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extraordinary importance of vitamins C & D and

why sweating is crucial for detoxification.

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Monday, July 18

Dr. Jonathan Wright is the Medical Director of Tahoma Clinic in Renton, Washington, where he also practices medicine. A Harvard University (A.B. 1965) and University of Michigan graduate (M.D. 1969), Dr. Wright has taught natural biochemical medical treatments since 1983 to thousands of physicians in the USA, Europe, and Japan. In 1982, Dr. Wright personally developed the use of bio-identical estrogens, and was the first to use DHEA in private practice. He originated successful natural treatment for elimination of childhood asthma and D-mannose treatment for E. coli UTI, and discovered cobalt’s effect on estrogen detoxification.


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Patrick: Good morning. It’s the 18th of July 2011 just in case you’re lost. It’s good to be here. My name is Patrick Timpone and this is

We broadcast worldwide through the web Monday through Friday 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Central Time. And also Saturday special show on the Real World Money.

Tomorrow going to the head men at the Edgar Casey Research Foundation talking about earth changes with Mr. Casey’s predictions. Fun stuff if you’ve into those kinds of things which many of you are. Andrew Gause on Wednesday a new way to look at alcoholism other than Alcoholics Anonymous. Also on Wednesday Dr. Murray Grossman says you can look in the mirror and figure out some things about your body and get healthier and get less stress. That’ll be fun. And then also we’re going to build some muscles on Thursday with Marty Gallagher neat guy, the purposeful primitive. We haven’t talked about him in a couple of years. We love building muscles. And open phone Friday.

And speaking of building muscles you got to have testosterone and stuff working to build muscles. So we love talking about testosterone and we’re going to speak to Dr. Jonathan Wright for awhile about all things hormone. Well he’s just written so many books about Hydrochloride Acid, about Hormone Replacement Therapy being a natural pharmacy, nutrition. He’s Dr. Jonathan Wright and he went to Harvard back in ’65 a Harvard man in the University of Michigan. He heads up now Tahoma Clinic out there in Seattle Board of Directors at Baxter College, that’s the Baxter University where they do the naturopathic guys. And he’s done mountains of research and lots of books. And we got him up early this morning. Doc, how are things out on the far west coast?

Dr. Wright: Well we’re not baking in the heat like you are Patrick. We’ve had our huge little Seattle summer we have clouds, rain, drip an occasional sunny day and I hear you’re in the frying pan.

Patrick: Yes sir it has been 100° degrees here for about 45 days. We’re trying to break a record we thought we’d try to break a record.

Dr. Wright: Well you might as well go for it I guess if you’re getting there.

Patrick: That’s right. So you’ll start at the clinic right after this show and go in there and talk to patients?

Dr. Wright: Yes sir. And if I could with your permission give a tiny bit of background. Even though our clinic was the first in the early 80s to do a complete program of bio identical hormones including for the ladies estrogen progesterone, DHA, thyroid and all that and testosterone and DHA and thyroid and so forth for the guys. And we’ve been doing it every since which is nearly 30 years and definitely the first in North America.

I want to let you know that we were proceeded by the Chinese in the year 1050 and if you want to talk about that we can, but prior to us doing the hormones I started doing so-called natural medicine in the 70s and just to try to shorten this up because I know you want to get to testosterone and all those kinds…

Patrick: Oh that’s okay you take your time we have plenty of time.

Dr. Wright: Okay.

Patrick: And go wherever you like.

Dr. Wright: And some of the ladies too are interested in that. Anyway prior to that a couple of folks who came into see me had gotten me interested in natural medicine simply because it worked when none of the things I’d been taught worked, just none of them. And I here this couple of simple [inaudible 04:20] worked. So I decided there was a big old hole in my medical education, went down to the library here.

And again to shorten this up by now a colleague of mine Dr. Allen Gady and I had accumulated a file of close to 60,000 on paper scientific articles stretching clear from the early 20th Century all the way to the present. These are photocopied on paper titled categorized [inaudible 04:48] indexed and all that stuff. Well all that paper file is in storage Patrick because it’s been preceded by electronics. We go back to that paper file from time-to-time to look up where we got some of the references but we have about 15,000 articles now stored away in electronic form. We have to have a little bit of a backup hard drive.

The whole point to telling you that is that we’re so often told that there is no evidence to that natural medicine stuff. Why it’s just starting to be looked at its all folk healers and so forth. Anybody that tries to tell you folks that is total nonsense. Now certainly some of it came from folk healers, a little bit, because look at our ancestors aren’t any dumber than we are, I don’t think so anyway. And possibly not smarter maybe average IQ points but they got sick too. And they had to figure out what to do about it even hundreds of years ago. And they figured out a whole lot of the things even without knowing why it worked.

So there’s all that folk medicine that modern science is just looking into, but that’s not the large majority of the database I’m talking about. The large majority of the database I’m talking about is university research on diets and vitamins and minerals and botanicals and what are called accessory food factors, the evidence is out there all you got to do is open your eyes and look at for the skeptical people. And now I’ll shut up and you…

Patrick: No that’s great. Now the university research this would be separate Dr. Jonathan Wright than the research that goes on in conjunction I guess with the FDA and the drug companies and such. This is separate. Could it be said it’s really independent research at the universities for these things.

Dr. Wright: Oh absolutely.

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: You see when the patent medicine companies and I’ve done all that [inaudible 06:32] Patrick, is we need to get on the table what they really are. What they really are is molecules in order to be able to qualify for patent cannot be found in nature. And that’s the patent law you can’t patent that something natural so you have to pick a natural thing twist it and change it and make it so that it was never found on planet earth. What’s that we’re thinking of putting molecules never found on planet earth into human bodies to try to heal them? Oh come on, as they say in the middle of my show, those are extra cell molecules. They weren’t made by space aliens but they could have been made by space aliens because they never occurred on planet earth before.

And folks that’s just like trying to fix your Chevy with Toyota parts it isn’t going to work you’ve got to fix human bodies with the molecules that belong in human bodies. And those are totally unpatentable that’s just the way it goes. After all human bodies are from the planet if you read a certain book it says from

“Dust we come and to dust we shall return”

and all that dust came from our planet and its natural molecules. So the patent medicine companies, which is what they really are I don’t like calling them drug or pharmaceuticals, they did in patent but it’s just like in the 19th Century.

Anyway patent medicine companies will not find the natural molecule research. There’s not a dollar in it for them and they’re in business to make money. Secondarily if the stuff gets you better that’s fine but you know that it goes on the market and five years later gets withdrawn, and another one comes out and 10 years later gets withdrawn, and that’s because those molecules don’t belong in this and ultimately we find out the harm they cause. So anyway this is totally independent of patent medicine companies funding. Now I got to admit there’s a little bit of government funding here and there National Institute of Health and stuff, which means the taxpayers got to pay for it whether they wanted to or not. Which is another question, but at least it isn’t from patent medicines and having an interest in selling you something.

Patrick: Nine minutes after the hour Dr. Jonathan Wright. Two Web sites

and also

he has a whole stack of books. We’ll have his latest book what’s the name of that one it is

“Stay Young and Sexy with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement”

, well have that one on our show you can click on and order through Amazon. We’ll get a few bucks. And this is revised and expanded and updated too this one.

Dr. Wright:Yes it is Patrick. And also if they go to Amazon you get a few bucks on it which is cool and put it in a name they’ll find that about 14 books authored or co-authored. The one I’d like to mention in addition to the

“Stay Young and Sexy with Bioidentical Hormones”

is something called natural medicine optimal wellness which I co-authored with Dr. Allen Gaby. He’s the doc who keeps this giant file of medical research articles with me and he and I have taught courses in diet vitamin mineral botanicals and so forth to doctors since 1983. We’re up to 18 seminars now and the last time we had about 500 docs attending.

Anyway natural medicine optimal what we did was to pick 50 health conditions, or let’s call them not so healthy conditions diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc, etc. We picked those and we went through each of them have a five or six page chapter. So you don’t have to read the whole book folks you can just read the chapter you’re interested in. And it first goes through an office visit somebody came in with the problem and what they said and what the doctor said and so forth. And that’s about three pages. And then Dr. Gaby reviews the science that’s kind of important for the people who are interested in that. Here’s the science behind the treatment suggested.

And then for people who are in a real big hurry there’s a one paragraph set of bullet points that says “Hey if you haven’t got time to read the last six pages you can just do this, this and that, this diet, those vitamins, those minerals and see what happens. Again all of the footnotes are in there too where the science comes from natural medicine, optimal wellness. And then the other two Web sites you mentioned, thank you very much for mentioning it Patrick.

Patrick: Michael you’re quite welcome.

Dr. Wright: Of those two I got articles posted, many articles posted people want to read them at the

Web site.

Patrick: If you’d like to be on this show this morning (888) 663-6386 email

. We have a stack of emails already and we’re going to get to them all. Dr. Wright my mom was born about 1923 she began have babies 25 years later, she had seven children. I don’t think I ever remember her sick ever and no mention of having any kind of I mean going through menopause or hot flashes. She just woke up every day and did the thing and was a happy girl and healthy. So I’m wondering what’s up with that? Is this whole hormone thing is this modern malady or did my mom just rough it out and didn’t tell anybody? I mean you know what I’m saying.

Dr. Wright: Oh I know just what you’re saying Patrick, and in fact you could call it a modern malady but it would have happened centuries ago if people had been eating as lousy as we eat today. Now if you look around the world and that is the average person now I imagine the listeners to your show eat better than the average person, but the average person out there oh my goodness it as you know called the Standard American Diet. It was just as you know that wonderful abbreviation SAD because it really is sad. If you look around the world, let’s take oh just for example Japan, Japanese are folks who are still eating the traditional Japanese diet and there are a number of those. Now I know the younger people have started going to McBarfles and places like that but if you’re eating the traditional Japanese diet nobody ever have any symptoms of menopause sorry about that folks.

Patrick: They don’t.

Dr. Wright: That rarely happens. And the same thing goes for all over Southeast Asia the people who are on the traditional diet they rarely run into symptoms of menopause just about anywhere in the world Patrick where a so-called civilized diet, which of course means nutrients lacking diet these days a so-called civilized diet has been adopted, there’s where you run into the symptoms of menopause. So-called civilized diet just really if we did some thinking isn’t so civilized. It has most of the nutrients removed, it’s full of white flour, it’s full of sugar, it’s full of artificial chemicals and a lot of those artificial chemicals screw up the function of estrogen in the body. They’re called Estrogen Mimetic. It’s full of colorings, flavorings, preservatives. I know you’ve told your listeners about this. And that’s the sort of diet that is going to give us symptoms in menopause. And guys out there that is the sort of diet that is going to make your testosterone go down quicker.

Now let me tell you folks, and thank you for your tolerance Patrick, let me tell you about a study done on Danish organic farmers and Danish University students. It was a real simple one. What the researchers did was ask for volunteers to have their blood drawn and checked for testosterone I mean how simple can it be. But the volunteers had to be either the university students usually graduate students in their early 20s, men of course this is a guy student, and they had their blood drawn.

And then the other volunteers had to be, or actually they went look for them they were organic farmers and they were all in their 40s. But one criteria had to be that they’d been doing organic farming for at least 20 years and they ate all their own stuff. Okay. Guess who had significantly higher testosterone levels, the guys in their 40s. They had higher levels than these guys in their 20s who were supposed to be bursting full of hormones and it was directly attributed to the fact that they’d been eating organic for 20 years. No coloring, no flavoring, no preservative, no junk, no refined food, no sugar, now white flower just totally organic.

Now that’s your human example look at that guys in their 40s with higher levels of testosterone than men in their 20s, organic food, maybe it is worth the price I better think about that. But here’s another example, have you heard of those alligators in the Everglades those male alligators who couldn’t get the lady alligators pregnant Patrick?

Patrick: I’ve heard that they’re having a problem.

