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Dr. Bob Dowling – Curing Cancer – The Politics of Health – May 12, 2011













Dr. Bob Dowling




There is a Cure for Breast Cancer.


Hear Stories of How Health Freedom


is Even Being Challenged in Ecuador


by the  U.S.


The Connection Between Dental


Procedures and Cancer.


Removing Tumors with Frequency Ablation





 Thursday, May 12  






Breast Cancer Cured Website


 Dr. Bob Dowling moved to Ecuadore a few years ago to have the freedom to do his work. He says he safely and painless has a process to detect, with thermal imaging and remove breast and other tumors.

Tune in and hear the whole story on the research and how it is done. He says it is affordable and it works!  He told One Radio Network, travel to Ecuadore is easy and accomodations are affordalble, beautiful and safe. Dr. Dowling is also an authority on the link of oral pathology and breast cancer.



dr bob dowling, cancer cured, may 12, 2011 hour one Download


dr bob dowling, cancer cured, may 12, 2011 hour two Download


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  1. anne says:

    Thank you for a very interesting programe!
    I heard Dr Bob Dowling say that we in scandinavia get half of our cost for removing mercury from the teeth, payed by the government. Unfortunately this is not true. There are some very sick people who can get some help but the majority has to pay for it by them selves, and it cost a lot!
    Sincerely Anne Uusimaa

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