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Dr. Kenneth Sutter – The Paradigm Shift:The Shift From Disease Care To Health Care – November 29, 2011


Patrick Timpone


Dr. Kenneth Sutter

Author of The Paradigm Shift

The Shift From Disease Care To Health Care

and It’s Not Illegal To Get Healthy


“In order to go the natural healing way, you have to turn your back on a lot of things”
-Doc Sutter

Dr. Sutter delighted us this morning with his fascinating stories of his personal road to better health. He not only healed himself from liver cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder, but also rid himself of 22 pounds of parasites within 3 months.He talked extensively about being in the Vietnam War and the problems veterans face, physically and emotionally, upon coming home. This show is one to share with anyone who may want to get their toes wet in the paradigm of natural healing.

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dr kenneth sutter, november 29, 2011



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