Dr. Wright: Yep they were having a problem and so the researchers went out to find, the alligator researchers of course people who research alligators I should say, went out to find why these lady alligators weren’t getting pregnant. And what they found was a bunch of male alligators with penises too small to get the job done.

Patrick: I hate it when that happens, Doc.

Dr. Wright: You bet. And it wasn’t even ED, you know if ED wasn’t happening they couldn’t get the job done. So the next thing they want to know is what’s happening to these male alligators? How come they’re kind of small in that department? And guess what they traced it right back to chemicals that were being sprayed on the sugarcane field near the Everglades. And I like say most of the chemical sprays are known – I shouldn’t say most but a big bunch of them – are known to mimic the effects of estrogen in the bodies and they were getting into these poor baby male alligators. And sorry about that but the alligator race would die off if they don’t do something to change it.

Patrick: Right.

Dr. Wright: And I understand changes were made.

Patrick: So then Doc the ladies in the 60s, 70s and 80s grew up just going to the Safeway and Kroger, God love them, they’re thinking they’re the best food right. And they’re getting all these chemicals and do you think that’s one of the key reasons why there’s so many ladies with hormone imbalances and disruptions. That would just be one reason I guess.

Dr. Wright: That’ll be just one reason but it’s a big one.

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: Those environmental chemicals get in the way of a woman’s own estrogen it’s like they’re fighting to do the job in the body and the bad ones, the environmental chemicals that act like estrogen I call Estrogen Mimetic which I guess is just a fancy science word for mimicking estrogen, anyway those bad ones they get in the way of the real ones doing their job. And that all started my goodness that all started when people started spraying their crops with these artificial chemicals DDT that’s one of the first one…

Patrick: Sure.

Dr. Wright: …though that wasn’t for the crops that was to get rid of mosquitoes and stuff. But even so that is a bad estrogen mimic and you’ve seen those movies where the kids are shouting through the clouds of DDT and it’s thought that it won’t hurt them any. Come on folks. So environmental chemicals are one main reason but then there’s all that sugar and white flour, which yeah it’s natural but it’s been robbed of all the other associating nutrients that go with it to make the sugar and the white part of the flour metabolize properly.

Now let’s relate this back to testosterone. It turns out that there are several things that help us guys make testosterone. Now here I’m talking about nutrients and let’s hope we’ve already got those artificial chemicals out of there. Oh yeah and I should come back later to how the heck can you get your artificial chemicals out.

Patrick: Yeah we’ll do that. I’ll write that down and make sure we ask about that.

Dr. Wright: Yeah where they’re stored because you got to get them out if you haven’t been deliberately eating organic since you got to get them out for guys. Anyway, all right now here’s this famous main study, at least it’s famous in science it’s called the Iranian Wharf Study. Now nobody ever heard of it mostly but you go with the books and there it is. And in fact the researcher who did it became so well known that he got to move from Iran to American University and he is now known as the Number 1 guru of this particular mineral in all of the United States and Texas. Do you guys still say United States and Texas down there Patrick?

Patrick: No we’re just Texas we don’t care, you know, we’re just going to kind of move away from the United States.

Dr. Wright: Oh well.

Patrick: We’re going to succeed any day now I think.

Dr. Wright: Well I hear even your Constitution allows for that.

Patrick: That’s right.

Dr. Wright: Yeah. And you know there’s this quotation in the Supreme Court Justice, Chief Justice of the United Sates Supreme Court in 1867 his name was Roger Taine and he warned they’d better not put Jefferson Davis on trial for succeeding because succeeding wasn’t illegal and they wouldn’t be able to convict him. How do you like that?

Patrick: Don’t you love it.

Dr. Wright: It’s just something. Okay anyway. So it wasn’t illegal but we got to violate the 9th and 10th Amendment and overrun them with union troops. Gee didn’t read the 9th Amendment and 10th Amendment did we. Well let’s get back to the guru here of the…

Patrick: The Iranian yeah.

Dr. Wright: And anyway I mean the Iranian war study here’s what the big mystery was. It was sufficiently well-known in scientific circles anyway if you study that sort of thing that there were a group of people in Iran adults in their early 20s who were 4′ foot something or other and did not have much secondary sexual development, the organs weren’t developed as much as they should, the hair wasn’t where it belonged in the right place, and they were short and nobody could figure out what was going on. Because my goodness me some of their brothers and sisters were okay but these ones there were a number of them in outlying Iranian villages.

So a doctor Anamad Prasad who as I say is now famous, he went out to those villages with his research team to find out – a professor he was – to find out what the heck is going on. How come these people aren’t growing? And they went research, research, research how could you do that? And they came to a very firm conclusion and it actually turned out to work. It turns out that those people were intensely zinc deficient.

Patrick: Zinc.

Dr. Wright: Zinc. And it turned out that without zinc there are an important couple of hormones that don’t get made very well testosterone that’s Number 1 and growth hormone that’s Number 2. And zinc is a powerful stimulus for both the secretion of growth hormone, remember they were short and testosterone and remember they didn’t have very much secondary sexual development. So what did Dr. Prasad do well he had them all take a bunch of zinc. And they willingly volunteered because it might get them better and wouldn’t hurt them any if they did it right. And everybody grew three or four inches and their secondary development came on.

And no they did not get as tall as their “normal” brothers and sisters and stuff because unfortunately they didn’t have the head start they should they were in their early teens, but at least even though they were short they could still do all the things that adults do And adults are doing their adult recreation and all that kind of stuff. And it turned out to be the zinc.

Now it also turns out guys out there that refined flour is missing its zinc it’s gone and there isn’t any zinc in it at all, in fact its missing most of its minerals as everybody knows who studies that that zinc is a biggie. And even if we have reached our full height well gee we still need zinc for the rest of our lives to make testosterone don’t we. We do if we’re guys. And guess which food is highest in zinc? Well it’s not one that we eat very much.

Patrick: Oysters.

Dr. Wright: Oysters.

Patrick: Oysters.

Dr. Wright: There you go you’re up on this.

Patrick: I’m up on it.

Dr. Wright: Yeah.

Patrick: Dr. Wright that’s so interesting. When we eat – well people who listen to this show don’t but say when other people; just kidding – other people eat white flour and its deficient in zinc is it a two-fold problem where not only are you not getting zinc but then does it do something to inhibit the absorption then when you do get sick or is it just the fact that it doesn’t have the zinc?

Dr. Wright: Well for that one it’s mostly that it doesn’t have the zinc.

Patrick: Okay.

Dr. Wright: It doesn’t get the absorption except, now let’s get to the except, and the except is that there is as you know Patrick a heck of a lot of hidden gluten sensitivity out there.

Patrick: They’re a lot.

Dr. Wright: A lot. Now all of us who go to those things called Supermarkets notice that these days there’s gluten free section and there’s gluten free signs on this and that. And 10 years ago why you had to go to a special health food store to find gluten free you were not going to find it in average supermarkets. And why is that? It’s not because the supermarkets are in there to take care of your health that’s not their job. Supermarkets are in there to sell you food and they don’t appear to care except for that one that started in Texas called Whole Foods. They don’t appear to care whether its whole food or half food or one tenth food or junk food, they don’t care they’re just there to sell you something to eat.

Well they’ve found that there’s so much demand because the test for gluten sensitivity had gotten so much more sensitive and people are finding out that it is possible to have gluten sensitivity and


, I’m going to underline


Patrick, not have intestinal symptoms. Now there’s very recently a paper published just a year or two ago this paper came out by some researchers who are also immunologists and what they said in their paper was that Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are not the same problem. And although they share a minority of what are called Immunologic Markers, so there’s this marker of disease and that, there is no overlap between the majority of the markers and in Celiac disease which is the one we here about. Well there’s intestinal symptoms and you get bloating and gas and loose bowels and all that kind of stuff and you get much more permeable than usual so both good stuff and bad stuff gets through. But in Celiac disease why there’s no – I’m sorry in the sensitivity…

Patrick: In gluten sensitivity.

Dr. Wright: In gluten sensitivity there are no intestinal symptoms and the gut is not permeable very much, not near as much as it should be. Now when somebody comes into our clinic and we do one of those mineral tests and the person is way more deficient in minerals than they should be, eating fruit and junk food, we immediately run a gluten sensitivity test and 9 times out of 10 bingo it’s hidden gluten sensitivity.

Patrick: They’re there yeah.

Dr. Wright: It’s hidden. So anyway…

Patrick: Well that’s interesting. So folks say “Well I do oaky I can eat a pizza every now and then it doesn’t bother me”, but we’ve had folks on this show and I want to know if you agree that if you are gluten sensitive, which most of us are that even a little bit is not good. Are they speaking more of just if you’re a Celiac and a little bit is not good? What do you think?

Dr. Wright: Both ways Patrick. Now our study at our clinic we have enough docs and we’re able to get some research funding and one of our docs, Dr. Davis Lampson who’s an MD been in practice 35, 40 years or so, he headed up a project where the medical records of some 350 people who had been diagnosed with this Celiac disease the medical records of those people were studied for the years after they were diagnosed to see if they restored their own intestinal absorption capability up to what most people have.

All right what he found that after a year 9 out of 10 of those folks had indeed restored their intestinal absorption capability, but 1 out of 10 had not and we still don’t know our way around that. Now here’s the other think he found out people have to be totally strict and stay off of all that gluten if they’re going to maintain normal permeability.

Patrick: All of it, absolutely all of it.

Dr. Wright: Well absolutely all of it because even the least little bit gets your gut going for awhile…

Patrick: Yeah I see.

Dr. Wright: …and then it doesn’t want to absorb for awhile. And it might come back but why play yo-yo with your gut you know.

Patrick: Did you think it’s just safer for most folks just to get off the gluten train or go ahead and have one of these tests? I mean is it that prevalent?

Dr. Wright: It is quite prevalent. Now what is quite prevalent? At our client we see a lot just simply because it doesn’t get diagnosed in a lot of the places.

Patrick: Right.

Dr. Wright: But folks the best lab for diagnosing this is right in Texas. I’m allowed to say that aren’t I Patrick?

Patrick: Sure.

Dr. Wright: And I am not affiliated with them in anyway they pay me no money and I don’t work for them, but I sure do send them lots of tests because they’re the best one. And folks if you go online to

what you’ll find is, which the lab which presently is the very, very best for diagnosing hidden gluten sensitivity, and you can read about it online.



Dr. Wright: Yep right there in Texas.

Patrick: And do you need a doctor to order that test or can you do it yourself?

Dr. Wright: It’s a do- it-yourself I love it.

Patrick: We like those.

Dr. Wright: Now it is a little icky you got to send in a stool specimen.

Patrick: Ah that’s all right.

Dr. Wright: But there is a postal service approval container and besides there’s plenty of them to mail anyway in political season you know. So you can do it all yourself and you get your report back and if you want to you can take it to a doctor and discuss it with him but its pretty clear cut.

Patrick: Dr. Wright how harmful is the plastics when it comes to these estrogens? Is this a big deal?

Dr. Wright: Oh especially that BTA I think…

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: …that’s what you’re leading up to. Yeah that’s a very big deal. It really messes up one’s own normal function of hormones, in particularly the little kids who gets fed out of plastic baby bottles.

Patrick: Man.

Dr. Wright: We should shutter when we see that happening. In fact, of course as we know a kid shouldn’t’ be fed out of any bottle at all they should be fed out of the organ that nature intended to feed those babies. That’s an old story I’m sure you’ve talked about that.

Patrick: Yeah. So all kinds of plastic containers in the fridge or plastic water bottles, all these things are just not really, they’re other than the best let me say it that way.

Dr. Wright: They’re other than the best and it should be the other way around. The burden of proof should be on the people who make the plastic to demonstrate to us that it doesn’t cause harm. It shouldn’t be got a wait until oh we found that one causes harm now, now this one, now the other one, because remember folks plastics are not molecules that are found in nature. And that means they are artificial molecules and that does not mean, don’t want to say that, that does not mean they’re all going to hurt us. No, no, no, no, no but it does mean they have a higher potential for hurting us in molecules that are found in nature.

