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Dr. Edward Kondrot – Healing the Eye the Natural Way – January 10, 2012



Patrick Timpone

Dr. Edward Kondrot

The World’s Leading Homeopathic Ophthalmologist

January 10, 2012

“Everytime a child is prescribed a pair of glasses,an angel in heaven weeps”

Dr. Kondrot is the real deal when it comes to natural eye care. He joined us this morning from Mexico, where he is on vacation, to share some impressive information and insights into caring for our eyes and vision in a more holistic way. He clearly states that eye problems are due to emotional and energetic issues and these causes should be treated first and foremost. Dr. Kondrot talked about using pin-hole glasses and how they work, the use of different herbs to increase circulation in the eyes, finding an optometrist who will work with you in decreasing the strength of your prescription glasses to help start regaining better eyesight and so much more information on eye health. This was an excellent interview and we encourage you to listen especially if you have a little one struggling to see the blackboard at school. Please visit Dr. Kondrots Website rich with wonderful information and to find a holistic optometrist in your area, please visit The College for Syntonic Optometry



dr edward kondrot, january 10, 2012



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