How to Feel, Repair and Function Like You Did Ten to Twenty Years Ago, in 6 months or less

By Stephen Heuer

Aging has been categorized as a combination of free radical damage, shortening of telomeres and a slowing down of the repair process. One aspect of aging is that the digestive tract is not able to breakdown and assimilate amino acids from proteins as well as it did when biologically younger. This means less circulating amino acids and less ability to repair. Another aspect of this is that the ability of the cells to absorb amino acids and thus repair is largely controlled by different growth factors in the body. The dominant or number one growth factor in the body is Growth Hormone. It is well known that when you are between the ages of 18 and 28 you have the highest levels of growth hormone in your body. This is also the time you repair the best, have the strongest immune system, the most protection from disease and the strongest reproductive powers. After age 18 your growth hormone production declines by 14% each decade. So when you are 68 years old you produce 70% less growth hormone than when you were 18. That means 70% less energy and repair.

The visible signs of aging are shrinking of both size and function of organs and tissues. Muscle size reduces, height reduces, wrinkles occur, you slow down and do not repair as fast. You may still be eating the same amounts of protein you ate 20 years earlier, but your body is not breaking down the amino acids nor is it absorbing them in an ideal manner. Hence wrinkles and atrophy of all tissues. Why is this happening? Because you’re amino acid blood levels and your growth hormone levels are declining.

Nearly every cell of the body has receptor sites for Growth Hormone. So by design growth hormone is a very important growth factor. One of Growth Hormone’s primary roles is to instruct the cell to open up and absorb amino acids. By taking Synergy One you are introducing a proprietary peptide that acts to increase your growth hormone levels. Since the body’s normal production of growth hormone occurs in the first two hours of sleep, it is best to mirror natures design and to take 3 sprays of Synergy One at bedtime and then again upon arising. The first benefits noticed by most people are that they sleep deeper, need less sleep and feel more rested, energized and ready to go each day. People also notice improvements in mood as well. The effects are cumulative. After 3 months quite a bit of health improvement can happen. After 6 months even more health improvement can happen. It is best to take 6 months on and one month off and then repeat on an ongoing basis.

In addition to Synergy One, the body can immensely benefit from taking supplemental free form amino acids. Free Form Amino acids are not connected to other amino acids; therefore they do not require HCL, pepsin, or pancreatic enzymes to break them down. Instead they are absorbed into the blood in as little as 25 minutes. The effect of a balanced and complete free form amino acid supplement can dramatically improve your mental clarity, mood, energy and blood sugar, by itself. Of all the Free Form Amino Acid Supplements on the market there is one brand with the most thought put into them. That brand is Montiff, run by Don Tyson. Don has put together full spectrum amino acid formulas that not only address the 8 essential amino acids but up to 19 or 20 different amino acids. The formulas are based upon observation of many amino acid blood tests. Amino acid deficiencies can occur for more than just the 8 essential, and since a sick or weak body may not be making the other 12 amino acids needed by the body, it is very helpful to take a full spectrum amino acid supplement with up to 20 amino acids. The Formulas are called All Basic, All Basic Plus and Super Sports. If you need to feel calm, get All Basic Plus. If you need mental clarity and energy get All Basic. If you need to have energy to work out, lift weights, burn fat and build muscle get, Super Sports.

One other product that compliments the effects of the amino acids is Barley Max. Barley max is barley grass juice powder. It supplies the body all the B Vitamins needed to make the amino acids work. The other benefits to taking Barely Max is you help alkalize the body, support red blood cell synthesis, as well as deodorize the body due to the high chlorophyll content.