And so the burden of proof here this really isn’t like a civil court where you’re innocent until proven guilty. We artificial molecules I’m sorry but where our health when it’s our health at stake with an artificial molecule it’s guilty until its proven innocent. And by the way there are some artificial molecules that are innocent and they’ve never been found to hurt anybody. Let’s take that safe remedy Benadryl. That stuff why it’s been in use for 50 years and never hurt a soul. So there are some artificial molecules that won’t hurt us but the majority of them if we continue to ingest them will that’s just the way it goes with artificial molecules they don’t belong in human bodies.

Patrick:Dr. Jonathan Wright is our guest and we thank him for getting up a bit early. I’m sure he’s kind of an early riser healthy guy probably, unless he tells us differently after the break; just kidding. Twenty-eight minutes before the hour. A couple of books that we think that you would want to look at to

“Stay Young and Sexy Bioidentical Hormone Replacement”

and then also

“The Natural Medicine Optimal Wellness”

, and you can find those on Amazon. We’ll put both of those on our front page there.

With Dr. Jonathan Wright lots of emails we’re going to start getting on those and talk more about testosterone. And as you can tell he’s like a smorgasbord he’s a natural physician, an MD that’s been around the natural business for a long time so we’re having fun this morning. We’re having fun this morning we have lots to go so stay right there.

Well I tell you what we have to stay on top of everything out there don’t we Dr. Jonathan Wright? It’s landmines out there in terms of our health.

Dr. Wright: Well unfortunately it really is with all of the chemicals, glutens and toxins and everything else like that in the world. But you know what Patrick I want to help you with those infrared saunas for a moment. Now I know we got to get to talking to the ladies side of hormones.

Patrick: Yeah we’re going to do that.

Dr. Wright: We can’t be sexist here especially if we’re in Seattle we’re pretty totally nonsexist up here that’s just the way it goes. Sorry about that. But anyway got to help you with a little infrared saunas. It turns out that some Japanese researchers did some work with infrared saunas and first with experimental animals. And they put half of them in infrared sauna and got them to sweat and that certainly is a good way of detoxing like the commercial said.

One of the better ways of getting detoxants out of the system, but they found those infrared saunas did one other thing. They had half the animals putting them in a sauna but didn’t turn them off. Who were some of those so-called controlled experiments, double-blind and all that? I guess the animals didn’t know whether it was turned off or did they care. And they found that in the animals who had the infrared sauna there was a process called induction, which in English just means turning on, of the enzyme that makes a key molecule. The enzyme is called Nitric Oxide Synthase Patrick and the infrared sauna induced that nitric enzyme synthase to make, I’m kidding you not this is from the research, 1400% more nitric oxide in those little animals. Now if they were guy little animals guys what they went and did? Well we all know about the nitric oxide NED and how it helps them if you’ve got ED. So anyway then they continued the research and they found that like most enzyme induction or enzyme turning on it settled down from 14% above baseline but it settled down to 50% above baseline in a steady state.

Now does this work in humans? Yes. Some researchers in New York State they looked for people with congestive heart failure. Now congestive heart failure one of the better things we can get is more blood flow to the heart. And how do we get more blood flow to the heart? Well one way is taking amino acid called L- Ariginine which is a precursor of nitric oxide because that nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, not just in that critical male organ, but it dilates blood vessels all over the body. And so you could do that. But guess what the researchers did they had half the people with congestive heart failure get themselves into an infrared sauna and the other half got in and didn’t turn it on, same old thing. But the ones who turned on the infrared sauna, and yes it does take 30 to 40 minutes a couple of times of week to get this going, why their congestive heart failure improved.

Now there’s a categorization of congestive heart failure called New York State Category. Nobody knows where that got started but that’s the way it’s always been categorized. And the category is 1, 2, 3, and 4. Four is the worse and 1 is the least and so forth. And everybody improved on average that is the ones in infrared sauna for awhile on the average of one category Patrick, which is big news. They didn’t’ take any medicines, they didn’t take any vitamins, they just climbed into the infrared sauna.

So getting back to guys and some of the things that guys are interested in, guys if you want to simultaneously detox and get all those nasty environmental chemicals out that are keeping you from making testosterones well and at the same time improve your nitric oxide and not have to take Viagra, then infrared sauna is the way to go.

Patrick: Well that’s very, very interesting Nitric Oxide. I wonder why some people have reactions to L-Arginine when it comes to different viruses, specifically Herpes we’ve heard that over the years.

Dr. Wright: Oh it’s true.

Patrick: Is there a way around that?

Dr. Wright: Yes there is a way around it. I mean it requires more swallowing but there’s a way around it. It’s not a reaction to L-Arginine it’s a reaction to the balance between L-Arginine and L-Lysine. Now it turns out that L-Arginine Meta amino acid actually is a life improving acid. It makes guys make more sperms that’s human guys, it helps with reproduction of other species, and including viruses darn it. And so the Herpes virus just love L-Arginine and a few people who’ve had Herpes darn it if they’re taking L-Arginine here comes the Herpes, but if they take more L-Lysine, which is the balance in nature it’s almost always a balance not just a single thing, if they take more L-Lysine than that take L-Arginine then most of the Herpes stay asleep you see and they don’t come on out. So let’s say you’re taking three grams of L-Arginine a day you’re going to have to take four grams of L-Lysine to not turn on your Herpes.

Patrick: That’s good information.

Dr. Wright: Having said that not everybody who’s had Herpes is going to react to L-Arginine that way, it’s a significant minority. So if you take your L-Arginine and you’ve had Herpes and you don’t react don’t worry about the L-Lysine but if you do react okay its Lysine time.

Patrick: Okay. Dr. Jonathan Wright is with us and we’re having a good time. Thanks for being here, 888-663-6386. Dr. Wright you had mentioned at the beginning of this show that China back in 1050 started doing work with Hormones. Is that right and what did they do?

Dr. Wright:All right that’s exactly correct and you’ll find all of the information in a book by Joseph Needham. Joseph Need-ham I guess is the way its spelled not pronounced that way.

“The Scientist at Technology Ancient China”

is the name of the book. And one of those volumes it’s a multi volume work came out of the UK. One of those volumes tells us all about in 35 pages hormone replacement starting in the year 1050 in China. Now just to simplify it I’ll take an example from one of those centuries they didn’t do it the same all the time. But what they did in one of the centuries of 1050 onward, oh and by the way it was all mostly Dallas physicians, physicians in China tended to beat Dallas.

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: And I’d say they had good samplings because Dallas folks say such things as, well I’ll paraphrase it, and the best government is that which governs least. The kingdom is happiest where the people don’t know the king exists. They say stuff like that.

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Wright: Isn’t that interesting.

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: Okay.

Patrick: I love you’re such a revolutionary you’re a man after my heart there.

Dr. Wright: Ah yeah, well that’s the way our country started and if we’d stay that way we’d be better off. That’s my opinion. Okay anyway what these Dallas physicians did with the of course emperors approval they wrecked it. Oops wrong word I should say they built. They built a couple of stretchers with a whole bunch of shallow troughs in them. What was that for? Well all the young ladies between the ages roughly 18 and 25 were ordered to go urinate over there in the ladies building and all the young men went over here in the men’s area. And they filled up those shallow troughs with urine. All right. Then what did they do? Well they wanted to evaporate and let me tell you, you and wouldn’t want to live down wind of that.

Patrick: Oh boy yeah.

Dr. Wright: Yeah. They allowed it to evaporate and once it evaporated then the yoda’s position, the equivalent of today’s interns and interns know they always get to do the fun jobs like this, the interns got to take over these gunks residence and they got to roll it right through the bottom of these troughs where all this crystal material had accumulated. And they rolled the guts and spices through and it took up the crystal and material. Oh gee guess who’s fullest of hormones, guess which age group Patrick? Why 18 to 25.

Patrick: Eighteen to 25 yeah.

Dr. Wright: They got more hormones than anybody and just ask any doctor who does safety testing for bioidentical hormone replacement it’s hormones in hormones out, hormones in hormones out. Our body don’t store them they just build and excrete them and build them and excrete them otherwise we’d be exploding time bombs as hormones by the time we’re 17. And they’re excreted into these gunk and residence and they put the guns and residence and roll them through the trough and made these little pills. And they gave all the little pills from the women’s area, the young ladies area to the empress and her friends. And of course by the time you get to be an empress you’re usually older, and especially by the time you get to be an emperor.

So they gave all the ones from the men’s area to the emperor and all of his buddies. And guess what everybody reported they felt better and at certain activity looks better for them. Now what they were doing Patrick is a better job than we’re doing with hormone replacement right now because in that urine was every single hormone made by the human body including some ulcer jamble. There is an iron regulating hormone discovered in urine in the year 2006 before they didn’t even know it was there but these Dallas physicians they didn’t have to know it was there did they, they just knew that every hormone in the human body came back out again. And so they give to the emperor and the empress and those guys are happy and so forth.

Now that is whole in entire and balanced, that’s the other thing it’s totally well balanced hormone replacement because those young people in those centuries weren’t eating junk they were eating whole organic food. Excuse me with no chemicals in it…

Patrick: Sure.

Dr. Wright: …and no garbage and industrial pollutants and all that.

Patrick: Not a lot of cell phone towers around in 1050.

Dr. Wright: No not a lot of those either except for maybe the space aliens…

Patrick: That’s right.

Dr. Wright: …put up one or two if you listen to those programs.

Patrick: That’s right.

Dr. Wright: But here we go Patrick. People say you’re yuck. And you say excuse men what were all those ladies swallowing called Premarin, horse urine so don’t give me that excuse, that’s where Premarin came from and all the ladies took it. But look Patrick I have and you just heard the solution to our public school funding crisis.

Patrick: Drink your pee.

Dr. Wright: No but close. Another solution is we plum all the restrooms in the big high schools. And we put it through filtration and purification until they take all the pot and speed out, and guess what we got complete hormone replacement through grandma and grandpa.

Patrick: There you go. Yeah there’s a…

Dr. Wright: And the school can sell it and make a whole bunch of money.

Patrick: There’s a company in Europe you probably know called Sandoz this is what they do and they make millions of billions dollars by refining pee. And they sell it to cosmetic companies and it’s a big business.

Dr. Wright: So why shouldn’t the Houston/Dallas/San Antonio Public Schools make some bucks?

Patrick: Oh can you imagine that conversation with all the crazy politics that goes on. Oh my God they argued about that for 20 years you know. What drink the pee? Well Doc I’ve heard that we make hormones in the middle of the night is that correct?

Dr. Wright: Especially growth hormones.

Patrick: Growth hormones yeah.

Dr. Wright: Yeah because when were kids that’s when we do our growing and growth hormones come out not totally completely but almost at night.

Patrick: Any particular time.

Dr. Wright: Weill from time we go to sleep from the time we wake up.

Patrick: All night long.

Dr. Wright: All night long. And that’s why if you’re going to get your growth hormones measured folks the best measurement is actually a urine collection that goes on for 24 hours but that way it cancels the whole thing. Now I’ve got to admit they would catch a big percentage of it if you just did it while you’re sleeping but excuse me how are you going to collect urine while you’re sleeping. Yeah.

Patrick: And ladies and gentlemen if you think that Dr. Wright is talking a little silly you can just Google urotherapy urine therapy and you’ll get about 10 million hits or something. It’s a lot of interesting information. And I had a cup of pee this morning and I’m doing good. I’ve been drinking my pee Doc for about 20, 30 years. I learned that from an Aruyveda doctor and I don’t know it just works for me.

Dr. Wright: Well you know for some people it does, especially allergic people in times past found it would release their symptoms.

Patrick: Really.

Dr. Wright: Yes it does for allergic people.

Patrick: I’ve never had any allergies at all my whole life.

