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Did You Say “BARF”?

Founded in 2000 by raw diet specialist & pharmacist, Robert Mueller and veterinary surgeon Dr. Ian Billinghurst, BARF World has been dedicated to promoting perfect pet health through natural, raw, whole food nutrition. BARF World Inc. is an educational site that explains the benefits of feeding our canine companions a biologically appropriate raw food diet (BARF). It’s about returning our pets back to their original evolutionary diet – the diet that nature intended!

How It All Started

Noticing the rapid decline in the health of our present-day animal companions, Robert Mueller and Dr. Billinghurst began to take a closer look at the correlation between modern pet nutrition and the various health problems plaguing our pets – things like allergies, chronic digestive problems, cancer and shorter life spans. They compared the health of the modern dog to that of their ancestors and studied their dietary timeline to pinpoint where and when the decline occurred. They quickly realized that it was the introduction of cooked foods and poor quality feed ingredients (namely remnants from the human food chain) that caused the majority of damage to our pets.

Mr. Mueller shares excellent information in this interviewon the care and feeding of our four legged friends.

For more information, visit The Barf World Website

Robert Mueller, B.Sc., Pharm. (BARF World co-founder) is a registered Pharmacist and has been involved in manufacturing and selling raw meat diets for over 35 years. Rob has authored a book called “Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret” which is an in depth look at the benefits of feeding a raw food diet to our canine and feline animal companions.

He has worked with exotic animal nutritionists while servicing the carnivore collections at the nation’s zoological parks for over 10 years. He has also worked closely with several animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians, including Dr. Ian Billinghurst, to develop the current raw food diets produced by his company, BARF World Inc. These formulas have been used to feed carnivores successfully for the last three decades.

Ian and Rob collectively comprise the most experience in the raw diet industry and are both considered the pioneers of the raw food movement. BARF World is considered the originators of the raw diet movement and the first to sell biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) diets to pet owners. BARF World Inc. holds the trademark rights to the word “BARF”.

Rob and his wife, Monika love to travel around the world with their dog, Moxie – a Yorkshire terrier/Maltese mix.


robert mueller and the barf diet for dogs and cats, july 19, 2012

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