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Mehran Keshe, Nuclear Engineer -Energy Without Explosions and Healing the Body in a Highly Evolved Way – May 3, 2012


Patrick Timpone

Mehran Keshe

Nuclear Engineer

May 3, 2012

Nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe has been researching the universe, the interconnectedness of it all and taken the model to invent free energy, that doesn’t explode or burn things. He is using these technologies to place the body’s plasma field in a position to heal from any “disease”. Some of the ideas he proposed during this extended interview are:

-Breast cancer, and all cancers, begin with an infection and that involves misdirected molecules of calcium. In breast cancer, he argues that he can prove it is tied in with women’s monthly cycle and calcium taken from the hip bone.

-Mr. Keshe says MS is not damaged myelin sheaths but the body is not doing it’s carbon- diamond transmutation correctly.

-Mr. Keshe also talks about women taking calcium at a particular time in their cycle to solve the breast cancer challenge.

There is a lot here and well worth your listening. Don’t be shy about liking this show for Facebook and sending links to friends and family.

Visit The Keshe Foundation Website

The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe aiming to bring about new scientific knowledge, technologies and new solutions for the major global problems like famine, water shortage, shortage of electrical power supply, climate change, illnesses, where at the same time by the use of new types of plasma reactors giving the Man the real freedom of travel in deep Space.


mehran keshe, we are the universe and we will heal, may 4, 2012



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  1. Trevor says:

    Mehran Keshe makes wild claims about his inventions without supplying a scrap of evidence.

    The interviewer has been totally taken-in by this charlatan and fails to ask why there are no demonstrations, videos, working products or patents.

    Yet another crackpot-dreamer like John Lear, only this one is dangerous because he is soliciting money in advance for his so-called ‘systems’.

    I am not donating again until the network becomes more assertive and objective in challenging the nonsense claimed by its guests.

  2. mrfixitrick says:

    If the nay-sayers would read and understand the Keshe patent applications and , plus his three recent books, and view the movies and his recent demonstrations, I think they will find plenty of evidence that something real is going on here.

    As far as authorities, his equipment has been seized several times, and Keshe has been detained by Canada. Fortunately, advancements in plasma technology are happening rapidly, regardless of what most folks think or believe. Safe, cheap home plasma reactors will soon be built in garages. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, and, like Mr Keshe says, “It’s time for mankind to stop the burning.”

  3. Jan says:

    I think the value of Mr. Keshe’s discovery is beyond comprehension.

  4. Flute says:

    Trevor, you’re very well informed about Dr. Greer’s work. What he says is true, there is mind-boggling suppression.

    But Dr. Greer IS aware of Mr. Keshe, but they can’t work together due to security concerns and Mr. Obama signing an executive order to make any dealings with Mr. Keshe and his technology a criminal offense in the US.

    In short, Dr. Greer is aware of this real foundation and technology but it is too dangerous to work with them at the time, lest one is deemed a ‘terrorist’. They are separate, for the time being.

  5. soul says:

    Remark that the Obama legislation removed the lettre from from their website, lucky the Keshe article has a copy of it.

  6. Haddington O'Heart says:

    Dear Patrick, I am happily surprized to have found your interview(s), and particularly the one with Mehran Keshe. Perhaps ‘Trevor’ and others react automatically with doubt and suspicion, but I am given to offer his ideas something other than disbelief. If we keep asking for proof before even exploring or considering “new” ideas, we will remain just where we are for another thousand years – due to the Good Old Boy system for authoritarian control of ‘approved scientific theories’. Thank you, again, for the courage to interview “controversial” thinkers and topics!

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