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Truth Calkins – The Tonic Master: Balancing Hormones and Restoring Jing – May 20, 2013

Patrick Timpone

Truth Calkins

The Tonic Master

Truth Calkins studied with the legendary Ron Teeguarden at Dragon Herbs for four years before moving to Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles, where he developed recipes using his broad knowledge and experience with healing herbs to create the Tonic Bar and its magical menu of healing elixirs.

Being raised by naturopathic parents on a farm in northern California gave Truth a head start in the natural health industry. His upbringing came to bear strongly on his personal journey to heal himself of the underlying causes of chronic fatigue, using self-study, herbs and diet. He has worked with the Body Ecology Diet system for ten years and uses his broad experience of its protocols and their effects to help countless people navigate their own healing journeys.

Show Highlights:

-Truth shares some fascinating information on his childhood and how he was raised

-Hormones start in the brain

-Detoxifying hormone disrupters

-Restoring Jing

-Getting out the bad estrogens and heavy metals

-Sleeping on a magnetic pad

-Ideas for menopause

-Creative tonics to make at home to balance hormones

and so much more!


Truth Calkins on total body health, May 20, 2013


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  1. David says:

    He mentioned some interesting things, also some product names and websites. Too quickly to write them down just now, maybe it would be good to have those here in the description on this page.

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