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Dr. Robert Cassar – Ripped and Raw – March 3, 2011

Patrick Timpone

Dr. Robert Cassar


Raw and Ripped

Dr. Robert Cassar is into many curious and intriguing thoughts and ideas. He is proponent of raw food, and has remained quite strong and fit with his diet. He explores the who’s why’s and what in the world is going on, thus he has far reaching interests outside of raw and super foods.

Dr. Robert Cassar is a retired competitive body builder and former owner of the American Chiropractic Medical Group. Currently he is a researcher and practitioner of parasitology, toxicology and naturalistic living. He is the founder of the innovative an online “Research & Lifestyle Management Community/Network’’ and the ‘’wholesale club’’.

In Dr. Cassar’s lectures and workshops he reveals how everything in existence vibrates at various frequencies and how transforming the body (through terrain modification) eating and drinking live, high vibration, non corrupted and mineral dense foods, we can change our energy and vibratory levels, thus elevating our health and consciousness. He also explains that the higher the vibrational output of the body and mind, the higher we ascend as beings and advance in our evolution.



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dr robert cassar, 03.03.11, hour one (download)


dr robert cassar, 03.03.11, hour two (download)


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