Deficiency of growth hormone (GH) in adults results in a syndrome characterized by decreased muscle mass and exercise capacity, increased visceral fat, impaired quality of life, unfavorable alterations in lipid profile and markers of cardiovascular risk, decrease in bone mass and integrity, and increased mortality. When dosed appropriately, GH replacement therapy (GHRT) is well tolerated, with a low incidence of side effects, and improves most of the alterations observed in GH deficiency (GHD); beneficial effects on mortality, cardiovascular events, and fracture rates, however, remain to be conclusively demonstrated. The potential of GH to act as a mitogen has resulted in concern over the possibility of increasedde novotumors or recurrence of pre-existing malignancies in individuals treated with GH. Though studies of adults who received GHRT in childhood have produced conflicting reports in this regard, long-term surveillance of adult GHRT has not demonstrated increased cancer risk or mortality.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major public health issue, and yet medical science has little to offer for the persistent symptoms that prevent many of these individuals from fully re-entering society. Post-traumatic hypopituitarism, and specifically growth hormone deficiency (GHD), has been found in a large percentage of individuals with chronic moderate to severe TBI. Presently, there are no published treatment studies of hormone replacement in this population. In this study, 83 subjects with chronic TBI were screened for hypopituitarism. Forty-two subjects were found to have GHD, of which 23 agreed to be randomized to either a year of GH replacement or placebo. All subjects completed the study with no untoward side effects from treatment. A battery of neuropsychological tests and functional measures were administered before and after treatment. Improvement was seen on the following tests: Dominant Hand Finger Tapping Test, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III–Information Processing Speed Index, California Verbal Learning Test II, and the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (executive functioning). The findings of this pilot study provide preliminary evidence suggesting that some of the cognitive impairments observed in persons who are GHD after TBI may be partially reversible with appropriate GH replacement therapy.

When hormones are restored to more youthful levels, balance is reinstated and receptor site sensitivity is improved. Replacing the hormones that decline with age, such as estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, Melatonin and HGH, is as important to the treatment of aging as is replacing normal levels of insulin to an insulin-dependent diabetic. Tens of thousands of studies in the world medical literature have documented the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy and raising HGH levels. Millions of people are daily taking and benefiting from HGH, melatonin, DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, and other hormones of youth, as well as their nutritional precursors. HGH is the master hormone of the body and so communicates a message to all the cells to function more youthfully. Therefore it should be the king of all the other supplements. HGH alone helps all the other glands that produce the steroid or sleep hormones to do so more youthfully.

The list of benefits to raising HGH levels include:

  • 8.8% increase in muscle mass on average after six months without exercise.
  • 14.4% fat loss, without dieting; average after six months
  • Higher energy level
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Regrowth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs that shrink with age.
  • Greater cardiac output
  • Superior immune function
  • Increased exercise performance
  • Improved kidney function
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol profile; higher HDL, lower LDL
  • Stronger bones
  • Faster wound healing
  • Younger, thicker skin
  • Hair regrowth
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Enhanced Collagen synthesis and repair
  • Elimination of cellulite
  • Sharper vision and hearing
  • Mood Elevation
  • Elimination of fatigue and depression of aging
  • Increased memory retention
  • Improved sleep


As originally observed by Dr. Daniel Rudman and validated in Carroll P, Christ E, and The Growth Hormone Research Society Scientific Community, “Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adulthood and the Effects of Growth Hormone Replacement: A Review,” J of Clin Endocrinology and Metabolism, 83(2), p. 382.

You are dying of a terminal disease called aging so the time to begin your life extension and anti-aging program is now! Don’t wait for your doctor to learn this information. Learn it yourself and implement it to improve and prolong your quality of life.

A study by Ralph Paffenbarger and his colleagues involving 17,000 Harvard alumni found that men who burned 500 to 1000 calories a week in physical activity (the equivalent of walking 5 to 10 miles) has a 22% lower risk of death for all causes, while those who expended 2500 calories a week also added 1 to 2 years to their life span. People who are physically fit, eat a healthy, balanced diet and take nutritional supplements can slice 10 to 20 years off their biological age.

Free radicals steal electrons off of cells, thus wounding them. Increasing the antioxidants in your body can significantly protect your cells from free radicals and thus improve cell and whole body health and energy. A study done at UCLA School of Public Health found that men who too 300mg of vitamin C daily had a 45% lower risk of heart attack compared to men who took less than the RDA. Vitamin E also lowered heart attack risk by 41% in a large-scale Harvard study, while other studies showed that supplements like dietary fiber, vitamins E and C probably reduce the risk of cancer.

At What Age is HGH Deficiency Common?

A study involving 173 subjects demonstrated a highly significant decline in plasma growth hormone after the second decade of life. After age 65 HGH deficiency is common.

20,000 studies affirm the value of HGH.

Hormones are chemical messengers that are made in one part of the body and tell the other parts what to do. Once a hormone reaches its destination, it binds to a receptor site, where it stimulates metabolic activity. Hormones are involved in every aspect of human function, from growth, development, repair, immunity, energy, mood and reproduction.

