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Dr. Stephanie Seneff

The Latest Research on the Effects of Glyphosate aka RoundUp on the Human Body

U.S. Congressional Hearing on Glyphosate, June 14, 2016. Download Presentations from this link.
Glyphosate, Roundup, Glyphosate-Tolerance GM Soybeans, Chemical Extracted Soybean Food Oil/Soybean Powder Cause Serious Harm to Health of American/Chinese People. Compiled and translated by I-wan, Chen ([email protected]).(Download)

SeneffStephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT. For over three decades, her research interests have always been at the intersection of biology and computation: developing a computational model for the human auditory system, understanding human language so as to develop algorithms and systems for human computer interactions, as well as applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques to gene predictions. She has published over 170 refereed articles on these subjects, and has been invited to give keynote speeches at several international conferences. She has also supervised numerous Master’s and PhD theses at MIT. In 2012, Dr. Seneff was elected Fellow of the International Speech and Communication Association (ISCA).

In recent years, Dr. Seneff has focused her research interests back towards biology. She is concentrating mainly on the relationship between nutrition and health. Since 2011, she has published over two dozen papers in various medical and health-related journals on topics such as modern day diseases (e.g., Alzheimer, autism, cardiovascular diseases), analysis and search of databases of drug side effects using NLP techniques, and the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.

Show Highlights:

-Glycine has important roles as a coding amino acid and neurotransmitter. Glyphosate can substitute for glycine in protein synthesis and cause great disruption.

-Increase in many diseases correlates with increase in glyphosate due to disruption of glycine-containing enzymes. “All the pieces of the puzzle fall in place.”

-Pseudomonas – one of only a few microbes that can break down glyphosate; they’re all pathogenic.

-Sulfur transferase needed to transport sulfate around the body. The glyphosate substitution for glycine affects ST. Affects detoxification and sulfur cycle functions. Impairs ability of body to use sulfur, can cause too much sulfur to accumulate in the body while being sulfur deficient.

-Monsanto’s message is that glyphosate is nontoxic to humans, encourages profligate use.

-Glyphosate makes it hard to break down proteins. Causes amyloid build-up in autism, Alzheimer’s. Body can’t clear it’s garbage.

-Parallel examples of other fake amino acids causing disease.

-Glyphosate is a strong metal chelator. Eat foods rich in minerals. Use organic food and take probiotics.

-John asks about relationship with candida and fungus.

-Emailer asks about Restore, which claims to protect leaky gut.

-Dr. Seneff recommends soaking in epsom salt baths, and eating garlic, onions, cruciferous vegetables, and eggs.

-James in Conn. asks about detox reactions to epsom salt baths.

-What is eNOS and what does it do?

-How does glyphosate affect phospholipids?

-Emailer asks about a skin condition of sulfatase deficiency.

-Steve asks about feasibility of a water filter that has a microbe that can metabolize glyphosate.

-Emailer asks about iron overload and glyphosate.

-The transcript for this show can be found here

and so much more.

Read Dr. Seneff’s Research Here

Sulfur Deficiency :A Possible Contributing Factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue


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'Dr. Stephanie Seneff: The Latest Research on the Effects of Glyphosate aka Roundup on the Human Body – June 23, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. June 23, 2016 @ 11:12 pm Steve

    Tropical Traditions has a variety of food products that are specifically tested to ensure that they are glyphosate-free.


  2. July 26, 2016 @ 1:16 pm James

    Please be careful listening to this OPINION by this computer scientist. She is not a medical doctor.

    Spectra cell testing by multiple doctors are showing deficiencies in Vit A, for example. You are going to kill yourself faster by listening to this lady over yourself, medical doctors or naturopathic doctors, or blood tests.

    Excess vitamin D is a Fenton reaction- promoter; watch out if your are iron-loaded (most people). And by all means get a full iron panel. If you drink alcohol serum ferritin does not predict liver iron stores as well due to severely reduced iron protein transport inhibition. Get the iron out by donating blood, and control it by Vit A to enhance ceruloplasmin production. And by all means stop listen to people like this and read real research. Get the iron and aluminum out!


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