Patrick Timpone

Will Falconer, DVM

Holistic Veterinarian

Raising Happy, Healthy, and Vital Pets

Vital Animals.
They smell good, feel soft and clean, and just exude energy. A bounce in their step, they are ready to play, run, climb and swim, but can also be content in the quiet moments of your life.

Let alone being free of illness, these guys just shine. Eyes bright and clear, teeth gleaming, light dancing off their coats, they are balanced in their every move, a joy to be around.

If you want animals like this, who share long years of vital life with you, you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Falconer will guide you, if you’re willing to step off the beaten path with open eyes and a bold heart.

Your animals are counting on your choices to thrive.

Dr. Falconer was once a conventional veterinarian.

Here’s what he’s learned:


Sad and expensive results for animals, which may be avoided entirely.

He knows that old path and can guide you safely beyond it.

Dr. Will Falconer

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Show Highlights:

-Why a raw food diet is optimal for dogs and cats; eating starches, which dry foods are high in, is creating everything from diabetes to kidney and urinary tract infections

-Vaccination: The biggest thing creating chronic disease in animals

-Dealing with fleas and heartworms; Dr. Falconer warns about usingTRIFEXIS. How to treat these issues holistically

-What causes bladder crystals in cats and what can be done about them?

-Is organic raw meat necessary? Dr. Falconer feels that even a conventional raw meat diet is better than a kibble diet; he explains why

-Can organic sulfur take care of a flea problem?

-Zeroing in on allergies

and so much more!!!!

dr will falconer dvm, and raising a vital animal the natural way, septmeber 17. 2015

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  1. September 19, 2015 @ 4:46 pm cab

    This was good. This guy is my kind of vet. Generally speaking, I think vets are evil. Worse than useless. I raise shelties, and when I sell a pup I tell people, stay away from the vets, and feed them raw chicken, raw eggs, and a little bit of kibble and they will do fine. I like to do a little diatomaceous earth mixed in the infrequent kibble and raw eggs meal, and add some kelp to that, makes their coats nice and orange. I also buy beef fat trimmings at the grocery store, and the meat department is glad to sell it, and it’s cheap. I plan to seek out a local butcher to find some organ meat, not only for my dogs but for me too. I also buy hot dogs to use for treats, for training and bribing (just a little piece of hot dog works).

    In NYS, the vets lobby the state to mandate rabies shots two years in a row, the same big shot to a little dog or puppy that a horse would get. Two years in a row. Recently now they are mandating that the shot be given in the hip, not subcutaneous in the scruff. This of course will bring the vet$ more business.


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