The most abundant neurohormone produced by the brain is GH, which is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, which is located in the center of the brain. Pituitary cells called somatotropes make GH, which is also know as somatotropin from the Greek, meaning “turning towards the body”. 50% of the cells of the pituitary are somatotropes, making GH the most abundant hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

Researchers have long noticed that peak GH production occurs with the rapid growth period of teenage years. This is the reason for the name growth hormone. Most GH secretion occurs in brief bursts, or pulses, which take place during the early hours of the deepest sleep. Hence we grow or repair the most when we sleep.

GH is active for only a few minutes, but this is long enough to stimulate its uptake to the liver where it is converted into growth factors. The most important of these is insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). IGF-1 is directly responsible for many of the positive benefits of GH. Most Doctors prefer to test the level of GH indirectly by measuring the level of IGF-1, since the level of GH can vary widely throughout the 24-hour period. Below are the normal laboratory ranges of IGF-1 for men and women at various ages.

Blood Serum Laboratory IGF-1 Values for GH

Age Level (ng/ml)

16-24 182-780

25-39 114-492

40-54 90-360

Over 55 71-290


GH and Aging

HGH declines with age in every animal species that has been evaluated to date. In humans, the amount of GH after the age of 21 to 31 falls about 14% per decade, so the total 24-hour HGH production rate is reduced in half by age 60. In numerical values, we produce on a daily basis about 500 micrograms at 20 years of age, 200 micrograms at 40 years and 25 micrograms at 80 years of age.

Daniel Rudman, M.D., a pioneer researcher in the use of GH, considered plasma IGF-1 levels less than 350 evidence of deficiency. Between the ages of 20 to 40 years, less than 5% of healthy men have levels less that 350. But after age 60, 30% of healthy men have this low amount. And after 65 about half the population is partially or wholly deficient in GH.


Why Does GH Decline With Age?

The answer to this question still eludes scientists and physicians. Studies have shown that the aging pituitary somatotrope cell is still able to release as much GH as the young cell if adequately stimulated. This implies that the fault must lie somewhere in the factors that regulate hormone release.

Some researchers believe that the problem lies with somatostatin, the natural inhibitor of GH. It has been found to increase with age and may act to block the secretion of GH. When researchers stopped the action of somatostatin in old rats, they had HGH pulses that were as large as those of young rats.

Other researchers believe that the precursor hormone, growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), which stimulates the release of GH, becomes less sensitive to feedback signals.

It may also be possible that both these problems occur as we age. The latest thinking is that not only does the amount of GH available to the tissues decline with age, but also our tissues become more resistant to the action of the GH that is there. In this view, aging can be seen as a disease of GH resistance in the same way that adult onset type 2 diabetes is not caused by the failure of the pancreas to produce insulin, but to a resistance of the tissues to respond to insulin.


The Decline of HGH is Not Inevitable

The most research shows that despite what aging does to cause the decline in GH, it is not irreparable and it is not permanent. William Sonntag, professor of physiology and his colleagues at Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston Salem, North Carolina, conducted an experiment, which clearly shows that the decline in GH secretion with age is reversible. When Sonntag and his colleagues took old rats at age 26 months and restricted their food intake, the GH secretion was restored after two months.


GH Pituitary Deficiency Mimics Aging

People with Growth Hormone Deficiency have decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, decreased exercise capacity, osteopenia, abnormal blood fat levels, and diminished feelings of well-being. These are all symptoms of people of advancing age.


Low Levels of GH Shorten Life Span

Bengt-Ake Bengtsson, M.D. and his colleagues at Salgrenska Hospital in Goteburg, Sweden studied 333 patients who had been diagnosed with pituitary insufficiency in a 30-year period between 1956 and 1987. All these people had been treated with pituitary hormone replacement, including cortisone, thyroid hormone and sex hormones. The one hormone that was not replace was GH. The GH deficient patients died at twice the expected rate – 107 deaths compared with 57 in the overall population matched for age and sex. The primary cause of death was cardiovascular disease, which showed an almost two-fold increase with 60 deaths versus 31 in the general population.


Effects of GH Treatment

Three pioneering studies in Sweden, Denmark, and England found that four to six months of GH replacement in adults, who had low levels due to pituitary insufficiency, had beneficial effects on body composition, cardiac function, exercise capacity, kidney function and quality of life. Benftsson also showed that after 12 to 18 months of GH therapy, bone mineral density increased.

