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Dr. Thomas Levy M.D. – Primal Panacea – Vitamin C: The Most Important of All Supplements – September 29, 2011

Patrick Timpone


Dr. Thomas E. Levy M.D.

Board certified cardiologist and author of over six books on health-related issues.

His latest book Primal Panacea talks of a hereditary defect which prevents the human body from synthesizing a natural cure-all made by most animals and found in abundance by primal man. Overwhelming documentation proves when one’s blood levels of the “primal panacea” are sufficiently high, it prevents and cures cancer, heart disease, infectious and degenerative diseases, and can neutralize and even reverse damage from virtually all toxins, venoms, and radiation!

Dr. Levy joined Patrick to discuss his latest book and work with Vitamin C, the most important of all supplements. How is the use of this vitamin is being threatened by the FDA? He also answered questions and made comments on alternatives to calcium, why the arteries get clogged and the dangers of driving your cholesterol numbers down.

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dr tom levy, vitamin c, sept. 29, 2011



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  1. […] a cure for cystic fibrosis and Chinese remedies excellent for diabetes, and vitamin C, which “overwhelming documentation proves, when one’s blood levels … are sufficiently high, prevents and cures cancer, heart […]

  2. Have been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration (ARMD) and
    am unable to find any reference to this disease in your
    Primal Panacea book!
    Did I miss the reference or have you added that info
    later since I received the book?

    Please advise,

    William Machabee

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