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Steven Hines – Naturopath and Master Herbalist – Going Beyond the Gut – Take the two week baking soda test with us – April 26, 2012


Patrick Timpone

Steven Hines

Naturopath and Master Herbalist

April 26, 2012

One hour was not nearly enough to cover the plethora of  healthful findings of  Steven Hines so we have invited him back within the next couple of weeks to address the massive amount of emails we received for him. Today, we focused on healing the gut and alkinalizing the body. He gave us a 2 week test to do with baking soda after which we invite you to write or call in with your results for his next visit. Enjoy the show, it’s a good one!


Also check out a special smoothie recipe on his site to heal the gut


Visit Website

Steve Hines is a naturopath, naturopathic endocrinologist, and master herbalist. He has been practicing naturopathy for 15 years, and is currently writing on a book, Gastrointestinal Diseases and co-authored “The Road to Health”. Steve has more than 12,000 hours of training in nutritional biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology. His deductive reasoning skills prove invaluable to his patients.

Steve is an accomplished musician, and a humanitarian.





dr steven hines, baking soda and ph test you can do at home,april 26, 2012



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  1. bruce says:

    Hi Patrick, You advertised that Dr. Hines was going to talk about Diatomaceous Earth, and I was excited to hear what he was doing with it, as I use it as well as gotten many people on it. Was disappointed as it wasn’t mentioned at all. Hopefully you will get to it next time Dr. Hines is on in three weeks. thanks

  2. ptimpone says:

    Thanks Bruce. Yes, I did mention that. It’s always something isn’t it? He’ll be back on in a few weeks and we’ll ask him for two hours. In the meantime he said off the air that it is cool to try, for those who take responsibility for their health and not offering medical advise, 1 TBS of food grade DEarth in 16 ounces of water each day. Many have reported over the years it is great for parasites and heavy metals. I’ve been told, many of the health “Old Timers” on the farm this was a regular part of their health regime. Some added Aloe to the potion.

  3. jrowley says:

    I have been drinking alkalized water for a year now and feel fantastic I also add food grade DE off and on also. I like hearing about people that reinforces the good habits to take control of my health.

  4. Lauri Raymond says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I can’t seem to find the smoothie recipe on Dr. Hines’ website. I looked under “information,” but no go.

    I hope you’re doing great!



    • ptimpone says:

      I found it, it was hiding :)

      The Smoothie

      – 1-2 cups frozen blueberries (or other berries)
      – 1 Scoop RiSolubles/RiBalance
      – 1 heaping tablespoon of Spectramino Powder, Active-Whey, or Beyond-Whey
      – 2 tablespoons (one packet) Organic Liquid Life Vitamins
      – 1-2 teaspoons L-Glutamine Powder
      – Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk to taste (dilute 1 can milk with 2 cans water). HEB carries this item.
      – Honey to taste
      – ___________________

      * Do not drink The Smoothie after 6 p.m.

  5. David H says:

    I found this program with Dr. Hines to be excellent and have relistened to the podcast several times. Am looking very much forward to his return.

    Patrick, you have a superb program and service.

  6. kd says:

    Hi Patrick,

    About the DE – sounds good to experiment with for detoxification — can you recommend any sources for DE, for quality & purity??

    Also, I have not seen this is any health food stores, so probably some online sources ??

    Many thanks!

  7. Bernard says:

    Dr. Hines 3 months dietary regime exclude rice and all grains. Is that include Brown Rice? Or only white rice?

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