Some of the most striking effects were in the area of quality of life. Before treatment, the scores of these patients indicated that many of them were struggling with problems of low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Bengtsson characterized some of these patients as “zombies, who moved in slow motion.” But within a short time on GH therapy, the difference was like night and day.

“We called it the Lazarus effect,” he says. “We woke them up. With some people it was like giving them a kick in the butt. Their lives changed within a few weeks.”

The treatment went on to change the lives of all that participated in the program, according to Dr. Lena Wiren, a psychologist who evaluated the people. “Nobody wants to stop treatment,” she says.

In Benstsson’s opinion, the effects of six months of GH therapy on lean body mass and fatty tissue was equivalent to reversing the aging process 10 to 20 years.

Douglas Crist and colleagues at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in 1987 worked with eight healthy athletic young people, five men and three women, all between the age of 22 and 23. After six weeks of GH injections three times per week, these young adults, already in good shape, had gained an average of close to three pounds of muscle while losing an average of 1.5% of their body fat. Their overall ratio of muscle to fat improved by 25%.


Growing Taller On GH Therapy

Dr. Robert Kerr said his patients took GH for only three to six weeks. In that short time, some bodybuilders claimed to have gained up to 40 lbs. while reducing their body fat, and that there overall results lasted 12 months. Others claimed to have gained in height. Of his first 150 patients to take GH, ages 29 to 52, one in six gained from three-quarters to one inch. Subsequent patients in their 20‘s claimed to have gained even more. Kerr reported that many patients found relief from chronic lower back pain when they grew taller. Although they did not always retain the height, most did retain their freedom from chronic back pain.

Dr. Julian Whitaker of Newport Beach, California has been prescribing GH to his elderly patients, as well as taking it himself. He states “In the 20 years I have practiced nutritional and rejuvenative medicine, I have not seen anything that even comes close to the restorative power of GH supplementation.”

In Whitaker’s opinion, GH is the most effective in combating the effects of chronic diseases that involved muscle wasting; stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and AIDS. He thinks it can also be useful in treating severe burns and in helping patients recover from surgery both instances in which skin and other organs must be regenerated and restored.


Lower Dosage More Effective Than Large Dosage

The largest clinical study of GH replacement therapy in normal older people shows that it “appears to improve several attributes associated with quality of life.

Dr. L. Cass Terry M.D., Ph.D., worked with 900 hundred patients between the ages of 39 and 74, giving them GH therapy for 191 days. Dr. Terry found total serum cholesterol and tri glycerides dropped significantly in both men and women. There were striking changes in muscle strength, muscle size, an increase in exercise endurance, and 72% in loss of body fat. Also notable:

  • Increase in sexual potency and frequency 76%
  • Higher energy levels 84%
  • Improved attitude toward life 80%
  • Increased resistance to common illness 73%
  • Improved skin elasticity 73%
  • Enhanced emotional stability 67%
  • Better memory 64%

There were no serious side effects, with the most common ones being fluid retention, joint pains and five instances of carpel tunnel syndrome, which disappeared when the dosage was lowered. It is now known that the body releases small amounts in your deepest states of sleep. Therefore activating your body’s ability to release small amounts or giving your body a physiological dosage of GH is better than the larger dosages originally studied.


GH Rejuvenates the Immune System

The immune boosting activities of GH include: the manufacture of new antibodies, increased production of T-cells and interleukin 2, greater proliferation and activity of disease fighting white blood cells, greater activity of anti-cancer natural killer cells, stimulation of bacteria fighting macrophages, increased maturation of neutrophils, increased erythropoiesis, and the production of new red blood cells.

Immunity May Control Life Span

In 1990, two researchers at North Dakota State University gave growth hormone injections to a group of 26 mice that were more than three-quarters through their life span, while another 26 mice got a placebo of saline. After 13 weeks, 16 animals (61%) in the saline group died, while 97% of the growth hormone treated animals were still alive, nine months after the average life expectancy for this mouse strain. The treatment had added an extra third to their average life span!

The researchers found that the growth hormone treated animals had improved immune function including a reactivation of T-cell function, which is controlled by the thymus gland.

GH Helps Dementia

GH treatment improves attention and memory, even in people with the beginning stages of dementia. In three people suffering from beginning dementia (one with alcoholic dementia and brain atrophy, one with Parkinson and one with Alzheimer’s) each showed relatively impressive improvement with GH therapy.