Dr. Wright: That’s good. Get into modern times I want to go back to that example of some big patent medicine company called Wise which has since been bought out who extracted estrogens from horse’s urine…

Patrick: Yeah premarin and convinced human women to take this forced urine estrogen. And that was what was part of the problem with the so- called Women’s Health Initiative where we found out oh my gosh that so-called hormone replacement was given this extra chance of breast cancer for ladies.

Dr. Wright: Yeah.

Patrick: Here’s the thing though ladies it was only a minority from the horse urine. Even though it was horse urine estrogen most of it was from that totally space alien molecule called Provera something called Medroxyprogesterone and Medroxyprogesterone was never found on the planet before. At least horse estrogens had been found on the planet even if they don’t belong in humans. And Medroxyprogesterone has now been indicted as the big culprit in the breast cancers and the other problems. So anyway.

Patrick: Okay. Well Dr. Wright let’s do this and see if you – I think you can be of great service this morning. We have listeners all over the world, literally all over the world. Ladies listening right now that are having issues and being told, we have a stack of emails we’re going to get to lots of them more specific, but what would be one of the first things no matter where they live the first few things that they can do to see if they can figure out how to get these hormones balanced whether or not they’re 30, 40 or 50 year going into menopause. Give us some basic ideas no matter where they live.

Dr. Wright: Okay.

Patrick: Okay.

Dr. Wright: Well for the women who are well before the time of menopause the best thing any woman can do, yeah that’s you at 33, is to take a good look at what you’re eating, take a really good look at it. Is there sugar in there that’s been refined out of the sugar cane? Is there white flour in there that has all its minerals gone? I should say 90% of the minerals gone. Are there food chemicals in there which are going to mess up your estrogen function? Are there artificial colors, flavors, preservatives? In other words, go organic. Now I know it’s more expensive but do it gradually and you can’t expect to change overnight.

And remember this do you remember that term called Health Insurance? The best health insurance is eating right and getting our exercise, getting enough relaxation and medication that’s health insurance, that’s stuff we call health insurance is in case we get sick and it cost us a lot of money it’s going to help us pay for it. But that’s not health insurance that’s insurance against disease. Health insurance is doing well. I mean just going over – also ladies if you stay out of the severe menopause symptoms they’re also for women who let’s say are in their 40s are botanicals that have been used traditionally around the world. You go to your natural food store, you go to your compounding pharmacy and the knowledgeable people there will tell you well there’s this herbal and that herbal and the other herbal that people around the world have used when they’re in their 40s to ease their way through menopause symptoms if they’re having any at all; and those are ones to consider when we get into our 40s. There’s such a list of them Patrick and all the natural food stores and compounding pharmacies know what they are.

Patrick: Can you give us your Top 3 or 4 Phase?

Dr. Wright: Okay sure. The most traditional is something called Black Hohosh from Europe and then there’s another one that is from Southeast Asia that is probably even better called, a nice name here Patrick, Pereira Mirifica.

Patrick: I beg your pardon.

Dr. Wright: Yeah I know Pereira. P-U-E-R-A-R-I-A.

Patrick: P-U-E-R-E-R-I-A. I’ve never heard of that Puereria.

Dr. Wright: Mirifica M-I-R-I-F-I-C-A. It’s from Southeast Asia and the reason it drew attention was that in that area of Southeast Asia hardly anybody ever got breast cancer and hardly anybody ever got prostate cancer. And they tracked it back to this herb which is used pretty widely in the cooking in those areas. So I kind of stick with those to the top two on the estrogen side of things. And then of course the traditional Vitech called Vitech Agnes and I have no idea how Agnes got into it but she did. It’s the best one on the progesterone side of things.

Now after that though folks that’s not all there are. There’s a long list and some work that is ladies. There’s a long list and some work for some ladies better and some work better for others. The reason you’re using this sort of preventive when we’re in our 40s is that way if we’re going to have menopause symptoms, and unfortunately when you’re in the States most of us do because I’m sorry ladies we can’t get away from the lead, the arsenic, the cadmium, the mercury, and all the other environmental pollutants. We’re told that some 50,000 new chemicals are put into an environment every year without prior safety testing. Yuck. And that’s been going on since the 50s.

So another part of what you can do ladies is get those regular sweats. Now don’t let anybody tell you it’s not lady like to sweat. It’s human like to sweat and ladies are just as human as guys, some guys say more so, and sweating is…

Patrick: Most of the ones I know.

Dr. Wright: Yeah. And sweating gets those toxins out. And since we can’t avoid toxins look at what do you mean I got toxins in me I’ve lived a clean life and I’ve never worked with any chemicals. Neither did the penguins in Antarctica. And researchers have found lead and cadmium and DPA and all that stuff that the penguins have. So it’s just worldwide. So those are things that ladies can do to try to prevent having such a bad time.

But here’s another thing Patrick and that is in the 19th Century the risk of Alzheimer’s disease was so low that Dr. Alzheimer had to describe it and people didn’t believe him to start with that that could happen. And in the 19th century the risk of heart attack was so small but there weren’t any cardiologist. And that’s to because they hadn’t heard of them. The first cardiologist hung up his shingle called Dudley White in the 1910s because the risk by then the rate of heart attack had gone up, up from the 19th Century. It was heard of in the 19th Century but not many people had it. And then in the 19th Century hardly anybody got osteoporosis either.

Now these days according to the National Institute of Aging, and I hope you’re listening ladies is ladies or guys live to be 65 and we hope you all do, according to the National Institute of Aging on their Web site a couple of years back they told us by the time those 65-year-olds are 85 they have a 45% chance of having Alzheimer’s disease. Who needs that? We don’t need to end up losing our marbles. That’s an awful thought but the statistics are and not only that but the risk of heart attack in women after the menopause equals that of men 10 years after the menopause. Okay. And not only that but osteoporosis is so rampant they got Hollywood stars making TV commercials about taking stuff that goes into…

Patrick: Sure.

Dr. Wright: …your jaw the jaw will fall apart.

Patrick: Right yeah.

Dr. Wright: And that’s what she’s talking about too.

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: And so all those things are a big risk in our century. So for women who have, especially women who have any of that in their family, and the ladies who don’t have those things in their families well maybe they don’t need to think about hormone replacement as hard. But the women who do have those things in their families or are concerned about them in our century, which is all full of bad food and toxic chemicals and so forth, hormones bioidentical and all that bioidentical means as everybody knows it is totally identical to the molecules that our own bodies made when we were younger in greater abundance. Our bodies still make a tiny bit after menopause if we’re ladies but not near as much.

Why bioidentical means replacing Chevrolet parts with Chevrolet parts, replacing Toyota parts with Toyota parts, and replacing human molecules with identical molecules, human molecules. The risk of that if it’s done by a doctor who knows what they’re doing and not only knows how to prescribe them properly but how to safety monitor them, which is an important part of that chapter of that book you mentioned the

“Stay Young and Sexy Bioidentical Hormones”

is a very important part o f safety monitoring. And if we know how to do that then it is quite the safe thing to do. I wouldn’t say oh it has no risk because nothing on earth has no risk including water. So that’s another thing that whole thing if we do too much of them, but if we do the right molecules at the right time that’s very important. Following natures timing by the right way of getting into the body and then safety monitor while we’re safe as we can be and it dramatically, and this isn’t maybe ladies, it dramatically cuts the risk of Alzheimer’s, and never mind Alzheimer’s it helps us to remember where we left our car keys too.

Patrick: That’s always good.

Dr. Wright: Yeah that’s always good.

Patrick: Dr. Jonathan Wright we have to break here at the top of the hour, but just before the break we’ll dig in a little bit more to bioidentical but we’ve got to get to these emails because we got a lot. Do you think is it too much of a stretch to say that if the ladies and the guys listening right now really worked on their diet pure that baby out organic and totally purred it out, due to detoxification and exercise and really, really good water that their body can get back into balance without the bioidenticals. Would you go that far?

Dr. Wright: some can’t you’re entirely correct. And let’s start with the group that has in their family no hint of Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis or heart attack and stroke. That group has the best chance of doing that and living a good long healthy life. Having said that, that is not everybody that’s for sure and then secondly we have to be very dedicated to the detoxification, organic food, detoxification because no matter how well we eat our planet is not going to be rid of these toxic chemicals even if we started banning it today, which we can’t.

Patrick: Right.

Dr. Wright: But it wouldn’t be a bit of the first couple of centuries minimum.

Patrick: So but then there are then some ladies and guys who’ve come in with a predisposition to some weakened DNA, whatever, and then they may have to go to a bioidentical hormone regardless of how well they do the diet and detox thing.

Dr. Wright: Yes.

Patrick: Well what percentage would you guess that is? Can you hazard a guess?

Dr. Wright: Oh unfortunately that’s at least half.

Patrick: Really.

Dr. Wright: Yeah. Now here’s another thing.

Patrick: I’m surprised it’s that high.

Dr. Wright: Well if we have to go to a break please do because it’s a tiny bit lengthy explanation.

Patrick: Okay well let’s do get that break in. And then if you’re on hold we’re going to pick you up and we’re just going to have to get Dr. Jonathan Wright on more often because he’s just a really interesting researcher and it sure sounds right to me. Two minutes after the hour we’re a little bit late just two minutes. This is

and one of my favorite health tools that I’ve been using for 20 years is this.

Having a good time talking with Dr. Jonathan Wright who’s been at this a very long time. He has a whole bunch of books for you to dig into. His latest

“Stay Young and Sexy with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement”

revised, expanded and updated. Another one that he recommends is really a nice primer for a lot of the these things natural medicine, optimal wellness and you can get these all on Amazon. We’ll have a couple of inks. And to go over to his Web site again

, where you can get yourself on the newsletter list and


Well Dr. Wright I don’t know what is it that you do? I mean you write all these books, you have a newsletter, you go on speaking engagements, you do research, and you take care of patients. I mean do you take a lot of extra stuff other than a good diet?

Dr. Wright: Well I do take a lot of extra stuff…

Patrick: Do you?

Dr. Wright: …but you left off my radio program Patrick.

Patrick: Oh you do a radio show too.

Dr. Wright: Got one every Saturday from noon to 2:00.

Patrick: Really?

Dr. Wright: And it streams online at KDIAM 570. That’s KDIAM 570 and Saturdays Pacific Time of course, noon to 2:00.

Patrick: Noon to 2:00 Pacific KDI. That’s a big radio station out there in Seattle.

Dr. Wright: Yeah it is. They’ve got a strong signal but of course it won’t stream to Texas but you can find it online.

Patrick: You can find it online. Yeah well that’s great. So that’s the old adage that if you like to get something done you just ask a busy guy.

Dr. Wright: Well sometimes. Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to play a little bit though.

Patrick: I understand. What do you take extra to keep your testosterone levels nice and high? Can you give me some of your secrets other than food?

Dr. Wright: Well I do stay organic as much as I can. Travelling makes it a little difficult as you know Patrick.

Patrick: Sure.

Dr. Wright: But other than and let’s start with the basics but don’t forget we want to get back to those hormones for ladies after a bit.

Patrick: Okay.

Dr. Wright: And another reason why a lot of the ladies I work with like to take them but on the topic we’re on right at the moment we always got to, and I always do, start with Vitamin D and Vitamin C. And I know when I was in school I’d rather get As and Bs but in as far as vitamins I’ve got to start with the C and D. Now you’ve I’m sure gone over with your listeners why that is but the Vitamin C part is because the human body is supposed to make some Vitamin C but we don’t. Now what do I mean by supposed to? Well it turns out that all animals are, excepts for humans and guinea pigs and that’s why they’re such darn good guinea pigs by the way in research, make their own Vitamin C. Dogs and cats and elephants all those except for humans and monkeys and guinea pigs we don’t make our own Vitamin C.

