By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

I learned ***MUCH*** from my mentor and friend Adano Christopher Ley, aka Swami Nitty-Gritty.
For example …
Consciousness is Oxygen.
Will is Nitrogen.
Power (Energy) is Hydrogen.
Will Power is Nitrogen plus Hydrogen.
Attachment (Karma) is Carbon Dioxide.
The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland is the proper home of Will Power.
In the average man/woman (not the normal one), the thyroid is under the command of the gonads.
In the normal and rare man/woman (not the average one), the gonads are under the command of the thyroid gland.
In Chakra-speak, our normal state is one of Fifth Level Mastery — Consciousness acting as the producer and director of the movie titled, Will, Power, and Attachment.
The thyroid is actually three glands in one …
(1) Thyroid.
(2) Parathyroid.
(3) Ultimobranchial.
The human body is constructed out of Yes No Maybe — Positive, Negative, and the Flow between opposites.
Iodine and thyroxine control transformation and transmutation and offer a Cosmic Opportunity to achieve the Diamond Body — “the body that casts no shadow.”
A polliwog deprived of iodine grows into a giant polliwog, and never achieves its “frogness.”
The thyroid controls the TEETH and their link to the spinal vertebrae — enamel is the most radiosensitive and radioconductive of any tissue in the human body.
(Be careful next time you get a dental X-ray.)
Skin is the least radiosensitive and radioconductive tissue in the human body.
Skin is our Cosmic Spacesuit — sprouted from an almond in the identical way an oak is sprouted from an acorn.
(Split an almond in two and lick the inside with your tongue to feel a possible outcome for your skin.)
Let’s play pretend …
Joe and Moe both come down with the “dis-ease” known as fluorosis from eating too much fluorine.
Joe opens and closes his mouth, while Moe keeps his shut and eats in the dark.
Joe’s teeth turn black from fluorosis, a condition known as Colorado Brown Tooth.
Moe’s teeth remain sparkling white.
Any questions?



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