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Christopher King, J.D.

Protecting Yourself Through Education and Reading the Constitution

In the Civil Rights Justice system there are two sets of people: Those who are haters and those who fight back

Chris King is a former assistant attorney general who was born and raised in Ohio. He practiced employment law for the AG and Civil Rights and First Amendment defense and Plaintiff civil cases where he always got the desired goal even if the court found ways to avoid making the government pay his clients. In one case he made two bad police officers stand for liability in making his client the victim of violent crime in Hamilton, Ohio.

Mr.King has ongoing litigation in the First Circuit Federal Court of Appeals against Senator Kelly Ayotte. It is primarily a Free-Press lawsuit with some racial undertones to it that started when Ms. Ayotte, a former NH State Attorney General, threatened to have him arrested at her publicly-advertised campaign events that were held on commercial property, with police paid for by the public. Present with Attorney Ayotte at two of these events were the infamous AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and U.S. Senator John McCain, who has a history of ejecting black reporters from his events.

What is truly fascinating about this case even more so than the outright facts is how the NH Federal Court and U.S. District Court whitewashed the entire thing so that it is virtually impossible to read what really happened. Mr. King will explain the case law and the importance of his journey toward the United States Supreme Court over this issue.

Show Highlights:

-Can one ever really get a fair trial?

-Making too much noise on the plantation

-Chris Kings license suspension. Will he attempt to get it backsomeday?

-Freedom of the press

-Can we lawfully film police officers?

-Mortgage madness and what’s really going on with your note

and more!



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christopher king and the law, april 23, 2013

'Christopher King, J.D. – Protecting Yourself Through Education and Reading the Constitution – April 23, 2013' have 3 comments

  1. April 23, 2013 @ 1:00 pm Christopher King

    Dear Sharon and Patrick,

    It was a pleasure to discuss some of these issues with you this morning, and I look forward to a follow up show on mortgages and more. Your website is truly progressive and contains a wealth of information on topics that all Americans should be learning about. I will host this podcast on my journal page where I discuss today’s interviews and some of the leading cases:

    Best regards!


  2. April 23, 2013 @ 1:54 pm Christopher King

    Note: As if on cue, remember our discussion about phony progressive media? Well Reuters has banned me from commenting on the Boston Marathon Bombing’s wife:

    All I said was:

    “During all of this time, with the parents and uncle, etc speaking out, why didn’t we see any video or accounts of anyone from the government or media trying to contact her?
    The whole thing is surreal to me because I run a bit and I was right there at the finish line last year running video and would have been right there again this year.”


  3. June 15, 2013 @ 3:38 pm DJ

    What cell phone browser is this site page optimized for Internet explorer?


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