at the equator, precipitating minerals by (1) velocity and (2) atomic weight.

    I personally enjoy geometric variety — from svelte to junk in the trunk.

    Exposing the teeth to sunlight is healthy as long as fluorine is kept in its proper “growth” parameters.

    Much of this is explained in Yes No Maybe: Chronobiotic Nutrition, available at the Website of my co-author, Marcella Vonn Harting.

  3. shellinspector says:

    Thanks Atom,

    How do we keep our spine straight? I believe I have a lot of self-determination to force my back and neck straight for a day or two, but eventually I succumb and relax my back back to an incorrect posture? If I can’t do it, is there at all hope for less determined like my kids or even my wife?

    With respect to the Japanese vs. African people. I beleive ethnically Japanese, Korean and a good portion of Chinese do originate from people close to polar circle, what we currently call Inuit. Those people had access to the least of the sun angles, directly or through food. Maybe their genetics is poor in utilizing high sun angles? Hence, often not very tall, not very developed, needing sea food to be getting Vitamin D etc. Why is it the case that in Japanese cartoons like Anime, Manga, the supposedly most attractive females do look like small girls barely starting going though puberty? There is something interesting here, don’t you think?

    Black people do get sun almost vertically and all other angles throughout the day. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Asians as Blacks as Whites, they are all my brothers.

  4. atomb says:

    The hard way to straighten the spine is to do Yoga or Sufi exercises for years.

    The easy way is to totally drop all traumas — well, easier said than done!

    In the words of Swami Nitty-Gritty, “How can there be any karma if you live NOW?”

    The best research on melanin and solar radiation is century-old research from GE. It’s been kept well-hidden since their investment in nuclear energy.

    Thomas Edison experimented with over 6,000 vegetables before choosing bamboo for the filament of his electric light.

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