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Mercury Fillings – Alzheimers – Toxicity & Oxidative Stress Relief – Boyd Haley





Nearly 25 years ago, Boyd Haley , now Emeritus Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry in the Department of chemistry at The University of Kentucky proved mercury toxicity as a major factor in Alzheimers disease.

Mr. Haley says modern medicine does not appreciate the prevalence of heavy metal toxicity in all of us and his research shows mercury dental amalgams are the chief cause.  And one one adds the introduction of mercury from other sources such as High Fructose Corn syrup etc., this is a huge challenge and opportunity.  He also believes the Thimerosol in vaccines is a contribution factor in childhood diseases.

The opportunity?  To rid the body of these metals by maintaining the high and steady levels of Glutathione, which is naturally produced in the body.  Mr. Haleys company has created a product called OSR, Oxidative Stress Relief, that scavenges Hydroxy Free Radicals.



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