The following reports the frequency of improvement of psychological symptoms in a 48 person study administered two months of GH treatment at an average dose of .75 IU a day.


  1. Permanent fatigue – decreases or disappears 86%.
  2. Easy exhaustion when physically busy – recovery is clearly better 86%
  3. Poor resistance to stress – improves 83%
  4. Depression – fades away 82%
  5. Low resistance when staying up after midnight – improves 82%
  6. Low self esteem – improves 79%
  7. Sense of powerlessness – subjects get a sense of power 77%
  8. Poor sociability – person opens up again to others 77%
  9. Anxiety decreases greatly 73%
  10. Insufficient aggressiveness – subjects get firmer 73%
  11. Inappropriate hyper emotionality – calms down greatly 71%

12 Sharp verbal retorts – speech softens 71%


Growth Hormone Therapy on Physical Appearance of the Aging Adult

In 48 adults in Dr. Hertoghe’s study, the following physical signs were reported.


  1. Sagging cheeks – get denser 75.5%
  2. Wrinkled face – less wrinkled 71%
  3. Pouches under the eyes – less visible 65.8%
  4. Loose skin folds under chin – tighten 62.5%
  5. Sagging body silhouette – straightens up 62.5%
  6. Dropping triceps – tighten 60%
  7. Floppy belly – flatten 48%
  8. Less muscled shoulders – muscles back 44%
  9. Less muscled buttocks – muscles back 42%
  10. Meager, wrinkled hands – muscles back 41%
  11. Fatty cushion above the knees –decrease 41%
  12. Thinned skin – thickens 28%
  13. Obesity – decreases 33%
  14. Think hair – thickens 28%
  15. Thin lips – thickens 25%
  16. Gums growing back 20%
  17. Thinned jawbones – thickens 9.5%.


GH Helps the Heart

GH replacement improves blood cholesterol profiles, raising HDL while lowering LDL, and reduces the diastolic pressure by about 10% (without change to the systolic pressure).

In a 1996 New England Journal of Medicine article, seven people treated with GH (5 men and 2 women) who had moderate to severe heart failure, increased the thickness of the left ventricle wall, enhanced the ability of the heart to contract and pump out blood, reduced the oxygen requirement of the heart, improved exercise capacity, clinical symptoms, and the patients quality of life.


GH Restores Lung Function

GH injections have been shown to benefit the heart-lung function by increasing the person’s capacity to exercise, raising their maximum oxygen uptake, and increasing stroke volume and cardiac output. It also improved the ability to force air from the lungs in one second. David Clemmons, chief of endocrinology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, found that 3 weeks of GH injections in patients in the later stages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease significantly raised the maximum inspiratory force by 10 to 12 mg Hg on average and their increase expiratory force. Clemmons believes that GH is a promising treatment for emphysema and other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

GH Builds Bones

A Swedish study of 44 men and women between the ages of 23 and 66 who were deficient ins GH found that two years of GH treatment caused a significant increase in the density of the bones that form the hip joint and the vertebrate of the lower spine.


GH, A Smart Drug

GH makes people feel good by raising the neurotransmitter B-endorphin, which is called the brains own opiate, and lowers the level of dopamine, which in excess is associated with feelings of anxiety. In other reports, it appears to reduce stress, improve focus, and concentration, and build self-esteem and self-confidence. In a 1998 report it was shown that a lower level of GH correlates with depression.

A Dutch study found GH deficiency was related to impairments in flash memory, short-term memory, long term memory and motor skills such as eye hand coordination. Interestingly the lower the levels of IGF-1, the lower the person’s IQ and education.


Treating Brain and Nerve Disease

GH, IGF-1 and nerve growth factors in the brain show promise in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease and injury. IGF-1, has been shown to repair and reconnect severed nerve endings of up to a distance of 6mm, and it has increased motor neuron activity in spinal cord cells grown in the laboratory. It also helps with motor activity by stimulating the growth of the myelin sheath on the nerves, making it a potential treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. I had a lady friend with MS that benefitted greatly from using Synergy One.

Other benefits of GH therapy on the brain include a restoration of slow wave sleep, improved vision, both near and far as well as night vision.


GH Enhances Sexual Function

The decline in male potency parallels the decline of GH release in the body. GH levels and sexual potency peak during puberty decreasing throughout manhood until, by the age of 80, 75% of men are incapable of having or sustaining erections. Although there are not clinical studies that specifically look at GH and it effect on sexual function people who are GH deficient due to pituitary disease have decreased libido and sexual function. After treatment with GH replacement, they experience increased sexual drive and function.

