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Open Phone Friday with Patrick Timpone – Featuring Your Calls and Emails – October 28, 2011


Patrick Timpone



October 28, 2011

Today’s Topics Included:

-Adya Clarity-A consumer alert has been issued for this product. Patrick has been using it bit and is quite surprised by Mike Adams article on Natural News. It’s worth a closer look as it apparently contains some ingredients not listed on the label.

-Patrick spends time thanking the people down at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Revolutions can be messy but are sometimes necessary to create change.

 -Raw liver as medicine

-To scope or not to scope: Just how far should we go with medical testing?

-Letting go and allowing our parents to make their own health decisions

-The wonders of olive leaf extract

-Cancer’s Cause to Cancer’s Cure- Patrick gives a little recap from our show yesterday with Dr. Morton Walker. If cancer has touched your life in anyway, you won’t want to miss this one

Dr. Morton Walker’s Interview

-Eliminating the toxins from daily life- Plastics, personal care products, cookware etc

-Detoxing from EMF’s- We had some nice creative feedback from you on this topic

-Adding animal fats to your diet for stronger health

-Patrick tells of expelling a 10 inch worm which had taken up residence in his intestines – Great ideas for de worming and other parasite cleansing ideas

and so much more!

open phones with patrick and you, october 28, 2011, one



open phones with patrick and you, october 28, 2011, two



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