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 Ken has just returned from hanging out in the Bosnian Pyramids, hanging out with like minded adventurers.   Some of the ideas we talked about on the show:

The magic and history of this magic with Pyramids and how you can use this technology at home.

The Bosnian pyramids and pyramid construction, energy, and what people can do with them  to improve their own lives.  The idea of people all over the world building their own pyramids to elevate consciousness, along with many other benefits.






Show highlights:

-Orthodoxy maintains the Bosnia pyramids are mountains.  But they are constructed, not a natural formation.

See this image of the Bosnian pyramids. 

-Construction features include a 20 ft. walkway made of baked clay stepping stones spiraling around the entire pyramid.    Tunnels detected in the interior.  Made by layering of clay and river rock and built with specific geometry.  Electrical fields, infrared, scalar fields, vortexes, and temperature differences have been measured.  The pyramids are giant pieces of organite.

-Bosnian  pyramids measured to be 38,000 years old.  Largest in the world.

-Why were the pyramids built?  Recommend book “Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty” by John Burke.

-Pyramids are antenna capturing scalar energy, a light traveling faster than the speed of light.  Waves are so small and fast they can pass between particles of matter.  Can capture that energy and rebroadcast the energy through the tip.  Can impact weather, pollution, springs.

-Is it just the shape or the materials that are important?  Pyramid effects are tuned by specific ratios of base to height, angles of corners, shape, size, materials.  Most ancient pyramids are built of stone, which are crystals.

-Pyramids can have beneficial or detrimental effects.  Said to identify to time travelers when or where they were.

-Pyramids are located on ley lines.  Are pyramids on every continent, some not yet officially “discovered”. sells pyramids you can put over your bed.  Even small pyramids can have benefits and can raise consciousness.  Need to know purpose of pyramid before constructing one.

-Ken’s Rest Shield puts out a scalar field that reaches 20 ft. in every direction.  Pulses the Schumann resonance through an antennae.  16 different natural materials emitting natural frequencies.  No unnatural frequencies or harmonics.  Any EMF fields in the environment are made coherent.

-Ken talks about the benefits of these products: Liquid Manna Rad D-Tox, which neutralizes nuclear and electronic radiation, Dr. Cousens’ Illumodine Monatomic Iodine,  Coseva Advanced TRS Nano Zeolite.

 -Major transformations in people by working on the mind and changing beliefs.

-Rey asks about Violet Ray Tubes.  Ken says they are old-school scalar technology and better technologies are available now.

-Juan asks if there is any difference between Ormus vs. monoatomic forms of minerals?

-Life occurs spontaneously with a flash of light.

Part two

-Juan hasn’t been able to develop muscles despite weight lifting and eating raw.  If thyroid is out of whack, won’t gain muscle.  Test to know exactly what is going on -SCIO, hair and live blood analysis.  Diet, detox, supplementation.

-Ivan asks about topical application of monoatomic metals to grow hair on bald spots.  Baldness is thyroid and mineral deficiencies.  Monoatomics aren’t the solution for hair growth.

-Wheatgrass is amazing for cellular regeneration.  See how to grow at downloads/

-Can scalar energy release trauma from the tissues?  Rest Shield will over time because tissues relax.  QX-SCIO and other devices directly heal.

-Ivan asks how to safely remove aluminum.  Ken uses Cosevo Advanced TRS Zeolites.

-Patty asks: Has Ken has been to Damanhur?  Is an intentional community in the Italian alps.  Has beautiful temples.  What about their selfic copper bracelets?  Depends on how they’re constructed.  Use Slim Spurling’s first.

-Carol asks about formula to remove scars.  Mix scalar energy monoatomic iodine, castor oil, and baking soda and massage deeply into scar.

-Chris has a concern about nano in ACS 200 and Zeolite.  The forms in Advanced TRS Nano Zeolite are fine.  Don’t want artificially made nanotechnology, but forms made by nature are okay.  Nano zeolites can get into places powdered zeolites can’t and bring energetics in.  Mike Adams doesn’t have a full understanding of zeolites.

-Ken explains how the Water Vitalizer works.  Water vortexed in a magnetic field breaks minerals down into monoatomic or Angstrom elements so they’re completely bioavailable.  Also structures the water homeopathically.  Great for restructuring distilled water.  Ken sells drops that indicate pH of water.  Use pH to know when mineral cube needs to be changed.  Can add liquid minerals or Azomite to water and vortex them.

