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Dr. Larry Wilson

The Benefits of Near Infrared Energy

lawrence wilsonAs a holistic physician, Dr. Wilson is always searching for better ways to heal the body that are safe, inexpensive, and powerful enough to handle today’s health disasters. Over the past twelve years, he has incorporated infrared lamp saunas as a healing and detoxification modality. Rarely has he seen such an impressive aid for healing many diverse conditions.
Near infrared lamp sauna therapy – and no other type of sauna therapy – is now a central part of every nutritional balancing therapy. The many reasons for this and benefits of this therapy were explained in this interview. Enjoy!!

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Show Highlights:

-Benefit is from the 250 watt near-infrared (NIR) light bulb frequency as well as the heat and light. 110-120 degrees is sufficient heat in a NIR sauna. Body should be 18-30 inches from the bulbs. Rotate the body around the bulbs.

-Plans for a NIR sauna are available in his Sauna Therapy book as well as at NIR bulbs will be available through ORN store.

-Recommend a 3-bulb array on one wall, 2 bulbs aimed at abdomen, 1 bulb at chest. This concentrated arrangement causes the near-infrared to penetrate deeper into the body. Lights can be in a closet, but ceiling should be only 5-6′ high. Standard sauna size is 4′ x 4′. Standard session is 15-20 minutes to start. Can work up to an hour.

-NIR light stimulates circulation drastically, increases parasympathetic responses, raises the body temperature -“fever therapy”, discourages parasites and fungus. Is an antidote for ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

-Sardines are a good source of Vitamin D, 3-4 cans a week. Skinless have less mercury. If not eating sardines, take 4,000-5,000 IU Vitamin D daily.

-On a hair mineral retest, if the levels of toxic metals rise, it means the toxins are coming out of the body.

If a hair test shows low levels of toxic metals, the person is a poor eliminator and has high toxic levels in the body. Need high energy to eliminate the toxic metals. If you’re tired, you don’t have the energy to eliminate.

-Saunas are much more powerful when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eat cooked, not raw vegetables. Humans are not cows; we don’t absorb minerals from raw vegetable matter. Cooked food is more yang, has etheric energy. We need alkaline reserve minerals which are locked into the fiber of vegetables and released with cooking. He doesn’t like sprouts because they’re raw and have chemicals in them to deter animals from eating them.

-Don’t need eye protection for NIR, but don’t aim the bulbs at the eyes. If sensitive, wear sunglasses. NIR very good for sinuses – use for 30 seconds with closed eyes.

-Use a towel to wipe yourself off in the sauna.

-Niacin doses used in Hubbard protocol are toxic and will build up in the liver.

-Vegetarians and raw foodists are not the longest lived people. Japanese are, and they cook their vegetables. Miso combines with mercury.

-NIR will help people with MS. If heat intolerant, leave the door open. MS is a sympathetic disease, and NIR decreases sympathetic response.

-Numbness in the feet is an early sign of diabetes.

-Most people today have aluminum toxicity – a “soft in the head” toxin. Chemtrails are a source of aluminum and barium.

-Skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body. Just wearing clothing can shut down the skin. -The sauna is a missing piece for health.

-Coffee enema – Initial mechanical cleansing effect. Coffee is absorbed in hemorrhoidal veins and goes to liver, increases glutathione. Increases in bile flow cleans out parasites, yeast. Moves energy down. Gets rid of infections in the body. Coffee is an antidote to frequencies. Use up to 2 Tb in 2-4 cups, cook 12 minutes. Don’t overcook. Hold for 15 minutes. NIR on abdomen is helpful.

-Doesn’t like fulvic and humic minerals because they have toxic metals in them. Be careful with shilajit.

-Doesn’t recommend putting oils on the skin when using the sauna because they can overheat.

-Likes hydrogen peroxide in the bath. Use 2 cups 35% hydrogen peroxide in bath water.

-Fermented foods are overrated – they’re high in aldehydes, e.g. kombucha. Also raw and yin. Sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir and miso are good if used in small quantities every day.

-Don’t use sauna for children under age 5, because they dehydrate easily.

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dr larry wilson on near infrared light and healing, october 20, 2016


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