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Dr. Tim O’Shea – The Doctor Within – Vaccination Is Not Immunization – December 11, 2012


Patrick Timpone


Dr. Tim O’Shea

The Doctor Within

Vaccine Dangers, Holistic Nutrition, Detoxification, Chiropractic Adjustments, and Natural Medicine

As a well-known author and lecturer, Dr O’ Shea’s seminars have been widely attended all over the world both by the public and by health professionals. Best known for his comprehensive website on immunization and holistic nutrition,, O’Shea is the author of The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 13th edition. His seminars are on the New Health Paradigm and are attended worldwide.

Dr. O’Shea presents excellent information on vaccinations in this interview and a good argument to avoid them. He starts the show with the history behind Polio and the Polio vaccine. He then explains the roles of bacteria and viruses, citing them as the clean up crews for toxic terrains and not the predators.He tells us how the marketing of immunity through vaccines and antibiotics have created the super bugs and why it’s so important to build up our own immune systems on our own and not by using man made altered pathogens. We like this doc. Enjoy the show!

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dr tim o’shea, the doctor within on vaccinations, december 11, 2012


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