In a clinical study of 302 aging adults on GH, it was found that three-fourths of the men reported improvement in sexual potency, frequency and 62% had longer lasting erections. In interviews with people who have used GH, almost everyone, male and female, reports improvements in libido and sexual function.

A typical case is that of a 63 year old divorced doctor who hadn’t been with a woman in five years and felt he was no longer interested in sex. After 4 weeks on GH, he felt a surge of sexual energy. He started dating again and now has sex on an average of twice a week.


GH Rejuvenates the Skin

In the Daniel Rudman M.D. GH study skin thickness increased by 7.1%. In a self evaluation study of 202 people who took GH for six months, more than two thirds reported improvement in skin texture, skin thickness, and skin elasticity, while 61% observed fewer wrinkles and 38% reported new hair growth. Fine lines vanished, deeper wrinkles receded, and facial fat decreased so that puffs of fat under the eyes went away.

GH also increased the synthesis of new proteins that lie underneath the skin in animal experiments.


GH Sculpts The Body

GH does something that no other weight loss regimen does – it resculpts the body, melting away fat and building muscle. In many cases people look like they’ve shed years, along with the fat. Even better the greatest loss occurs in the belly fat. This means removing the fat that is the cause of excess estrogen production in the body.

In a six month placebo controlled study at Thomas Hospital in London, of 24 adults with GH deficiency, the hormone treated group had no change in weight but they lost an average of 12.5 pounds of fat and gained an average of 12.1 pounds of lean body mass.

Rudman’s study on elderly men between age 60 and 81 found that after 6 months of treatment, they gained an average of 8.8% in lean muscle and lost an average of 14.4% in fat mass. The lean body mass included an increase in the bone density and the liver and spleen grew by 19% and 17% respectively.

In a follow up study, the same trends held after 12 months of treatment, with the lean body mass increasing by 6%, the fat decreasing by 15%, skin thickness up by 4%, an 8% growth of the liver and 23% growth of the spleen. All this was happening while the untreated control group was losing an average of 2.5% to 4.5% a year in their lean body mass.

GH may be one of the most effective fat loss regimes eve discovered. In a double blind placebo-controlled crossover study of overweight women, GH therapy caused an average loss of more that 4.6 lbs. of body fats, most of this in the abdomen. Most diets cause loss of muscle along with the fat, bout in this study the women’s lean body mass increased by 6.6 pounds.

In two double blind, placebo controlled studies by David Clemmons, M.D. of the University of North Carolina, GH, in combination with dieting accelerated weight loss. All of the people participating in the study exceeded their ideal body weight by 35 to 7=60%. In the studies, lasting either six of eleven weeks, GH combined with diet caused a 25% acceleration in the rate of at loss above and beyond the effects of diet alone. In the 11-week period, the GH treated subjects lost 30 to 32 pounds, compared with 20 to 25 pound in the controls. And while the controls lost muscle along with fat, the GH treated group retained they body tone.

Abdominal body fat is a cause of unhealthy excess estrogen production, increased risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. GH treatment reduces abdominal body fat.

While some early studies show an increased blood sugar and insulin resistance among GH treated people, later studies showed that after six months of treatment insulin sensitivity returned to baseline. While it is yet to be proven, it seems reasonable to assume that over the long run, increasing GH levels is the key to getting rid of abdominal body fat and reversing type 2-diabetes.

GH Controls Obesity

It is well known that muscle and fat tissue metabolism are directly influenced by the interplay between GH, amino acid, exercise, insulin, stress hormones, proteins and fats. Little, if any, fat burning can take place in the presence of high insulin levels. During fasting, insulin levels are at their lowest. Insulin is an inhibitor of GH, so it is very important to fast for a minimum of two hours before taking GH or its precursors at bedtime.

Obesity is also a strong inhibitor of GH secretion. Body fat is the largest public health problem in America. For most people taking weight off and keeping it off is very difficult. About 90% of all dieters gain back all the pounds they lost. GH plus amino acids may well prove to be the key to alleviating this chronic problem.

A group of healthy older men were given low dosage GH injections for nine months and lost an average of 9.2% total body fat, 6.1% abdominal fat and an astounding 18.1% of deep layer of the central body fat. These results were accomplished without dieting.