-Dallas asks about an Ormus product called Etherium Gold.  Most Ormus supplements are ineffective or raise vibrations too fast.   Ken likes or Accelerated Health Products.

-Gwan wants to get rid of broken capillaries on the face.  Need testing.  Caused by poor diet, acidic diet.  Need living foods, stay alkaline.  Detoxify body, clear out parasites.

-Aloe is high in gold, is why it’s so healing.

-Steve asks about the difference in energy in the Egyptian Cheops pyramids vs. phi ratio Russian pyramid.  Are based on different ratios.  Ask Valery Uvarof, the Russian pyramid expert.

-Does scalar field surround a pyramid as a ball of energy or just from the tip?  Ideal would be an 8-sided pyramid.  Pyramid or cones act as antennas.  How do you measure how far the scalar field from organite goes?  Easiest way is with dowsing.

-Lexi wants to re-engineer her sight.  Suggest Robert Morse’s book:  “Detox Miracle Sourcebook”.  Calcification occurs in the vitreous humor as we age.  Alkalizing the body, decalcifying the body, and livefoods improve sight.  Also herbs.  Programs such as the Bates method to let the eyes relax.  See Dr. Art Martin’s energy medicine.

-Cricket wants to know when and where he does workshops on building pyramids?  Upcoming video, get on Ken’s mailing list to be notified.

-John asks about fermentation and how to create monoatomic elements instead of alcohol?  EM doesn’t create alcohol.  The cultures you start with determine the end product.

-Emiko wants to know if formula for removing scars will work on the plantar warts on her foot.  Warts are a symptom of something going on internally.  Sign of putrefaction in the gut.  Chlorine dioxide, parasite cleansing, high chlorophyll diet, live foods.

-Why can’t Nancy breathe deeply – Could be all sorts of things.  Test with a SCIO, live blood or hair analysis, detoxify.

Joe asks if there are any times, situations, or emotions where Rest Shield should not be used?  If people have  suppressed anger or emotions, they will process it in their sleep.

-Debbie asks if there is a way to make beta cell in the pancreas go back in a diabetic?  Yes, in both Type 1 and Type 2.  Type 1 takes longer.  See Gabriel Cousens’ book “There Is A Cure For Diabetes” and video.

-John wants to know if Ken uses the wet method of ocean water and sodium hydroxide to create Ormus as explained by Chris Emmons in his Ormus book.  Not a big fan, would never ingest.  Short circuits time between thought and acting on that thought.  Feed it to plants or ferments.  Grow aloe or wheatgrass and feed them the monoatomics.

Steven says Stephen Heuer carries the Medix4Life  stem cell activators; there is one for the pancreas.

-Concentrace is ocean water with sodium removed.  Has exact ratio of macro and trace minerals as in the body.

-Julie’s friend has the beginning of cataracts.  Cataracts are calcification of vitreous humor.  Nanobacteria can proliferate, they calcify.  100% live food diet, high in chlorophyll.  Healing vs. long-term maintenance diet.


Ken Rhola with lots of great insights on pyramid power and scaler energy, july 17, 2017 ONE

Ken Rhola with lots of great insights on pyramid power and scaler energy, july 17, 2017 TWO

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  1. July 21, 2017 @ 7:43 pm Ellen (Santa Barbara)

    Thank you so much for writing all this up, Patrick!


  2. July 28, 2017 @ 6:41 pm Alex Well

    The civil war in former Iugoslavia was founded and ignited by Soros and American forces and from then the agenda continue. Americans have a fixation to consider that these countries are pour. but they put their army and political boots to destroy what they had. Do not forget they have culture they have healthy food, they do not need to eat soooo much, and still have respect for the food as a gift from plants and animals for us. They are not just a trowing society. This keep the price down and also you benefit. Archeological research have been suppressed not by these countries but by … In Bucegi when 4 years ago have been discovered Giant skeletons and energy, American troops , with imposing agreement surrounded the mountains and keep everybody away. Why??? With a good intention , but from lack of information interview presented assumptions and views from only one direction. Dear Ken you touched a subject which is heavily political distorted and a way the key of the entire sufferance of humanity today.


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