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Ken Rohla Fresh and AliveKen Rohla is a natural health educator and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, specializing in rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting-edge science. Formally educated in electrical engineering and computer science, Ken worked for 23 years in the medical industry, from the patient level drawing blood in hospital emergency rooms, to the national policy level, showing health care executives how to implement technology, as computer operations manager for the North Carolina Hospital Association. In 1993, at the age of 32, Ken was first exposed to natural healing in a search to cure severe hypoglycemia and other health problems he had acquired from a lifetime of poor diet and lifestyle. Eight years and many thousands of dollars later, after trying just about every diet, product, potion, and pill available, Ken found permanent success with living food nutrition and detoxification. After repeated requests from friends to share what he had learned, he began teaching workshops on detoxification and rejuvenation in 2003, and demand for his services exploded.

Show Highlights:

-Ken enjoys watching “Kindness Diaries” on Netflix. Leon Logothetis travels around the world on his yellow motorbike, Kindness One, relying only on people’s kindness at each stage of travel.

-Service to other is service to self. It is its own reward.

-Some sleep problems are caused by fear of dying during sleep.

-Our body is a container for our spirit. We have been socially engineered to be fearful. Trauma-based mind control has been used routinely.

-Zacharias Sitchins has found archeological evidence of ancient astronauts. William Tompkins says Reptilians go to stone age cultures to engineer them to be socially fearful and then can use them as they advance.

-What appears to be fate is a reality that we have chosen. We need compassion and love for people that are hurting – we can’t dismiss their problems as their karma. The better we understand how the world works, the easier we can navigate through life.

-How Ken helped people with a life threatening illness: Ask if they want to live. Listen to them. Read between the lines. Get them to understand whatever issue they have can be completely healed. Work on emotions and mind to heal traumas. We are a mind-body complex and all health problems start with a trauma. Vipassana is a meditation technique of observing breath to achieve enlightenment. Info at Do it for 10 days, observing a vow of silence and a vegetarian diet. Can achieve deep healing of the unconscious.

-Vipassana is wonderful for trauma release. Takes time but doesn’t take money. Landmark Education is also good for trauma release – offers various courses. Also NLP, EFT, Emotion Code (link to Laurie at Ken’s site).

-Talk therapy just retraumatizes yourself. Want to do therapies like vipassana where you forget why you were ever bothered. Memory of trauma is stored magnetically in the body. Effective therapies erase the magnetic traces.

-Magnetico has good magnetic products. EMF sources prevent effective cell communication.

-Using QXCI SCIO, practitioners can measure scalar energy signatures of the body and can send frequencies to correct imbalances. Also heal the physical body with nutrition and detoxing.

-Degenerative nerve conditions are due to acid crystals from meat, grains, and cooked dairy which erode the myelin sheath. Reverse with raw vegan diet. Raw dairy is alkalinizing if not overdone.

-Cultures which eat a lot of grains take measures to counter the acidity, such as eating dry salted fruits like umeboshi plums, which alkalinize. Use ferments like miso, vegetables. Balancing the “hot and cold” – acid and alkalinity. Test to see which foods are acidifying by measuring urine pH. Acid condition shows in a live blood cell analysis. Feeling good is a relative thing – is not a good measure.

-Ken’s symptoms of overalkalinity – fuzzy mind, forgetful. Very hard to get overalkalinized – he worked at it.

-Can make your own Water Vitalizer by applying magnets to a blender carafe. Google “magnetic blender”. Ken’s Water Vitalizer structures water so molecules create patterns. Add Concentrace for minerals– ½ to 1 tsp max. Vortexing changes the bond angle so it can get into tighter places more easily. Lowers surface tension. Breaks minerals into ionic minerals in bioavailable sizes. Oxygenates water, raises pH.

-Highly alkaline water is cleansing. Must be used with care if body is not clean. Too much for one’s condition can cause cleansing reactions.

-TDS measures inorganic minerals. Want <50 ppm of inorganic minerals, but no limit if monoatomic or Angstrom minerals.

-How homeopathy or Bach Flower Remedies work. Flower juice is added to water while succussing. Structures the water homeopathically. Changes the clusters and creates frequency patterns. No chemical remains. The more dilute, the stronger the remedy. Dr. Martin Chaplin has done the hard science on homeopathy and how it works.

-Listener has a question about crystals in organite. Get books on crystal healing and what crystals can do. Selinite, amethyst, quartz, and kyanite are good. Or just use shungite. Moebius coils are not scalar so are not effective. -Electromagnetics don’t work well. See Georges Lakhovsky and multi-wave generator, Meyl, Tesla, to learn how to create scalar waves.

-To make organite, want a resin that shrinks. Epoxy will do that, but it sticks to molds and is sensitive to temperatures. Fiberglass resin is the easiest one to work with.

-Ken highly recommends Sherry Edwards sound technology for building bone. Story of his brother’s amazing recovery; can’t see where the bone was broken. See Ken’s site for link to Sherry. Books by Robert Morse, ND on cellular regeneration. Also Conscious Eating and Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine – books by Gabriel Cousens. Food sources for collagen: chicken feet, bone broth, Great Lakes Collagen, fish heads. Sulfur.

-Where we put our attention is where we are.

-Why is the Stress Shield in a pyramid shape? Was the only shape mold Ken could get at the time. But pyramids have benefits in themselves. The sacred geometry of Egyptian Great Pyramids works as an antenna.

-Medical marijuana won’t get you high if it’s not cooked. Hemp paste is not cooked. Proper ratio of CBD to THC gives the best benefit. Marijuana has been hybridized so THC is way too high, has no spiritual benefit.

-Ken sells Aamorra devices for shielding laptop batteries.

-How do people know they need emotional healing? If you’re not happy. Most people do need clearing.

-Is Ken still working with the reptiles? A bit.

-Disclosure of ET contacts with astronauts and Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. Increasing acknowledgement in popular press of possibility of life outside earth. The moon doesn’t rotate.

-How To Build Up Soil? – EM1 is good; reduces radiation. Testimonial at Biovam to innoculate soil with fungus. Vancouver Island Ormus.

-Stir wands are good. Structure water, homeopathic benefits.

-Want sufficient copper. Too much throws off mineral balances.

-Ken doesn’t recommend ingesting ormus products. Most are chemical based and cause major problems long-term.

-What to do for low thyroid issues? – herbal extracts or fresh herbs. Google “Dr. Robert Morse herbs.” Ken likes nano-zeolites. Can also ferment herbs. for instructions on how to make your own custom-tailored herbal medicines. Iodine products at his website. QXCI SCIO and Indigo can tell you how much to take – Ken finds people need 10X as much.

-MMS doesn’t hurt beneficial bacteria in the body.

-Molecular hydrogen is very healing to the body. Alkalized ionic water has molecular hydrogen. Purative Active H2 creates massive amounts of molecular hydrogen.

-Cats really like the Rest Shield, dogs too.

-Best ways to grow sprouts.

-How to remove radiation in the body? Rad-D detox. Advance TRS nano-zeolites. Sacred clay. Apple pectin. Bentonite clay. High-chlorophyll plants – herbs, cilantro, parsley, SCIO and Indigo.

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Ken Rhola on emotional healing, food, emf’s and more, March 20, 2017 Three One Hour Shows

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