Now Vitamin C is made by four enzymes 1, 2, 3, 4. Let’s just call them Number 1, 2, 3, 4 in the body and all those animals got all four enzymes, and people why we’ve got three of the four but the fourth one can be seen. And so that is what is called a genetic disease folks but it’s a genetic disease that the whole human race has and so we can’t tell the difference. It’s like we were all supposed to be purple but we’re not so we can’t tell we’re supposed to be purple. I’m not even being silly here, this I’ll use for an example, if you take an animal that can make its own Vitamin C like a cat or a dog and you give doggie or kitty a carcinogen or you give it a virus, a serious virus, or you make it stay up all night and put it under stress or anything that’s a stress on that animal’s body whether it’s a carcinogen or a virus or emotional stress or staying up all night that animal’s internal insensitivity and it’s liver of Vitamin C it just climbs like crazy, and in fact it goes up to the equivalent of 10, 20 grams a day…

Patrick: Wow!

Dr. Wright: …equivalent human weight. And you know what makes a liver make more Vitamin C than anything, carcinogens? And this is an experimental animal you put that carcinogen in and out the other end comes the whole ton of Vitamin C, not a whole 2 grams, until that carcinogen is detoxified. Now if you take a look at the human response to all those things carcinogens and toxic chemicals and emotional stress and staying up all night the Number 1, 2 3, enzymes that’s supposed to make Vitamin C in our bodies they go like crazy but the 4th Enzyme is missing and so our bodies can’t turn out Vitamin C even though they’re trying.

And so Vitamin C my goodness that’s something our bodies is supposed to make and we can’t. Well how much of our bodies are they supposed to make? If you do it two ways and you follow the average guerilla around the jungle, which by the way some people have done, and if you figure that people were first created if you knew about Adam and Eve or evolved if you read university textbooks in tropical areas you find the average guerilla, again you adjust the weight for humans, eats a minimum of 3 grams of Vitamin C a day. That’s 3 grams 3000 milligrams not a few grams. And that’s just wondering around the jungle not under stress.

Well there’s a Dr. Robert Kinscard at out on the coast in California who did a lot of research, he’s not with us anymore but he was able to prove that under circumstances when people are feeling healthy the most Vitamin C they can take is 5 to 10 grams a day or they get loose bowels. Now that doesn’t hurt them any but it just tells you that it’s not being absorbed. But when they started coming down with a bad virus like a flu oh my goodness they could take 30 or 40 grams a day and not get one loose bowel in the world…

Patrick: My goodness.

Dr. Wright: …because their bodies really needed it. So we need if we’re adults folks we need a minimum of 3 grams of Vitamin C a day. And I like Linus Pauling’s idea, who just he and Cathcart worked together, and that is take as much Vitamin C as you can without getting loose bowels from it and that’s how much you need, that’s what your body is telling. And that’s a very basic one and it does so many things in the body it doesn’t just detox it helps promote collagen which is the stuff that keeps our skin thicker and looking nice so the backs of our hands don’t look old when we get old. It does tons and tons of things in the body and pretty obviously it’s basically what our body is supposed to make.

And the next one is Vitamin D. Now that one again if we read that book about Adam and Eve or we look at where human skeletons are first found it’s all in the tropics. And what they do have a lot of in the tropics, sunshine? And with everybody wearing clothes, not as many as we wear today and nobody had the indoor air conditioning either to hide in, so everybody got a lot of sun. And if you check in the tropics as to what the levels of Vitamin D are in people who do spend their time outdoors, and of course don’t all die of melanoma that’s another we won’t go there, what do you find? You find out that their levels are considerably higher than anywhere in the whole United States including Texas and Florida.

Because honestly folks if you look it glow Texas and Florida are north, they’re far north of the tropics. Research done at the University of Arizona Tucson they asked for volunteers who lived within a 50 mile radius of Tucson and they checked all their Vitamin D blood levels and guess what, only 25% of them were even close to that optimum number that people have in the tropics. So this is one where yes you can take too much Vitamin D but a recent government report was put together very carefully by experts who weren’t in favor of Vitamin d and they said 1000 to 2000 units Patrick that’s not only bologna or boloney it’s synthetic boloney it’s not even natural boloney. And what I find up here in the Pacific Northwest with all our cloud cover is that adults need a minimum of 5000 to 10,000 units a day.

Patrick: Wow!

Dr. Wright: Now I can’t speak for Texas…

Patrick: Right.

Dr. Wright: …because they don’t print this medicine in Texas.

Patrick: We got a lot sun down here.

Dr. Wright: But the thing to do folks is get your blood level checked. The first thing to do is find a doctor who is skilled and knowledgeable in natural medicine. And that’s not that hard to do, you go online and you look at couple of Web sites one of them is

and they have a click here to find a doctor in your area. And then there’s one called

and same thing click here and find a doctor in your area. If a doctor is a member of those two organizations their chances of being skilled and knowledgeable in this approach to healthcare are really very good 95% or so. And you find one of those doctors and you get your Vitamin D blood level checked and you say “Okay, now how is that compared to the tropical optimum and how much should I take to get there?”

And why do I promote D so much? Well here’s a couple of reasons. In Germany and Austria a study of 10,000 to 15,000 people who all of them were over 60 and they drew their blood and then they said “Bye.” And they went back and tried to define them 10 years later and they found a direct correlation, inverse correlation as the scientist say the people who had the highest blood levels at the beginning of the 10 years of Vitamin D were least likely to die of anything Patrick, not just cancer or stroke or heart attack or other disease, but least likely to die of anything except for trauma 10 years later. It turns out that Vitamin D reduces our risk of dying from anything at all except of course trauma because even if the truck is loaded with Vitamin D if it runs over you you’re dead right. But other than that it doesn’t matter what the disease Vitamin D cuts your risk of dying from it.

Patrick: That’s interesting. So you take – we got to really move through some stuff because we got a lot of emails and I’m going to get to a few emails more –

Dr. Wright: Yes sir.

Patrick: But you take Vitamin C, Vitamin D, what else do you take?

Dr. Wright: Okay. I’ll just list them for then on end.

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: A real good multiple vitamin…

Patrick: Okay.

Dr. Wright: …they are if you go to your local natural food store they’ll tell you if this one is better quality than that one because it has more stuff in it, and yes it does cost more folks but remember the health insurance line this is health insurance real health insurance, a good quality multiple vitamin. Okay now besides that I take Coenzyme Q10 because when we’re in our early 50s are bodies quit making as much Coenzyme Q10 before. And really the decline is steep so it’s a very good idea to take some Co Q10 if we’re over 50, and I happen to be over 60 at least my mother tells me that I got to believe my mother.

Patrick: Yeah you can’t buy that. Go ahead. Co Q10 multi vitamin.

Dr. Wright: Multi vitamin. Of course that multi vitamin has some multi mineral in it. Now one of my favorite herbs is centella asiatica that stuff is a strong anti-ager in many, many ways. Among other things it promotes the growth of collagen and you know what, there was a research study lately that found the stuff happens to stabilize arterial plaque so it doesn’t peel off and give us a heart attack or soak as easy. So I really like the centella there are many reasons but it’s a very, very good anti-aging herb.

Patrick: How do you spell that centella?

Dr. Wright: C-E-N-T-E-L-L-A.

Patrick: Centella.

Dr. Wright: And then Asiatica which is spelled like Asiatica. Now we’ve all heard about taking Ginseng and ginkgo we all have.

Patrick: And mocka.

Dr. Wright: And mocka and Ginseng and ginkgo and mocka all do good things for us guys in that particular department. So hey I’m a guy I’m not going to fool around I’ll take them if they won’t hurt me any and I’m not allergic to them. So I got those on my list and then I’ve got extra Vitamin E just simply, and I know there’s some in the multiple but they don’t put enough C or E in the multiple so I’ve got extra Vitamin E, I happen to have extra Calcium Magnesium because there’s osteoporosis in my family and since I don’t want the osteoporosis I take one of those that have calcium magnesium and it’s strontium because strontium just simply makes it work better. And then there’s prostate trouble in my family so I take extra zinc offset with copper. We always have to offset our zinc with copper because I don’t want to get the prostate trouble that my dad and grandpa had.

Patrick: Now let me say, and I promise we’ll go on, but this is interesting. So if you take zinc the guys take zinc I think we’ve read that most of semen is really made from zinc. Is that correct?

Dr. Wright: Well there’s a lot of zinc in there you’re quite right.

Patrick: Okay so then what’s the copper thing in zinc? Quick on that how is that?

Dr. Wright: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. If we, particularly guys who are more or likely to be taking zinc for a long period of time to their prostates, if they take zinc for a long period of time and they happen not to have a lot of copper in their water supply which some of us do because our homes are pronged to lot of copper water pipes. But just in case we don’t that zinc will literally cause a copper deficiency and our HDL cholesterol will go down and we might even and get heart rhythm disturbance. No kidding not only in a fatal line pitter padder pitter padder one but that was only the MA drone a number of years ago. But somebody pointed out all you got to do is, with your 30 milligrams zinc take 2 milligrams of copper and there’s a couple of companies who put those in the same capsules and they make it easy, and that never happens because the problem is caused by copper depletion, which is caused by zinc. And conversely if we take a lot of copper and never take any zinc we’ll cause zinc depletion.

Patrick: So you have to be careful with that. Do you think if we have copper water pipes that we’re going to get enough if we’re drinking more water?

Dr. Wright: Most of us will especially if the house is more than five years old because the copper leaks more over time.

Patrick:Okay. Now let’s get into these emails and most of these emails are from women who are talking about hormones so this will be a nice entre to really kind of flushing out some of the issues that we have. This is from Isabelle.

I’ve taken bioidentical hormones in the past after reading one of Suzanne Somers’ books

by the way Suzanne Somers wrote a part for Dr. Wright’s book –

and I have heard that there are products that are available such as Trans-D-Tropin that actually kick our own hormones into production, which is supposedly better than replacing hormones with synthetically or with bioidenticals.

Dr. Wright: Well to start with Trans-D-Tropin when it work always stimulate growth hormones it doesn’t do a darn thing for the estrogen and there really is very little that’s going to stimulate a woman’s own estrogen after the menopause and very little at all. Women after menopause the major estrogen is made by fat cells that’s called Estrone and that’s a propargylic estrogen anyway. So while we can’t help but have it we really need if we’re going to replace hormones and we’re ladies to use a combination that includes a majority of esterol because esterol is a majority estrogen in the urine anyway. That is the majority of the major ones. And it’s anti-cacogenic very firmly.

So the Trans-D-Tropin we tested that at the clinic, we happen to have a lab associated so we can test things easier and we find that with some people it definitely does raise their growth hormone. There’s other people where it definitely doesn’t raise their growth hormone and that’s the only hormone it raises.

Patrick: Here’s an email. I take bioidentical hormones and thyroid replacement and have some small amount of thyroid hormone immune. Can a chronic low temperature either cause a chronic low double illnesses and fatigue?

Dr. Wright: Well the chronic low temperature sometimes but not always reflect their thyroids aren’t working so well and I think I just heard you say that this particular individual was taking thyroids.

Patrick: Thyroid replacement yeah.

Dr. Wright: Yeah one thing she wants to do, folks if you’re going to look into thyroid find a doctor who knows what they’re doing. And I’m very sorry to say that most endocrinologists do not do this and that is measure complete panel of thyroid hormones. Now a complete panel includes not only something called PCH but also Total T4, Total T3, 3P4, 3T3 and one gets left out over and over again is called reveres T3. Now it turns out that reverse T3 is literally the mirror image of regular T3. It’s sort of like the left food red hand or LMD you’ve heard that L-Lysine…

Patrick: Right.

Dr. Wright: …[inaudible 17:06] and that sort of stuff. And reverse T3 actually blocks the activity of the free T3 hormone which is the active one that raises our temperatures and give us energy and all that kind of good stuff. Why do our bodies turn out a blocking hormone you think that would be a synthetic chemical? No, no, no, that is nature’s way of helping us during starvation times our ancestors had a hell of a lot more during starvation times than we do. And when we are starving our bodies naturally make more of the reverse T3 which blocks the regular T3 and that way we don’t use so much energy so we’re going to live longer until the food arrives. But Reverse T3 goes up in response to one other thing and that’s called Toxic Metals. That’s another study we did at the clinic and we have found over and over and over again people who think they’re taking enough thyroid when we measure their reverse T3 it’s too high which means it’s getting in the way. And even though they’re taking thyroid and their measurements of the regular thyroid are okay they’re being blocked, and if they don’t measure their reverse T3 and find that out why the thyroid isn’t going to work as well for them. Now the reverse T3 when it’s elevated what do we have to do, we have to get the toxic metals out and the reverse T3 comes down every blinking time?

