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Ken Rohla is a natural health educator and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, specializing in rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting-edge science. Formally educated in electrical engineering and computer science, Ken worked for 23 years in the medical industry, from the patient level drawing blood in hospital emergency rooms, to the national policy level, showing health care executives how to implement technology, as computer operations manager for the North Carolina Hospital Association. In 1993, at the age of 32, Ken was first exposed to natural healing in a search to cure severe hypoglycemia and other health problems he had acquired from a lifetime of poor diet and lifestyle. Eight years and many thousands of dollars later, after trying just about every diet, product, potion, and pill available, Ken found permanent success with living food nutrition and detoxification. After repeated requests from friends to share what he had learned, he began teaching workshops on detoxification and rejuvenation in 2003, and demand for his services exploded.

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Environmental Challenges:  Chem trails, Weather Modification, Chemicals, Glyphosates, Bio warfare, Electromagnetic pollution, Air pollution.

Global Warming:  Global Cooling, Man made global warming, Naturally occurring cycles,  Mini ice Age, Diminishing sun spot activity, blocking the suns’ rays with chem trails

Non toxic home cleaning products:  Orange Oil, Miracle Two Soap, Vinegar and Baking Soda, Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner,

Astrology:  Mechanics and minerals, Ormus,  Mono Atomic Elements, Fate vs. Free Will,

Health Testing:  Hair, Urine, saliva, blood, stool, QXI SCIO, kinesiology. muscle testing

Air Filters:  Heppa Filters

Mold:  Ozone, Living Streams Mold Relief

Endocrine System: Cleansing then strengthening, Colon, Kidney Cleanse, Liver Cleanse

Sprouting:  Mold issues, nutrient absorption, sun, darkness, sprouting time, air flow, my grow minerals

Pyramids:  Energy builds in body, mediation, healing, Pyramid community in Siberia

Emails:  Can Ken recommend a good air filter?
I live in a house that has carpet everywhere and it is a little weird.

Is there a way to keep mold away when sprouting?

Best way to deal with lower back pain and stress; and best sources for Vit B and adrenal support?Best way to deal with lower back pain and stress; and best sources for Vit B and adrenal support?

If the back pain is due to torn leaky degenerating discs, look at for regeneration rather than spinal fusion.

An annulogram test is performed where water soluble contrast is injected into your disc to detect tears that MRI’s miss.  Then fibrin from human blood is injected to seal the disc.  Over the next year the disc heals because the fibrin signals the body to send collagen to the disc.  The outpatient procedure takes less than an hour.  Sounds a bit like a biologically natural Fix-A-Flat for discs!

in the last 2 weeks my left thumb has gotten arthritis at the base… snaps, pops, and is painful at times…also my right ring finger catches like a trigger finger. Any thoughts instead of having surgery

What would Ken suggest for fixing or preparing the gut so raw foods do not cause very loose or watery stools.

From Dr. Bob Chol:  Low HCl production is a visceralsomatic reflex, from CN IX to Vagus Nerve CN X is stimulated by your taste buds when you put protein in the mouth. The Parotid gland tags the food in your mouth saliva. Communicates with CN IX. So Occiput C1-C2 (Superior Cervical Ganglion ) informs the stomach to secrete HCl and pepsin to initiate the digestion of proteins. Specific Chiropractic adjustments and Osteopathic manipulation reset the visceral-somatic reflex from the brain to the stomach. Digestion is a parasympathetic stimulus, stress is sympathetic(Fight or flight). There are also specific cranial faults that when corrected, jump starts the HCl production in the stomach.

Can Ken please tell us the specific brand of high-vitamin butter / ghee he uses to supplement his raw food diet with the fat soluble vitamins? Is there a supplement for vitamin A – not beta-carotene, but the direct vitamin A retinol – that Ken has found in his personal experience to be effective at correcting a vitamin A deficiency?

Ken Rhola with loads of fun information in this month’s show, December 17, 2018

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'Ken Rohla – Great Show Jammin’ with Information on Healing and Some Far Out Stuff Too – December 17,2018' have 4 comments

  1. December 23, 2018 @ 11:08 am robert cohl,d.c.

    Low back pain. The number one pain generator is spinal discs, in the lumbar spine. degeneration occurs over several decades and the disc gets damage from the loss of supporting nutrients and excess toxins. Poor body mechanics also feed into the the problem. In Applied Kinesiology research chiropractors clinically trained in this are of the body can specifically determine what level in the lumbar spine L1- L5 discs that are damaged, that is confirmed by a lumbar MRI. There are very specific adjustments to correct the problem, followed by clinical nutrition to support he healing process and stop the inflammation cascade.

    Dr. Robert M. cohl, D.C.


    • December 23, 2018 @ 11:26 am patrick

      Thanks Dr. Cohl for this. I have seen many cases, and in my body, the number one reason was pinched nerves in the piriformis muscle, caused by poor posture, lack of stretching properly, exercise..the usual suspects including nutrition. I think there’s a good chance that the great majority of classic sciatic pain, the root is in the various muscles, piriformis being only one in the region, that cause the initial issue. From there the structure gets out of line to compensate and then the discs pinch the nerve, and we know what happens from there.
      I support your approach to remedy this, far above of course surgery. I’ve seen several cases where they went right to the lumbar, did the disc surgery, pain is gone…..only to come back again in a couple years….

      When I wert through this a few years back, I found very very few body workers have the skill to get at these muscles. They are rare, but there.


      • December 24, 2018 @ 5:35 pm robert m. cohl, dc ccsp

        I just listened to the rest of the show. Ken Rohla is an excellent speaker. You mentioned my comment on the interview. about HCl production. CN IX and CN X; is Cranial Nerve IX Glossopharyngeal Nerve and Cranial Nerve X Vagus Nerve.
        Dr. Robert M. Cohl, D.C.


      • January 7, 2019 @ 3:47 pm kevin

        here’s a basic trigger point website to help out your bodyworker if needed:


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