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The Barefoot Herbalist and The 40 Day OJ Fast

oranges2.jpgCan you imagine living on nothing but eight juiced oranges a day for 40 days? Thousands of people have done it and experienced complete cures from most all diseases.  Dr. Hay worked with over 60,000 patients in his clinic in the early 1900s.

Barefoot, also known as MH on, believes most of the real
knowledge regarding health may have been written before and not long
after 1900.  If that is true, one has to ask, "What has medicine,
natural and otherwise been doing the last 50 years?"  Its a valid
question.  Patrick is not suggesting that Barefoots statement above is
quite accurate, yet what if it is?  

A wise man once said, "The main cause of disease is a closed mind." 





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