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Dr. Andreas Kalcker – Reversing the Symptoms Known As Autism By Dealing with the Parasites First – October 8, 2013

Patrick Timpone


Dr. Andreas Kalcker

Parasites, Chlorine Dioxide and Autism

We learned of Dr. Andreas Kalcker through our recent guest Kerri Rivera, who has been using his protocol for treating parasites in autistic children thus reversing their symptoms. This interview is a real eye opener and brings understanding to how vaccinations play a role in autism. So why don’t all children exhibit autistic symptoms after vaccination? The answer will fascinate you. Dr. Kalcker elaborates on the how’s and why’s and continues our conversation on chlorine dioxide. Please pass this show on to everyone you know. There’s quite a bit of spine tingling information here.

Show Highlights:

-Chlorine dioxide or MMS as it is also known: What is it and how does it work? Is it dangerous? Can too much be taken? How does it help heal the body? Dr. Kalcker has the details

-50 years ago 1 in 10,000 children had autism, now it’s 1 in 50. It can’t be genetics, so what is the cause. Dr. Kalker makes the link between the cross reaction between vaccines and parasites as 1 in 4 have parasites. The cure….getting rid of the parasites

-Dr. Kalker explains oxidation and anti-oxidants. Be prepared to throw all your knowledge about anti-oxidants right out the window. Finally, it all makes sense.

-So where do parasites come from?

-Getting stronger stomach acid naturally. It’s not just all about diet. After all, why can some of us eat anything and live to 105?

-How does chlorine dioxide affect the good bacteria and flora in the gut?

and so much more!

KalckerDr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker is a founding member of the NGO Earth-Help-Project focused to help the third world with alternative energy, water and health. He worked in the 90s at the Centre for New Technologies in Barcelona He first licensed in economics and later in biophysics and alternative health (Ph.D). Former Member of the the Research Institute I.I.E.E. Barcelona. He has lectured at the “Club Equestrian” in “La Pedrera” for plastic surgeons Catalonia and “Erasmus University” Brussels medicine among others,Brussels His presentation is a new medical discovery about using chlorine dioxide possibilities beyond conventional use at the Erasmus University of medicine. He lectured as well at the Autism Foundation ” in Venezuela 2011, Puerto Rico, Sofia-Bulgaria,2012 Prague – in the Chech republic, among many others. In Autism One , the world biggest conference abaout autism inChicago 2013 he presented the new concept of : Parasitological Vaccinosis A method of successful treatment for regressive autism where in 1 year more than 65 children have been able to reduce former ATEC from over 50 to less than 10, or a so called full recovery. The successful treatment has been completely different to mainstream medicine focusing to the cause of parasitic toxicity experienced in their body’s causing irrational behavior.

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  1. cab says:

    I don’t trust MMS, don’t trust Jim Humble — something too fishy about the whole thing. I have heard that MMS does not selectively kill cells like we are told. It smells like bleach, tastes like bleach, and I just don’t think bleach is good for the health. I think the pharma industries have scams out there to get people to try things that are dangerous, so they can ride in with white hats and save the day, discredit alternative health as being dangerous and not effective, and people who rely on it and spurn the Big Pharma drugs are just a bunch of loonies.

    I think there are lots of other things to do to be well that we don’t need to use MMS. I have never heard of anybody improving their health with MMS, and I’ve known people to have tried. It smells like bleach, it is bleach.

    That’s just my opinion from what I know personally and have read and researched. My gut feeling is — stay away from MMS.

    • Jasper Rooney says:

      While chlorine dioxide has chlorine in its name, its chemistry is radically different from that of chlorine. It has to do with the way electrons interact with one another. The primary chemical reaction of chlorine dioxide based compounds is through oxidation. I do the CDS pp 3000 method & to me it taste like sugar water. When I started to feel a cold or flu comming on I take 1ml on 1 cup of h20 & feel better right away. It is AMAZING & recommend you try it. I believe your gut feeling will change when you look at Keri Riveras site on Autisum. You can also find Hundreds of testamonial with google. Thanks

    • KERRY says:

      That’s too bad that you won’t even try it, but that is your choice. I have gotten rid of a serious, antibiotic resistant staph infection by using mms/cd and it only took one month. After years of doctors trying and doing God knows what to my insides, mms got rid of it with no side effects! :) & my son is currently recovering from autism on mms as we speak and I am healing myself of many other man made aliments as well. I have much respect for Andreas and Kerri they are doing what others are afraid to do.

  2. robert says:

    I have experimented on myself with chlorine dioxide and have seen great results. Obviously cab up above orks for the drug makers.
    This solution cured my bleeding gums overnight.
    This solution stops bad breathe immediately.
    This solution cured my swollen/sore throat almost immediately by gargling with it.
    My teeth are tighter.
    It whitens teeth.
    The floaters in my eyes are greatly diminished.
    My vision is better.
    I cured a case of the flu I had virtually overnight.
    This is not snake oil.
    If it was dangerous why is Frontier Pharmaceuticals using it in dozens of their new products? It is FDA approved for them to make millions, but they dont want you to have it for yourself?
    It is virtually free so the powers that be do not want you to know about it.

  3. sarah cox says:

    We have a 16 yr old..on the chlorine dioxide..on the parasite protocol…he is in a hideous state, healing has began…..80 days….chlorine dioxide rocks !!!!!!

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