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Dr. Patricia Jordan DVM

Holistic Veterinarian and Author of

Mark of the Beast: Hidden in Plain Sight

June 7, 2012

Dr. Patricia Jordan DVM joined us this morning to share some fantastic information for caring for our furry friends. Shecites research studies showing that annual vaccinations are totally unnecessary and especially in respect of rabies where over vaccination is causing genetic changes and violent behaviour in animals and gives information on the proper and natural diets as well as how to handle ticks and fleas. If you love your animals, please take time to listen to this show. Excellent information!

About Mark of the Beast: Hidden in Plain Sight
Vaccinations are for the most part unsafe and unnecessary and actually the very “thing” that is making the branch of medicine known as “Internal Medicine”. This book shows how well linked the vaccines are to the development of diseases including autoimmune disease which is extremely high in vaccinated populations, as well as cancer. Everything from Type 1-4 Hypersensitivity Reactions, allergies, asthma, atopy, anaphylaxis and eczema also all due to vaccines and all chronic disease. What we have found is that the immune system is reactionary and the un natural immune “assaults” from vaccines are not the protector we have been lead to believe by those that franchise vaccines and profit from their use but rather, the vaccines are mankind our immune systems DYSFUNCTIONAL. Mainly by removing a healthy TH1 cell mediated immune response (that along with mucosal immunity is the primary and primal immune system we have all developed over the thousands of years) and replaced that with a TH2 UNHEALTHY chronically inflamed humorally drive immune system which is not at all what we were meant to endure the effects of. The vaccination, that golden standard of conventional medicine is now understood to be the great “unknown etiology” that is the root cause of disease in these current times. From the start of the injections with small pox, we have been under fire with the largest bio security breech of all times, to our genome. We see now that our gene profile of expression is the diseases we are saddled with and where else are they coming froth from but the marketed medicines of “commercialism’s” and not from science or even evidence based medicine.

The cases in MARK OF THE BEAST HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT speak for themselves and the resounding message is that the vaccination is the cause of disease not the answer to stopping disease.

The politics of the problem is also covered in the book and if one thing is clear from Dr. Jordans research, mandated vaccinations need to be done away with. Freedom of Health Care Choice belong to every individual, also to our animals.


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