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Dannie Joe Mael – According to the 4 Organics Laws Upon Which the U.S. Code is Based “We are Free” – August 10, 2011

Patrick Timpone

August 10, 2011

Dannie Joe Mael

Student of Ed Rivera

Dannie Joe Mael, a 2 year student of Edward Rivera, joined us for a mindbending show that is certain to challenge everything you ever thought to be true about what or who governs you and your family

Using the 4 Organic Laws upon which the U.S. Code is based:

The Constitution

The Declaration of Independance

The Articles of Confederation


The Northwest Ordinance

Dannie takes us down the path of understanding the difference between “The United States” and “The United States of America” and answers questions like:

Am I a U.S. citizen?

Do I want to be?

Does the government have jurisdiction over me if I don’t live on federal property?

Why am I paying property taxes? Why do I want to stay out of court at all costs?

Dannie Joe states that the government will continue to trick us into believing they have jurisdiction until enough people come together up against it.

This is a very interesting, yet confusing show, but as it is said,

“Confusion Precedes Enlightenment”

For more information on embracing your freedom please Visit Ed Riveras Website

Dannie Joe Mael was born within a man-made division of North America labeled Missouri, United States of America. He graduated from a government high school in 1967 and went on to graduate from Northwood University, midland Michigan, with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He also has an Associate degree in Computer Networking Technologies. Dannie Joe currently lives within the territorial limits of the city of Kansas City, Missouri and has been a student of Ed Rivera for 2 years.

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