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Fluoride Do Not Drink or Bathe In The Water


Dr. Paul Connett, Professor Emeritis at St. Larwence University makes a dramatic argument for getting the fluroride out of all the water, period.

This show surprised us in the amount of interest and concern over water fluoridation exists, evidenced by the calls and emails received. Dr. Connett is a graduate of Cambridge University, Connett holds a PhD. from Dartmouth College and joined the faculty at St. Lawrence in 1983.

You’ll hear Dr. Connett connecting fluoride to neurological disorders and a wide variety of maladies including the disruption of thyroid function. He says fluoride is also absorbed in the body during showing and bathing in fluoridated water. We get into many solutions here and know you’ll find this important to your health. Did you know fluoridated water can be used in food labeled Organic by the USDA Standards? A great resource along with this show is fluoride



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