When you combine a full spectrum amino acid supplement like Perfect Amino, All Basic or Super Sports, you accomplish the ability to sustain energy and eliminate cravings for food. You eat less and burn more calories. Free Form Amino Acids activate the pancreas to produce the hormone glucagon. Glucagon converts glycogen into a slow release sugar source. This sustained internal sugar source allows you to go many hours before feeling like eating.

The amino acid Phenylalanine found in higher amounts in Super Sports, converts to Cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone that suppresses appetite. By taking 3 to 5 tablets of Perfect Amino in the morning and again a lunch you are addressing the mechanism of fat loss via a stable blood sugar and increase neurotransmitter production. Combine this with increasing your Growth Hormone levels and you can enjoy smaller meals, more energy, fat loss and retention of muscles.

Increasing Growth Hormone without Injections

Synergy One is proprietary peptide required by the body. When introduced into the body it supports the natural increase in Growth Hormone and IGF-1. It is sprayed into the cheek area of the mouth at bedtime and upon arising. Hold it in the mouth for 90 seconds before swallowing. The effects are usually notice the first night as deeper sleep, less sleep required and waking up feeling more rested. Over 3 to 6 months people report joint and back pains going away as well as fat loss, increases in energy, improved mood, wrinkles diminishing, grey hair reversing and a stronger libido. It is recommended to take six months on and one-month of and repeat this cycle ongoing for cumulative health benefits.


2006 08 19

I have an increased level of energy and stamina. This increase allows me to go a lot longer and further when I am working out. I sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to work out. A couple of years ago I owned a salon. After taking the Synergy One, one of my customers thought I was my daughter because my skin looked so good. I’m so happy with the product!!!, I want to support you any way I can. Thanks, Mary Diamond


Barry — Barry loses 30 lbs without dieting or Exercise on Synergy One & heals old injuries: — December 2008

Both my wife and I have been focused on maintaining a healthy diet avoiding animal products and white sugar for years. However, despite this adhering to a vegetarian diet my weight had increased to about 260 lbs which is about 50 to 60 pounds heavier than my ideal weight. Within about 4 months of starting to take Synergy One I had lost over 30 lbs. I was amazed as I watched the weight drop off as I hadn’t change my diet or exercise patterns (none that is). What I realized is that my appetite had changed. I’d gone from being ravenous to noticing that I hadn’t eaten and probably should. I am particularly grateful for the fact I only want small portions and never feel the desire to binge.

During the 6 months we’ve been taking Synergy One I have noticed some healing events that generally last a few day. One example of a healing event that involved sharp pain in my right hip and abdominal area. I knew immediately this was a healing event because I hadn’t experienced any falls or injuries recently. As I thought I remembered a fall about 30 years ago resulting in similar pain.

Personally, I am very grateful for all the health benefits we’ve received from Synergy One. And, I’m most appreciative of a “normal” appetite. I could never understand how someone could just eat a few cookies and not the whole box. Now the thought of eating the whole box seems both impossible and an abuse of my body.



Lina — Thank you for providing a product that really does slow the aging process! — December 2008

I’m the gal that went 6 months without the Synergy One product. I had an Epiphany several weeks ago, I was wondering why I was noticeably more tired and didn’t appear quite as “youthful”. I know I know; stress, the economy, winter coming, but really something else was happening.

So I re-ordered and now two weeks after using this product, “I am back!” Yes, my energy level is up, I “look” more alive and I feel more optimistic. All those can’t quite define elements of well being that slowly slip away as we age. Thank you for providing a product that really does slow the aging process.

Sincerely, Lina Jacobson


Paul — The best two words to describe the change (and all for the better) is Amazing and Remarkable. — October 2008

Thank you very much for offering such a change in our lives.

My mother (about 75) was hit by a car about 6 moths ago and suffered serious injuries to her knee and leg. The pain was severe and constant. About a month ago I ordered several products for her (and for myself). The change has been nothing short of remarkable. My mother now, does not use any prescription medication and and is not in pain. Sleeping has been much improved (again without having to use any medication). Her general well being has improved and without doubt her quality of life has improved.

As for myself, I am just amazed. Sometimes I can’t believe just how good I feel (regardless of the stressful lives we all live). I’m 45 and in general good health, the positive effects of a good program was felt almost Immediately. Truly, Truly amazing. Some other observations, I sleep much better, my skin feels better, I breath much better, all the little annoying aches and pains (joints) have disappeared, I can focus better. I could continue to state the positive effects this has had, but I think you get the point.

