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Ken Rohla

Natural Health Educator

Ken is always fun, provocative and mind expanding 


Ken Rohla Fresh and Alive


Ken Rohla is a natural health educator and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, specializing in rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting-edge science. Formally educated in electrical engineering and computer science, Ken worked for 23 years in the medical industry, from the patient level drawing blood in hospital emergency rooms, to the national policy level, showing health care executives how to implement technology, as computer operations manager for the North Carolina Hospital Association. In 1993, at the age of 32, Ken was first exposed to natural healing in a search to cure severe hypoglycemia and other health problems he had acquired from a lifetime of poor diet and lifestyle. Eight years and many thousands of dollars later, after trying just about every diet, product, potion, and pill available, Ken found permanent success with living food nutrition and detoxification. After repeated requests from friends to share what he had learned, he began teaching workshops on detoxification and rejuvenation in 2003, and demand for his services exploded.


Show Highlights

-Ken says we crashed the Russian economy by taking out Greece’s banks, wiping out cash availability.  When Greek citizens then turned to Bitcoin, its price was manipulated to become unaffordable.

-Because Bitcoin has to be cashed in to be used, its price is still tied to fiat currency.  Is gold conversion in the future?

-Do we have an instinctual ability to know what we need to eat?  Driven by our gut bacteria?

-Can broccoli sprouts dampen down the thyroid?

-The cure for cravings – eat it until you’re sick of it.  For smoking cessation, smoke with total awareness.

-Do we get old or just not want to live?

-Engaging in the moment for full enjoyment.

-Are we now so used to everything being done in seconds at the speed of computers that we’ve lost the ability to think deeply rather than just quickly?

The brain rewires – we can increase brain capacity and memory.   Repair with conscious slowing down.

-Ken explains the deep technology of scalar.

Hour 2

-Need for EMF protectors.  Ken uses this Aamoraa EMF Balancer for cell phones and small electronics, or this one for buildings and electronics.

-How to quite smoking? Need to do emotional healing work first, because smokers have an unconscious desire to die.  Modalities for emotional healing:  Vipassana meditation.   Emotion Code work with Lori Bengston – can do long distance.  Trauma Release Exercises.  EFT.  Binaural beats.  Anything stimulating alternating sides of the body.  Body work massage.  Stomach energy work.  Kundalina kriya yoga.  Crying.  Breath work.  Need to release the memory of trauma.   Then physically, detox the body to get rid of the chemicals creating the cravings.  Miracle 2 Neutralizer – take internally 2-6 oz. daily, along with an atomizer spritz at night.  Do herbal detox.    10:39

-Rest Shield device reduced the hurricane wind force.  Documents show that the military wants to control the weather by 2025.  Were Harvey, Irma, and Maria from the boys practicing?

-If you control the weather, you can control the population.  Money to be made hedging the weather.  Military and corporate conglomerates may be behind weather modifications.

-Rhonda wants to know about Ken’s forthcoming portable Stress Shield.  Hopes to have it out by the end of the year.  Sign up for his email list on his website to be notified of its release.

-Does Ken’s scalar device reduce mold growth?  For a localized area.  For larger areas, spray with EM, mist into intake of duct work, do a shock commercial ozonator treatment.

-Live blood cells won’t necessarily see a trauma, but a dry blood smear will show trauma.  Quantum biofeedback will show signs of trauma.  Good medical intuitives can see it.

-How to remove brown spots on the face?    Dermatend was good – blood root, other herbs, but not on the market now.  Massage iodine/castor oil into them.   Detox the liver, do cleanses in order.

-Aloe has monoatomic gold in it.  Very healing.  Monoatomics connect spiritual to physical elements.

-Juan asks about urine therapy.

Frank asks how to reverse hyperthyroidism?  Endocrine glands release thousands of hormones.  Toxicity gets them out of whack.  Get on a living foods diet 100% high in chlorophyll for a while.  Detox using herbs, food, juice, supplements.  Work with herbal blends targeting the thyroid.  See Gabriel Cousens’, Robert Morris’ books.  Need a life change.  Use monoatomic iodine. People are massively iodine and mineral deficient.

-Barbara wants to know how to strengthen the retina after detachment surgery.  Nutrient dense, living foods diet.  Superfoods for vision.  Eyebright herb.  Liquid manna.

-Can you heal scars with iodine and castor oil?  Mix iodine and castor oil, massage hard into the scar.  Kill parasites and pathogens hiding in the scar tissue.  The mind will make you hang onto the scars.

-Rest shield won’t program iodine with scalar.

-D asks where Ken gets his shungite and in what form does he use it?  Get it at  Uses it in Rest shield and scalar discs, in ferments, with magnatite sand,

-John asks if EM expires?  Lasts about 1 1/2 years sitting on a shelf.  If old, boost it by pouring 1 quart into a 5 gallon bucket of non-chlorinated water and add molasses.  Can add herbs then.  Ferment for 3 weeks at 95 degrees. .

-Can you do liposomal blood root?  Would make it more bioavailable, be extra careful.  Fermentation might also make it more bioavailable.

-Blend hot peppers and ferment them, adding EM halfway through.  Will take the heat away and retain the healing benefit of the peppers.

-Can take Essiac tea without being sick.

-Which kriya kundalina yoga is Ken referring to?  See

-Is Ken’s azomite nano?  Can it be given to a cat with diarrhea?  Need an absorbent for diarrhea -give clays or charcoal.    Azomite is a mineral.  Ken adds 2 TBS azomite for one Vitalizer container.  Fermenting azomite is even better.

-Use coupon code ONERADIO for 10% off Ken’s products.



Ken Rohla with a plethora of fun and information filled ideas on his monthly visit with us, October 16, 2017 ONE

Ken Rohla with a plethora of fun and information filled ideas on his monthly visit with us, October 16, 2017 TWO

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