Patrick; Do you think the taking the temperature in the morning the Broda Barnes kind of thing is a reliable first step to see if we have an underactive thyroid?

Dr. Wright: It’s a reliable first step that doesn’t prove it hasn’t. Broda Barnes time – remember Broda Barnes is practicing to start within the 30s, in Broda Barnes time we didn’t have near the number of environmental toxins. In fact we had very few. And so these days if your room temperature is low yes do go get your thyroid checked and make sure you have your reverse T3 checked with the rest of your thyroid testing. But if that’s not it I’m sorry folks but simply having toxic chemicals onboard even they don’t raise your T3 will mess with your temperature and there’s other things that mess with your temperature, but thyroids a place to start even though it’s not the one all be all.

Patrick: Here’s an email from Paula. I was diagnosed with Papalari carcinoma in ’03 the nodes have gotten larger. Now I have resigned to having my thyroid removed by the end of this summer. Are there bioidentical hormones developed to replace thyroid hormones? I did some research in the state of Washington it seems to have one of the highest rates of thyroid cancer.

Dr. Wright: I’m afraid so. And in fact one of the federal departments just settled a whole bunch of money with people called down winders that there are people who got thyroid cancer lived downwind from the Hanford Nuclear Plant. Oh does that sound familiar nuclear plant and radioactive iodine which we released, no kidding, intentionally back in the ’50s and ’60s just to see where it would go. And too many of them have thyroid cancer but that is a known cause.

Okay back to the question about the cancer. Well if you’ve got thyroid cancer your thyroids got to come out. I’m sorry but we don’t want to die of cancer do we so the thyroid usually has to go. Very fortunately there is and there has been since the 1890s some bioidentical thyroid. The famous brand which cost you more is called Armor Thyroid but there are generics that are within 98% to 102% the same level content that’s the law. They can’t turn them out unless they’re that way and they’re a lot less expensive. Just ask your local compounding pharmacy and they’re totally bioidentical, but do not unless you for some silly reason you must, do not take that synthetic stuff the T3 and the T4 called Synthroid and Triiodothyronine they are bioidentical so I shouldn’t stake them because they’re not complete, they’re not balanced. The thyroid gland makes another hormone called T2 it makes another hormone called T1.

And those being the major ones they’re not in the synthetic ones and our bodies cannot make T2 or T1 out of the synthetic ones. And guess what T2 is a stimulant for growth hormone according to a research paper. So that’s why nature does that got to be a reason and when nature makes a whole bunch of hormones from our thyroids my textbook says 12 different hormones those being the major ones so use natural folks. Use natural.

Patrick: I’m currently taking Progesterone 200 and Testosterone Point 5 but not estrogen local pharmacists says sometimes if you take progesterone and testosterone you don’t need the estrogen and its reluctant to recommend estrogen. Is there still a problem with bioidentical estrogen how do I know if I need it?

Dr. Wright: If you’re a woman and you want to take bioidentical replacement you need it just because you’re a woman and you want to take bioidentical hormones. Now if you don’t want to take any at all then that’s a different story. But if want to take them estrogen is a crucial part of the balance and women do need estrogen. The thing is keeping it safe. And how do you keep it safe? You make sure that wherever the prescription comes from the majority of that prescription is the totally natural hormone called Esterol. Esterol is firmly anti-carcinogenic and it actually blocks some of the carcinogenical fact of the other estrogen called Estradiol.

So the most common prescription is 20% Estradiol and 80% Esterol I’m not saying that’s the only one possible it’s simply the most common. Actually one of the ones I started with back in the 80s and then with the safety monitoring. The best way to do safety monitoring is not blood testing. Blood testing does not pickup all of the pro antiatherogenic carcinogen and anti- convergents of estrogen but if one takes the time to collect all the estrogen for 24 hours turn it into several labs that does this testing you can find what your pro and antiatherogenic balance. And if you’re in the minority that’s about 15% whose estrogens are metabolizing properly it’s totally fixable and it’s totally fixable with botanicals, minerals and vitamins and they do a repeat and look at that it’s fixed. But for that again you need a doctor who knows what they’re doing with this. You can go to Suzanne Somers Web site she list doctors who do bioidentical hormones well. You can also go to that


Patrick:This email is from B.C. in Canada and she said, her second part, she said

I kept hearing how there’s so much estrogen in the environment due to plastics and to soy does this mean I’m already getting extra estrogen?

And so I think you may have answered. There’s a difference between the estrogens and plastics and the stuff you take bioidentically right.

Dr. Wright: You’re totally correct ma’am. And actually if we were being precise in our language we would always call those estrogen environmental estrogens Pseudo Estrogen.

Patrick: Pseudo.

Dr. Wright: Or phony estrogen because they are not really estrogen. The word that scientists use but it hasn’t gotten out in the newspapers like it should estrogen mimetic which means they mimic estrogen, but I like pseudo estrogen better because it labels them very clearly as being phony versions.

Patrick:Here’s an email from Susan in Pomona

49-years-old struggling with migraines for seven years. Wow! Recent blood works saliva Esteriol 1.4 saliva progesterone 1.30 testosterone 40.2 my doc says I was not estrogen dominant like most women. Blood pressure is like 88/58. After being on these hormones for 1.5 months I’ve gained five pounds and felt bloated. Is it possible to go through pre-menopause to menopause without added hormones?

I’m extremely healthy organic veggies grass fed meats

; ideas for this lady Doc in Pomona?

Dr. Wright: Yeah. Well I’m not quite clear if this woman has gone through menopause or not. If she has not yet gone through and had menopause then her migraines can be taken away without the use of any hormones at all. I mean one doesn’t need them to get rid of migraines. Now on the other hand if she has gone through menopause then sometimes hormone balancing is indeed needed. But if the person is actually taking hormones folk’s saliva tests are totally inaccurate if you’re taking hormones.

Patrick: Oh.

Dr. Wright: Now the strange things if you’re not taking any hormones then saliva tests are accurate. We did a research study right here six people taking bioidentical hormones, six people not taking bioidentical hormones and on the same day, same day remember everybody had saliva specimens taken, they had blood specimens drawn, and they all collected all the sharing’s for 24 hours. And what was found by doctors who did not know who was who is that there was a strong correlation between the level high, high normal, low, low normal. There was a strong correlation between blood saliva and urine levels in people who took no hormones from the outside, in other words exogenous hormones and [inaudible 26:33]. But in the people who took hormones from the outside there was a good correlation, a strong correlation in fact, between blood and urine but the saliva was up in out of space. It was what are called totally unphysiological levels nothing to do with any person who’s making their own hormones. We cannot rely on saliva if we’re taking hormones from the outside we can rely on saliva if we’re not taking hormones from the outside.

Patrick: If we were taking saliva or hormones from the outside how long would we have to be off of them before saliva would be reliable Dr. Wright?

Dr. Wright: Oh at least a week or so.

Patrick: Okay.

Dr. Wright: But not that long, at least a week.

Patrick: Okay. All right.

Dr. Wright: But when we’re taking hormones once a month or we want to monitor what we’re doing so we usually take them when we’re taking our hormones we usually take the test then and that’s when we do the either the blood or I really prefer the 24 hour urine. I know it’s more cumbersome because it gives us so much more data at a lower price too.

Patrick: Leslie would like your thoughts on Transdermal Pregnenolone Crème or Oral Lipid Matrix using testosterone in young patients under 30 and causes and solutions to a high SHBG. You take three of those your thoughts on Pregnenolone Crème or Oral Lipid Matrix.

Dr. Wright: Okay. I don’t like pregnenonlone much at all so unless we keep the dose really low. Why because we do this careful follow-up testing. We’ve done it since the 80s and one of the few places it started with careful follow-up testing before we actually got going on the whole program. It’s important and what we found out if people take more than about 10, 15 at the very most 20, 25 milligrams pregnenonlone it doesn’t metabolize in a way we think it would. Why? A couple of body builders for example came in at different times they’re taking 100 milligrams of pregnenonlone orally per day. And what do you know their estrogens are three times the normal. And they went off the pregnenolone and what do you know their estrogen came down to normal.

And then a woman came in who was feeling so good taking that pregnenonlone and she was taking 50 milligrams and we did the 24 hour urine follow-up because the best way to see where all these hormones are going. And look at that her Cortisol and cortisone are double normal and that’s where the pregnenonlone is going in her case it wasn’t going to estrogen it was going to Cortisol. Pregnenonlone does not metabolize evenly in everyone so for gosh sakes folks if you want to take a lot of pregnenolone get a follow-up test and find out where that stuff is going because it is a precursor hormone which means it turns into any or all of the other steroids. And I wish I could tell you it turns into all of them but it usually doesn’t it usually favors one group or another.

Patrick: Yeah. Using testosterone in young patients under 30.

Dr. Wright: A very bad idea unless there’s no alternative. Now when we use any hormone in people who should be making their own, let’s take a lot of cortisone people who should be making their own or a lot of testosterone or a lot of estrogen with people who should be making their own we run the risk of suppressing their own hormone output.

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: But Dr. he’s taking it because he doesn’t have enough. Okay let’s find out why he doesn’t have enough. It is pretty rare it does happen I got to admit it but it’s pretty rare that we can’t find a way for a young guy to get his own testosterone right back up where it belongs and it goes right back to what you told us about to begin with Patrick eating right and detoxing.

Patrick: And the causes and solutions to a high SHBG, first of all what is SHBG.

Dr. Wright: Okay SHBG is something called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.

Patrick: It doesn’t sound good.

Dr. Wright: Well no it isn’t but nature in creation is kind of weird Patrick namely it hasn’t let us figure out what everything is for and nobody can figure out what this Sex hormone binding globulin is for because what it does in both genders, both men and women, is to sop up the large majority of their gender specific hormone namely estrogen for ladies and testosterone for guys. It sops it like a sponge and once it sopped it all up the hormone can’t do anything it’s stuck on that sponge and it can’t get to the hormone receptor.

And so why nature in creations design that mechanism nobody knows yet but there it is and some of us our body, for whatever reason, turn out too much SHBG or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. And even though we’ve got plenty of hormones it’s all stuck on the sponge and so it can’t work. And that’s why doctors measure total hormone and free hormone. The free testosterone total testosterone because only the free testosterone is out there contacting the hormone receptors and building muscles and getting in the libido and all that good stuff. Whereas what’s on the binding globulin doesn’t do a damn thing except for sit there.

Now reducing Sex Hormones and Binding Globulin only one antical out there and that sometimes will do it and even that is not totally reliable, but it does do it sometimes and that in Latin is called Vertica Diabica, I didn’t make that up somebody in Latin did, or in English it’s called Stinking Metal.

Patrick: Oh stinking metal.

Dr. Wright: And stinking metal root at least.

Patrick: Yeah. We like to take that. Here’s an email from Kathleen. I took bioidentical hormones doctor for a couple of years. After a few years of nothing else I tried naturally worked and I was exhausted from hot flashes and sleep deprivation. They worked but I was going to be addicted to them for life and was told that they hurt my liver. I stopped now and have the same problems but they have decreased with the last years of nothing very supportive. Also my adrenals were the issue if I strengthen my adrenals my hormones would improve. What do you say to the liver issues for long term use kind of at my age of 56 get my body to produce what it needs eventually?

