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Seizing Control of Our Destinies


Julian RoseActivist PostIn 1381, at a time of great repression for the British agricultural work force, an extraordinary people’s revolutionary named Wat Tyler sprang to his feet and announced “England should be a nation of self governing communities” to which he added “ No lord shall exercise lordship over the people, and, as we are […]

Did Wheatgrass Really Wipe Out a 74-Year Old’s Stomach Cancer?

wheatgrass danny mc donald Did Wheatgrass Really Wipe Out a 74 Year Old’s Stomach Cancer?

by Elizabeth Renter When someone is diagnosed with stomach cancer at the age of 70, the prognosis is usually bleak. For now-74 Danny of Donegal, Ireland, doctors said he only had weeks to live. But against their recommendations, he decided to go with a natural treatment method to rid his body of cancer and continue […]

How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One


By Katrin Geist Breaking the habit of being yourself requires – dare I say it? – discipline. Daily discipline. And once you embark on it, it’s the most wonderful process in the making. It is exciting and fun, and it becomes easier and easier with every time you practice, just like training a muscle. You do indeed create your life! […]

27 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Eckhart Tolle


Luminita Saviuc, Purpose Fairy Waking Times I love Eckhart Tolle. I remember reading his book, The Power of Now in 2010 and from that moment on, whenever I feel that my mind is drifting, making too much noise and keeping me from being fully present and engaged in the NOW, I immediately go back to reading […]

What Happened to the Malaysian Airliner?

Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig RobertsWashington’s propaganda machine is in such high gear that we are in danger of losing the facts that we do have.One fact is that the separatists do not have the expensive Buk anti-aircraft missile system or the trained personnel to operate it.Another fact is that the separatists have no incentive to shoot down an airliner […]

Can We Consciously Control the Immune System for Better Health?


Anna Lemind, Guest Waking Times The results of a study conducted with the use of Wim Hof method suggest that a person can learn to consciously control his immune responses. Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder who is famous worldwide for his ability to resist cold. For this incredible invulnerability to cold, he was […]

7 Ways Probiotics DETOXIFY Your Body


Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder You’ve probably heard the buzz already about the many health benefits of probiotics, a word which literally translates to: pro- “for” + biotics “life” — FOR LIFE.  But did you know that these remarkable commensal microorganisms, which outnumber our bodily cells 10 to 1, and contribute over 95% of our […]

The Importance of Sleep, and the Hazards of “Dream Deprivation”


Dr. Mercola Waking Times Dr. Rubin Naiman, author of Hush: A Book of Bedtime Contemplations, is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine directed by Dr. Andrew Weil. As a sleep and dream expert, his focus is how sleeping and dreaming affects your health. Four […]

Ginger Induces Leukemia Cell Suicide

ginger 2

Heather CallaghanActivist PostGreat news, ginger lovers!This majestic culinary darling does way more than help with nausea and upset stomach. Way more.Recently, a milestone study found that ginger actually fights several species of drug-resistant bacteria. It is well documented in studies for shrinking tumors in mice with hard to treat cancers.Here we have yet another study on […]

‘Rosemary Is For Remembrance’ ~ Science Confirms Wisdom of the Ancients


Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder of Green Med Info “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance…” ~ William Shakespeare Since ancient times, herbs have been appreciated for their profound therapeutic effects. Science as a form of evidence-gathering did not take the epistemological pole position until quite recently in cultural history, with the evidence of direct experience and the […]

States with fracking see surge in earthquake activity


Listen to the interview below on the dangers of fracking Deborah Nardone – Fracking: Dirty, Dangerous, and Run Amok – May 16, 2013   BY EMILY SCHMALL AND JUSTIN JUOZAPAVICIUS ASSOCIATED PRESS FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — States where hydraulic fracturing is taking place have seen a surge in earthquake activity, raising suspicions that the […]

15 Superfoods For a Slimmer Body: Their Health Advisories and Facts on Weight Loss


JULY 13, 2014 by NATASHA LONGO Nature provides all you need to slim down and achieve that healthy body you’ve always wanted. Not only are these superfoods proven pound melters, but they are also key ingredients to your well being. No need for fad diets or special supplements–eating these foods will help you restore your […]

How to Manufacture the Best Night of Sleep in Your Life

Mark Sisson Former elite marathoner and triathlete; Author, ‘The Primal Blueprint’ Ah, sleep: is there anything quite like it? So easily discarded and discounted when nighttime attractions present themselves and yet so dearly missed and pined after the next morning. You’ve heard me say it enough, so I’ll keep it short. A good night’s sleep […]

IODINE: Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Medicine


Reprinted from the website of Walter Last IODINE Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Medicine International Medical Veritas Association Medical textbooks contain several vital pieces of misinformation about the essential element Iodine, which may have caused more human misery and death than both world wars combined. Dr. Guy Abraham The present situation we find ourselves in […]

Another giant nail in the coffin of psychiatry


Jon RappoportActivist PostAs my readers know, I’ve assembled a wide-ranging case against psychiatry. It isn’t a science. It isn’t even close. It’s a hoax. The bible of the profession, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM), lists some 300 separate and distinct mental disorders. However, none of the 300 has a defining physical test for diagnosis. […]

7 Proven Ways to Keep Your Brain Young


Written By: Margie King, Health Coach Alzheimer’s disease affects about 5.3 million Americans. It’s the leading cause of dementia and the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.  And it’s growing at an alarming rate.  Already 13% of people over 65 have been diagnosed with the disease.  An astounding 43% of those over the […]

Is Adrenal Fatigue Destroying Your Health, Peace of Mind and Joie de Vivre?


5th July 2014 By Carolanne Wright “For every minute you experience stress, it takes 60 minutes to remove the flood of adrenal stress hormones from your bloodstream,” warns holistic nutritionist Paula Owens in theAlternative Medicine article “The Adrenal Fatigue Fix.” Considering the average person is understress throughout the day, this uninterrupted flow of hormones has caused a […]

Feds finally release Burzynski cancer cure treatment


Stage 2 Omega A hold that was placed on a remarkable breakthrough cancer treatment invented by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has finally been lifted by the FDA. It should have been news that sent shock-waves throughout the industry, so large that even the establishment’s media could not ignore them. Spilling out onto every radio and news station in […]

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