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Dr. Massey – DMSO is Amazing, But it’s Not For Everyone and Other Great Information On Maintaining Your Health Naturally – January 28, 2010

Dr. Richard Massey

January 28, 2010

Dr. Massey answered questions and made comments on the following topics:

DMSO is not for everyone

Why would my hair be falling out?



Getting the sufficient amount of vitamin C

What to do for nerve damage

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Ozone therapy

Magnesium IV’s

Bipolar Disorder

Kidney Stones

Lyme Disease

and so much more!


Dr Richard Massey MD

 Dr. Richard Massey is an M.D. who some years back turned to natural medicine and wow, he has come a long way. He seeks out the real Truth about what is going on here and consults with many cutting edge folks around the Country to get to the heart of the matter. 

Heres a great opportunity to call in live to totally holistic M. D. who will be pleased to assist you in any way possible to reach your health goals.

Dr. Massey is available for consultations world wide by calling him.  830.990.2924

Two resources to find a doc that does IVs and such:







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