Dr. Wright: Nope if we’re 56 and we’re a lady our ovaries have said “I’m done for this lifetime come back next lifetime please if there is one and maybe we’ll work again.” But at 56 now most women’s ovaries aren’t working. Now given three or four generations ago a bunch of women 56 were still having their ovaries work and menopause didn’t hit until in the average in the late 50s. Now it hits most women in the 40s same deal environmental pollution wrong food blah, blah, blah. But her ovaries are not likely to start at 56 working again in this lifetime; therefore if she wants to use bioidentical hormones she’s going to have to use the same.

Now having said that Patrick there is a big old liver problem that will unfortunately allow women to take lots of bioidentical hormones and still have hot flashes and so forth, and we’ve traced it right on back to an insufficiency of the trace element cobalt. Now how do we trace it? Well we had some bioidentical hormones and unlike all their friends and neighbors who did the same thing their hot flashes just continued on going. So we measure the blood levels and they would be low and we’d say “Well take some more, maybe you need some more.” And then they’d take some more and they’d still have hot flashes.

So finally it takes us awhile to learn, me especially, finally we said “Well let’s find out let’s do a 24 hour urine test there and see if there’s any estrogen in there.” And darn there was all kinds of estrogen in urine but it was hardly any in the blood. And so of course there was hot flashing because what’s in the blood is what’s in the tissues and what’s in your urine is not even you anymore is it and so it’s not going to do you any good. So anyway we take the 24 hour urine and it was full of hormones and the blood was low or low normal, it was all leaking out.

All right well it took a few years to figure out but it turns out that the trace element cobalt in micro doses, not big doses micro doses, in the same amounts that are found in the diets in some places in the world does not include North America. In micro doses it gets the liver to work right and retain that estrogen and sufficient qualities so it does the job and she no longer has to take a big dose and yet her hot flashes are gone.

Patrick: Very interesting.

Dr. Wright: And that’s the minority.

Patrick: Yeah.

Dr. Wright: Minority of ladies said that happened.

Patrick: I’ve done some research on the different soils and using ocean water Dr. Wright for fertilizing the plants and stuff to gluten of course and I forget the fellow Maynard Murray he said that in 1950 that the soil was very, very low on cobalt and which we need that for, is it B12 and stuff as well?

Dr. Wright: That’s one of the main things we need it for.

Patrick: Interesting isn’t it.

Dr. Wright: Liver uses it independently as a B12. Oh yeah but look it’s all over the place it’s a big bad problem. And so that’s why eating organic is so important. We have very fortunately Washington State University an organic department, a whole organic agriculture department, and they’ve done some very careful studies. Comparing the nutrient content of organic foods raised in the organic way to just regular old crops and over and over again they find that not only are the pesticides mostly missing, notice I didn’t say totally missing because they’re lost even over there at organic farms, but not only are they mostly missing but the nutrient density as they call it so much better in the organic food.

Patrick: Very interesting. What’s your first name and where are you calling from.

Jim: This is Jim from Santa Fe.

Patrick: Hey Jim go ahead you’re on the air with Dr. Wright.

Jim: I have a question on DHEA. I understand there’s a seven key to DHEA and a DHEA. Which is a better one to take and how much should a person take every day? And are there any side effects?

Dr. Wright: We’ll start with sir if you’re getting it at a health food store don’t take it all. It won’t hurt you but it won’t do you that much good. It turns out that DHEA is made in the adrenal glands and from the adrenal glands it goes to our hearts and our hearts distribute it all over the body where every single cell gets a shot at that DHEA. And then it goes by the liver which is the disposal unit for DHEA. So if we swallow DHEA guess what it’s like putting our lunch into a garbage disposal and most of it comes out in the urine. And not only that but we can always tell when a guy’s taking oral DHEA in anything more than a small amount because his urine’s got too much estrone units and the liver likes him to take oral DHEA and metabolize it into estrone. I don’t know why but it does.

So if you want to use DHEA it should be one of those so-called transdermal or transmufocal which is rubbed into the skin or rubbed into a mucus membrane because from there it goes into the blood stream and all over the body because remember it toes to the travenous blood stream and it goes to the heart and it goes to every cell in the body which using it before the liver gets it so copying nature. That’s what’s so important is to copy as closely as we can what nature does. And I got to admit that after a certain age nature doesn’t make that much to get you. Anybody else got to admit in the 21st Century we really needed to boost our immune system so let’s copy nature closely as we can anyway and give it to the heart first. And the best way of doing that is rubbing it in.

Patrick: Rubbing it in. All right. And what is your first name? Where are you calling from? Hello.

Mark: Yeah.

Patrick: Go ahead.

Mark: Okay. Is this Dr. Wright?

Patrick: Yes you’re on the air go ahead.

Mark: It’s Dr. Wright and Patrick Timpone. My name is Mark.

Patrick: Okay.

Dr. Wright: Hi Mark.

Mark: And I was wondering if Dr. Wright had any success with I know he works with glandular and I was wondering if he had any success with Type 1 Diabetes using a glandular pancreas?

Dr. Wright: No sir because the right type of glandular is not available. Glandulars for pancreas are usually the pancreas exocrine tissue which means it’s the part that makes digestive enzymes. The islet cells are small those are the ones that make the pancreatic endocrine secretion namely insulin and gluten and so forth. So they’re so small they’re trying to tease those out of a pancreatic glandular and take those only would be very problematic and not only that it might not work because it’s going through the digested route. So no you really can’t get the pancreas going again with.

Mark: I thought you actually injected it right into the pancreas.

Dr. Wright: Well I don’t and I love to find some place that does. Now what we do use at our clinic is something called Cell Therapy and that is different from stem cell therapy. It’s a European technique started in the 1920s and then legal in the United States since 1993, even though it never hurt anybody we were being protected from it by a certain agency before 1993 and that uses fetal animal cell. Not fetal people let’s be real clear animal cells and the reason for fetal is it doesn’t’ cause any kind of rejection reaction. And we can get those cells they’re currently come from fetal pig and fetal sheep and we can inject those. But still pancreatic islet cells which is the ones that make the insulin are not available if they were I’d be using them in a flash. All that’s available is the pancreatic exocrine cells and we can inject those.

And in fact one of the more successful treatments with this self- therapy is for people with weak adrenalines. We heard that a lady who had the low blood pressure the large majority of people with low blood pressure have weak adrenals and we’ve seen some nice recoveries with the use of the adrenal cells plus the other cells that go with them. And not only is the recovery in the way the person feels but they’re lab test for cortisone and cortisol improves so we know they’re getting better. But getting back to your question for Type 1 Diabetes I haven’t seen it yet no.

Mark: Well I’m interested also in the adrenals. You inject that adrenal cell into the adrenal glands, is that how you do that?

Dr. Wright: No you don’t need to do that sir. There’s an entire volume on this called Self-Therapy by Joseph Schmidt, German of course, but thank goodness it’s in English I don’t read German. And what he reports our studies done in Germany where some of the fetal animal cells were labeled with radioactive isotopes and the injections into other animals, I guess the ones that signed the content form, and they followed where their cells went with a Geiger counter.

And what they found was that three quarters or 75% of cells injected which ends up in the target organ. And how those cells know to go if their adrenal cells to the adrenal or heart cells to the heart or how the body of those animals and those stakes in there nobody knows but they do have the proof radioactive type that the cells went where they were supposed to three quarters of the time. And these cells are full of what are called Fetal Growth Factors. And it’s one of the best ways of helping a failing organ. If we have congestive heart failure we use heart cells, if we have a sick liver because we drank too much alcohol we use liver cells, they should be used in certain patterns and certain amounts but these fetal animal cells when they come from fetal animals had never, ever been associated with any serious adverse side effects since the 1920s and yet we were being protected from them by that federal agency until 1993. And even today you cannot find any advertisements for them because that’s strictly illegal because you see the First Amendment doesn’t apply if it’s the truth, if it’s scientific truth it needs approval.

Now Patrick let me please propagandize for the Free Speech and Science Act, which is pending before our Congress right now. It’s called the Free Speech and Science Act look it up online you can find all about it at Alliance for Natural Health

. And what it would do folks is it would legalize the First Amendment and it would allow people to tell the truth. No lies allowed there’ll still be penalties for lies and deception, but it would allow people to tell the truth about scientific maters right on the label of the product. And you could even advertise on TV that for example, zinc lozenges get rid of colds a lot quicker than not right now you can’t do that because it’s illegal even though we supposedly have the First Amendment. And so excuse me for getting so excited but we cannot advertise self-therapy because it aint approved even though it works.

Patrick: You know I had an interesting experience Dr. Wright two or three years ago where I did quite a few grass fed fresh not frozen thyroids from grass fed cow up in a Mennonite family up in Pennsylvania and I really feel like it helped my thyroid. I don’t have any proof of that but I sure felt better.

Dr. Wright: I bet you did because remember as you said this is grass fed we kept the garbage out of it and it’s almost the same as taking thyroid pills except it’s better because we know these animals are grass fed and healthy.

Patrick: Yeah. You can do the same with adrenals and there’re places you can find them you just have to be careful that they’re not feeding these cows drugs right and stuff like that.

Dr. Wright: Do you know the plain Indians Patrick? This is on a historical record when plain Indians in the early days would kill buffalo the first thing they would do is make a slit in the back of the buffalo right over the adrenals would come out and they would be awarded partly to the warrior who killed the buffalo…

Patrick: I’ll be darn.

Dr. Wright: …and partly to the chief of the tribe. How do you like that?

Patrick: I’ll be darn. Yeah that’s…

Dr. Wright: They weren’t all that dumb ancestors were they?

Patrick: No they figured it out. This would be a good one for all the ladies listening I think. From Mia and she says Thank you for your work. What would you suggest to prevent wrinkling and crinkling in my face? I’m 63-year-olds and would like for my face to stay toned and I see it’s getting some more lines. Any ideas of some causes and cures?

Dr. Wright: Okay Patrick this is where I wanted to come back to and it’s why a lot of ladies like to use bioidentical hormones. Now even back in the 80s and 90s prior to the, I shouldn’t say prior to, unconventional medicine where they use limited hormones even then they would use topical Estriol that’s rubbed in Estriol, that’s rubbed in Estriol and rubbed in progesterone and they would do biopsies and they would show that it literally retarded the aging process in the [inaudible 46:04] was rubbed on every day and these are such low concentrations that it did not even raise blood levels. So it couldn’t hurt the body because it didn’t get into the blood. They were using a 0.3% Estriol and they were using a 1% progesterone and after biopsies what did they find more elastic tissue, more elasticity, more collagen, and they found absolutely no precancerous changes.

Now that was back then. The women I work with who use bioidentical hormones for, I’m not kidding you remember it’s since the 1980s who’ve used bioidentical hormones for 20 years or more you can’t tell that they’ve aged they all look 10 to 15 years younger than the other women born the same year. Now these ladies they rub in their bioidentical hormones in the appropriate places. Many of them use the very low dose rubbed into your face sort. My wife doesn’t mind me telling but she’s been using hers for 23 years and most people guess she’s 50 it turns out she’s 71.

Patrick: Oh really.

Dr. Wright: That is a biggie with bioidentical hormones and I wish it worked as well on us guys as it does on the ladies.

Patrick; Now you mentioned two different sources and I’m going to make sure we repeat those before we get out of here

and also

. But you here so many horror stories of people that go to a bioidentical and these different things and they’re up and down and they can’t get them balanced, gosh how does a gal find a good doctor? I mean there are I mean is it you just kind of have to trial and success, trial and success until you find one you really trust.

Dr. Wright:Pretty much that way but at the risk of what do we call it here a shameless plug I suggest people take a look at the book

“Stay Young and Sexy with Bioidentical Hormones”

because it will give you a very, very good background on what you and your doctor should be doing with those bioidentical hormones in order to keep them both effective and safe.

Patrick: Yeah. So shameless plug is good because if you really get stuck up with a lot of information you’re still going to have to figure it out with your doctor but at least you know the questions to ask right Doc?

Dr. Wright: That’s exactly correct sir.