The best two words to describe the change (and all for the better) is Amazing and Remarkable.

We’re using the Amino Balance, Mineral Magic, Synergy One, Collagen, Flax(from seed, ground), Cod Liver Oil and a Calcium & Magnesium


Paul Panayiotopoulos


Sharon — Sharon gets deep and healing sleep; all of the little aches and pains went away on Synergy One — September 2008

I just ordered another 6 bottles of Synergy One as it is the most phenomenal product I’ve EVER used. I have been using the product for about 6 months now. The first thing I noticed of course was deep and healing sleep. Then all of the little aches and pains as one ages went away. I have a knee that cracks and pops as I walk up stairs and that has ceased to happen. I just have an over-all sense of balance that has been restored. My 58 year old sister just took a nasty fall and cracked her pelvis. I’m going to give her an extra bottle I happen to have on hand and I will be able to let you know what happens with her as well. Thanks, Shari Schwab


Cindy — Cindy experiences healing of knee injury while using Synergy One and Collagen. — September 2008

Hello, Stephen!

To make a long story short, I had an accident July 30th where I’m pretty
sure I tore the Meniscus in my left knee, used Synergistic Nutrition’s
Synergy One and Collagen as part of my self-doctoring regimen, and now my
knee feels about 95% healed up! I am absolutely thrilled because I
thought I was going to have to have a 2nd surgery on that knee.
Instead, right now, I can go for 2-3 mile walks without pain and without
any after effects the next day! What a great outcome for something
“allopathic” medicine cannot treat without surgery. :) I am convinced
the Synergy One and Collagen was a big part of the reason my knee is so
much better and am one happy camper!!!


  1. — 59 yr old women experiences sexual rejuvenation, more energy and elimination of down feelings. — July 2008

Not sure you can use my testimony because of the personal nature, but I have been wanting to share it with someone. I am 59 yrs. old and have been menopausal since 1997. I have had no sexual desire for more years than that plus extreme vaginal dryness. After two weeks of taking Synergy One all that has changed. I am so young again sexually. The dryness is gone and sexual desire and pleasure has returned. In fact, the desire and pleasure is stronger than it has ever been. My husband and I used to talk about my frigidity but don’t need to anymore. Who can believe all that has changed at age 59. Several years ago I tried natural estrogen therapy (tri-est), but only took it for two months because I didn’t see any improvement and it wasn’t covered by my insurance. I’ve been taking Synergy One for one month and it is worth every penny.

I am also feeling much more energetic and do not have any “down” feelings. I am looking forward to see what results I get after taking Synergy One for a few months. I am looking forward to less grey hair and wrinkles. I am not on any prescription medications and haven’t take any for any length of time.

Now, it is my husband’s turn to try the product. He is on high blood pressure medication and has problems with arthritis. I will let you know how Synergy One helps him. L.R. Texas


Charles breathing problems and the sleep disturbance this caused improve while on One World Whey, Synergy One and Mineral Magic — May 2011


It is recommended you get Perfect Amino with Synergy One. Which type of Amino Acid supplement you take is determined by your body type and response. All Basic or All Basic Plus are two full spectrum amino acid supplements that may be of greater value than the Perfect Amino. I recommend All Basic for persons with a need to have more mental clarity. I recommend All Basic Plus for persons wanting mental clarity but also needing to feel calmer. I recommend Super Sports for persons that are over weight or may be trying to put on muscle while working out.


Synergy One: proprietary growth factor peptide required by the body for optimal health. Taking 3 sprays at bedtime and upon arising can result in all the positive effects associated with increased GH levels in the body.


All Basic: (full spectrum amino acid formula without tryptophan as for some people (vata body types imparticular) may feel too tried during the day from the effects of the tryptophan, so it is removed. Suggested dosage 2 to 3 caps in a.m.


All Basic Plus (full spectrum amino acid formula with tryptophan for support with calmness and peace. Suggested dosage 2 to 3 caps in a.m.


Perfect Amino: basic amino acid formula for already healthy person. Suggested dosage 3 to 5 tablets a.m. and noon)


Barley Max: supplies all vitamins needed by body except D. B vitamins in Barley Max support full utilization of the amino acids. Suggested dosage 2-3tsp in a.m.



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