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Dr. John Virapen Ph. D. – Confessions of an Ex-Pharma Top Executive – March 19, 2012


Patrick Timpone

John Virapen Ph.D.

Ex-Pharma Top Executive

Author of Medicine Cult: A Prescription for Side Effects and Death

March 19, 2012

Just as the “all powerful” Wizard of Oz was unmasked in the 1939 film classic, the men behind the curtain who are controlling the pharmaceutical industry are about to be exposed! Whether you know it or not, the pharmaceutical industry (lovingly referred to as Big Pharma) controls many facets of your life – making the world a “medicine cult.” The frightening thing is that the “cabal” is deeply mired in politics, deception, scandal and corruption. Instead of having the health and welfare of its customers in mind, many of those in control are primarily focused on money. Yet, thanks to skillful marketing tactics, everything seems rosy and everyone depends on the latest drug to combat their health woes.

Dr. Virapen joined us this morning for a pretty spooky confessional on how the big drug companies operate and shows us how the industry has nothing to do with peoples health. This is a show not to miss!



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john virapen, big pharma whistle blower, march 19, 2012



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