Patrick: Yeah. Here’s an email from Zach who’s an MD. Please discuss your assessment and treatment of low HGH. Is IGF-1 the most important marker and what’s the reference range?

Dr. Wright: Okay. IGF-1 is the second most important marker. The first and far and away the best happen to be collecting all that urine for 24 hours. I’m sorry you collect all the urine for 24 hours you send it into a lab that does a urinary growth hormone, and the urinary growth hormone is distinctly better than the IGF-1 for telling us where you are. Among other things the urinary growth hormone is a direct measurement, whereas the IGF-1 is a surrogate measurement and it much better be direct and surrogate than all the range on the urinary growth hormone runs from around 1000 and this is in micro grants per ML and about 4000. That’s the normal adult range. Now certainly childhood range is a lot higher but we’re not shooting for the childhood range we’re shooting for the adult range. And we do this test routinely on everybody the 24 Hour urine test and roughly 1 and 3 is lower than the adult reference range.

Now the reason it’s important to stay within the adult reference range I’m not at all talking about taking and that’s growth hormones and other hormones to get elected out there in California or to hit too many homeruns that’s not the point. The point is that growth hormone is not just growth hormone it’s a repair hormone. It should be called growth and repair hormone because it helps our bodies to repair by making new cells, that’s what growth is new cells, but it’s also repair. And so if we want to stay in as good a repair as we can why gee we ought to have a normal adult level. I didn’t say high level I said a normal adult level.

Patrick: And doctor Zach wants to know what type of HGH supplementation do you use and are there any downside to administering HGH?

Dr. Wright: Well the biggest downside is you can get your clinic rated if you’re a doctor in Nevada. Don’t you remember that?

Patrick: No I don’t.

Dr. Wright: Oh poor guy he had his clinic raided, he had his house raided, and he had all his assets ceased, all that kind of stuff just because he was giving HGH. Now fortunately the jury out there had the sense to figure out that he was not at all doing anything illegal and making people hit too many homeruns. Oh is it getting like the government in California illegal I guess it is? He wasn’t doing that at all instead he was carefully measuring people’s growth hormones, finding out if they were low and if they were low he was helping to bring it up normal.

So anyway the biggest hazard is getting your clinic raided so you have to be very careful. But growth hormone itself is pricey and most of the people I work with gee I just haven’t had a box a month just for growth hormone. Isn’t there anything else I can do? I tell them yeah a lot of time there is. There are so-called growth hormones teeny ones the best research of which is something called CDP that’s CDP Choline that are sold in a variety places including natural food stores and comprehensive pharmacies.

Patrick: What is that again CD…

Dr. Wright: CDP.

Patrick: CDP.

Dr. Wright: Yeah Cat, Dog and P. CDP Choline now that’s an oral stimulant and it does in many people get their growth hormone back up to normal, but before we got there let’s mention something DHEA stimulates growth hormones. The thyroid hormone T2 which is found in whole thyroid stimulates growth hormones. Testosterone stimulates growth hormone. So for many of us if we just get our hormones balanced everybody’s hormones come up. For those who it doesn’t, for those who it doesn’t then we can go with one of the oral growth hormones stimulants or if we could afford it and we’re not afraid of that certain little agencies like [inaudible 52:31] if we can afford it then we can use growth hormone itself.

Patrick: The gov the one we love hey Doc. What about this raid? I don’t know if it’s still going but it was for a long time several years ago for a couple of years HCG and there’re people taking these injections. Did you mess around with that and do you now use it?

Dr. Wright: I not only mess around I lost 12 pounds on the program and my wife lost nine. Ladies aren’t as lucky they don’t lose as easy as guys. HCG stimulates growth hormones. I’m glad you brought that up Patrick I almost forgot. HCG folks stimulates growth hormone and it does so quiet reliably in about 80% of everybody. So if the person wants to inject HCG they can reliably get their growth hormone out there. Two different hormones Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG and HGH or Human Growth Hormone and the one stimulate the other. The HCG stimulates growth hormone. Now what about the homeopathic and the middle sprays and all that?

Patrick: Yeah, do those work?

Dr. Wright: Not as well as injectable but they do work well for some people. So if a person wants to try it I’ll tell them well get your growth hormone checked and do it and see what happens. And for some it works and for many it doesn’t.

Patrick: If you were doing HCG as a guide, how often would you do it? Would you do it not ongoing?

Dr. Wright: Well it depends on what I’m trying to do Patrick. If I’m trying to lose weight then I’m going to follow very strictly…

Patrick: Yeah do the diet and all that stuff Simien, what’s his name?

Dr. Wright: Yeah Simien.

Patrick: Simien.

Dr. Wright: HDW Simien is the name. Everybody wants to read about it can download and just pounds and inches…

Patrick: Right.

Dr. Wright: …into your search engine and you can download that. And so you do that for the 23 days or 43 days on the very restrict diet. Now having said that Patrick there’s actually a quote approved, oh my God they approve things. Did you ever hear of the one – this is [inaudible 54:23] for a moment – you heard the one about those who can do things they do them and those who can’t do them they teach them?

Patrick: Yes.

Dr. Wright: Well there’s a corollary to that those who can do them, do them, those who can’t do them teach them, and then those who can’t do either one do or teach well they regulate them. Well they’ve got to be qualified for something don’t they?

Patrick: That’s right.

Dr. Wright: So anyway.

Patrick: Well Tony had a question about the HCG. He said he wanted to take to boost his HGH and he wanted to know what the dosage on this HCG would be for him.

Dr. Wright: Yeah let’s go to that…

Patrick: Okay.

Dr. Wright: …and that gets us right back to the approved indication. The only “approved indication” is for guys with indefinite testicles because oddly enough if you’re a little guy and you’ve got indefinite testicles and you take HCG and it’ll pluck your testicles right down to where they go in large resorted cases. And a new thing but when I run into guys who have a history of that and they happen to have a low growth hormone and low testosterone why we give them HCG and here we come with the dosage Tony. It’s three or five hundred units every other day. And you can do that indefinitely. Nobody ever got hurt with HCG. Remember we all took a bath in this stuff for nine months when we were inside a month.

Patrick: Really?

Dr. Wright: Of course.

Patrick: Three to five hundred units. What the heck is a unit?

Dr. Wright: Well I don’t know somebody just made up this thing called a Unit and usually when you put the water in the bio and you come up with 10,000 IU per vile and the cost on that depending where you get it is anywhere from $90 to $150 bucks. And if you use it every other day even at the rate of five units it costs you that’s 40 days for it, and so it costs you a lot less money in HGH and it does stimulate HGH quite reliably for most people. But here’s another thing universities down in South Australia have found that in older men quite reliably I do mean it that HCG raises testosterone levels and maybe you don’t have to take testosterone from the outside.

And they even found out how it does it Patrick it turns out that the very receptor that is connected to making testosterone it’s called the LH Receptor. That receptor is stimulated by HCG and so they’re now calling it the LH HCG Receptor and in older men who are making so much LH in their pituitary glands that stimulate the testosterone production they can take HCG and this university found that testosterone levels went up by 50% or more.

Patrick: Wow! Okay we’re going to do the last question on digestion and that’s probably one of the first things we should talk about sometimes right. This is from The Netherlands. I’ve recently become interested in your work Dr. Wright about rejuvenation through stimulation of stomach acid to produce more acid. I wish I had the money to request your newsletter at this time this is a poor man’s question. My wife had a terrible accident was subject to months of antibiotics and other drugs and chemicals in the hospital. Now she suffers from her hair falling out, more grey hair than ever. Can you suggest any affordable solution? Can this be tied with stomach acid and digestion?

Dr. Wright: Yeah frankly I can particularly in younger women is once menopausal comes in and says my hair is falling out and/or my nails are lousy, and by the way it’s always and/or it’s never both. The first thing we do is we test and see if their stomach is making us acid to digest the protein that her hair and nails are made out of. And we find that most of the time it isn’t. Now I wish though I could answer that question by saying “Yes you did this and your stomach acid will come back.”

Patrick: Right.

Dr. Wright:I haven’t found anything reliable yet especially when we’re older it’s kind of like getting grey hair, needing glasses, not running so fast, our stomach slows down too. The whole nonsense of making too much stomach acid when we’re older is almost always, not quite always, but almost always nonsense it’s usually low stomach acid. And the only thing we can do is go to our natural food store and get this stuff called The Tamed Hydrochloride with Pepcin and take anywhere depending on the individual. And you only should do this with working with a doctor because you could take too much. Anyway we take anywhere from two to four or five capsules. I have [inaudible 58:42] on this. One is called

“Why Stomach Acid is Good For You”

and the other one is called

“Your Stomach”

. You’ll find them both online at Amazon and elsewhere. But anyway four to five capsules two to four to five capsules with each meal, but anyway read the books please because you have to work into cautiously.

Patrick: Is there any research that shows that you keep taking the HCL one of two things can happen? Can you teach the body to heal maybe with the HCL so it’ll make its own or are you risking the body never making any HCL because you keep giving it to them?

Dr. Wright: A study at the Mayo Clinic done back in the 1930s showed that by the time we’re all 60-years-old half of us don’t make stomach acid and it’s just because of getting older Patrick. It’s like getting grey hair and not running so fast and needing glasses our stomach after a certain age are no more going to come back than we’re going to run the 100 yard dash at the same rate a 20-year-old does. It’s nature, it’s time and unless we believe in eternal life we’re going to have to use replacement hydrochloride acid at some time in our lives and we don’t risk shutting it off necessarily to shut it off.

Patrick: Well there’s certainly – so I guess that that’s a big plug for fermented foods. It’s got to be good for us all these different things.

Dr. Wright: Kimchi yes.

Patrick: Kimchi and fermented vegetables and keefer from grass fed whatever.

Dr. Wright: You got it.

Patrick: All kinds of stuff. Well Doc thanks so much for getting up. I know you spend two hours this morning now you have to go to work.

Dr. Wright: Well don’t you?

Patrick: Listen I’m done for the day Doc.

Dr. Wright: I’ll have to work towards that sir.

Patrick: Well just do your radio show and just kidding. Well Dr. Wright thanks so much we’ve had a lovely time hanging out with you. Go ahead and plug your Web sites again as we make our way out of here this morning.

Dr. Wright: Well thank you so much Patrick. Mainly if you want to read some of the articles I’ve done they’re posted at

. And for those who don’t mind listening to me carry on and on and on I have Saturdays noon to 2:00 radio program that streams online at KVIAM 570.

Patrick: Noon to 2:00 Pacific right.

Dr. Wright: Noon to 2:00 Pacific thank you for reminding me.

Patrick: So if they just Google KVI Seattle I’m sure they can get to it.

Dr. Wright: Oh yeah.

Patrick: So the station itself streams the podcast or streams this show online.

Dr. Wright: Yes. And all the shows are posted at all the shows until a couple of months ago we’re always behind and there’s totally cross indexing categorized so you can enter any topic you’re interested in and what do you know up will come the radio show segments where that was discussed and you can listen to those.

Patrick: Oh quick question before you go maybe a 30 second response or less.

Dr. Wright: Yes sir.

Patrick: Have you heard about TA65 and is it worth investigating?

Dr. Wright: That’s one I haven’t heard about Patrick.

Patrick: Oh you haven’t. Oh that’s kind of an anti-aging thing. How about lengthening those telemeters that’s what it’s supposed to do.

Dr. Wright: Lengthening those telemeters is a really good idea and if there’s good research that shows it does it and it’s a natural molecule of course, then I’m probably for it.

Patrick: Well you have to find out if it’s from a once living source.

Dr. Wright: There you go.

Patrick: All right Dr. Wright thanks a lot. Say hi to – who’s your assistant that helped us Carrie was it?

Dr. Wright: Carrie that’s her excellent Administrative Assistant.

Patrick: She did a great job with hooking us up. Thanks again sir, keep in touch.

Dr. Wright: You too and have a good day.

Patrick: Thank you. Dr. Jonathan Wright.

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