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Dave Ames – Author of “Me, My Cells and I: A Survivors Seriously Funny Guide to the Science of Cancer” – November 3, 2011

Patrick Timpone

Dave Ames

Author of Me, My Cells and I: A Survivors Seriously Funny Guide to the Science of Cancer

To learn how to deal with his advanced prostate cancer, Dave Ames studied Nobel Prize winning research and learned to make treatment and lifestyle choices resulting from the effects on his cells’ ability to use oxygen. This path through the maze of conflicting health advice showed him what to eat and how to counter the side effects of radiation. His treatments ran the gamut from conventional drugs and radiation, to the less-conventional such as dietary changes and the decidedly alternative practice of Qi Gong.

We welcomed Dave to the show today to talk about his experience with this dis-ease. Dave’s lighthearted outlook and ability to accept responsibility for his health is amazing and we hope you will pass this podcast on to all you love.

November 3, 2011

Dave Ames is the author of three books about fly fishing and one book about cancer. He prefers fishing to having cancer, so when he got diagnosed and heard the dire odds, he set about trying to prove the doctors wrong. Cancer-free for several years now, he’s on a mission to tell others how he did it.

Learn more about Me, My Cells and I





david ames, and his story with prostate cancer, november 3, 2011



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  1. Sid Aust says:

    I listened to this interview with Dave Ames…I am certainly glad he is doing great now…and found a way to get over cancer..but I purchased his book and did not get much from it…He hardly told what he did, how long, what he thought was best etc, but again injoyed the interveiw but his book has a lot to be disired as the saying goes..

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