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Sydney Ross Singer – Killer Culture: How the Clothing We Wear, Our Sleep Positions and Even Our Own Voices Are Wreaking Havoc on Our Health – January 28, 2013

Patrick Timpone


Sydney Ross Singer

Killer Culture


Are you sick of being sick? We are all victims of culturogenic, or culture-caused, disease. Modern culture and the unhealthy lifestyles it has created are the leading cause of sickness and death in the world today. From birth to death, our culture owns us, defines us, and programs us to do things that defy our natural health needs. But we don’t need to be victims anymore.

Sydney Ross Singer is a medical anthropologist, the author of several groundbreaking and controversial health books, and the director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, located in Hawaii. He is internationally recognized for his revolutionary and shocking research linking breast cancer with the wearing of tight bras, which he describes in his book, Dressed To Kill.


Show Highlights:

-Cutting your risk of cancer by going bra less. How bra free women have about the same incidence of breast cancer as a man

-Why wearing bras actually make the breasts droopy and saggy

-Why has breast cancer suddenly become an epidemic?

-How not getting pregnant and not nursing are risks for breast cancer

-The dangers of belts, briefs and neckties. What do these clothing items do to the circulatory system?

-Cleansing and circulating the lymphatic system

-Choosing the correct exercise for your body type

-The effects of sound and vibration on the thyroid. How over using and over stressing the voice as well as under using the voice can impact the thyroid

-Sleeping Positions: The last segment of the show is a fascinating look at how we sleep and the effects of the sleeping positions on health. Sydney offers excellent information here. Don’t miss it!


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  1. cheryl battles says:

    Very nice interview, helpful. Animals are really nice, and to live in Hawaii and not have winters, not have to spend money on hay and grain to keep animals — perfect. As far as sleeping positions, sounds like the saggy mattress is the healthiest!

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