Are You Eating Frankenturkey On Bird Day?

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Support the global pharmaceutical and agroscience industries. Buy an over bloated, genetically modified, chemical monstrosity for Thanksgiving! :(

Jim Hightower (There’s Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos, 1997) wrote …

“Ninety percent of the half-billion turkeys sold in the world each year are derived from only three breeding flocks that are maintained on secretive, highly guarded farms surrounded by chain-link fences. Owning these three flocks, and thus controlling the world market of breeding turkeys, are Merck & Co. (the pharmaceutical giant based in New Jersey), Booker PLC (the British food conglomerate), and British Petroleum (the world’s fourth-largest oil company). All three flocks are of the white breed, assuring such dominant commercial grower as ConAgra Inc. (owner of Butterball) that each and every one of their turkey chicks will uniformly develop those pumped-up breasts. But such genetic uniformity has its ugly side. Not only can these hapless birds not mate, they also are bred to be so heavy and are so disfigured that they can barely walk more than a few feet, and many cannot even stand on their own two drumsticks, so they spend their abbreviated lives mostly squatting in the sawdust of dimly lit turkey houses, jammed wingtip to wingtip with hundreds of their genetically altered siblings. This breed cannot survive on its own, so the birds must pass their entire existence in environmentally controlled buildings, where machinery automatically dispenses a steady ration of feed that is rich in artificial growth stimulants, but often denies them such basic minerals as iron. (To create ‘a whiter white meat,’ iron is eliminated from the diet because it imparts a healthy reddishness to turkey flesh and, well, this is not what the marketing department ordered.)”

Hybrid Turkeys used to be owned by British Petroleum, but was sold back to its managers in 1994.

British United Turkeys is owned by Merck. It was once owned by the Rockefeller family.

The “Butterball” trademark has been allegedly owned by ConAgra since 1990, but the corporate labyrinth of Butterball genetic monstrosities is deliberately kept labyrinthine to confound the public.

Jim Hightower also wrote (on Alternet) …

“Factory farm animals get an average of 30 times more antibiotics than people do — and, yes, the drugs can end up in the drumsticks your kids eat.”

Mark Fritz (“Turkey’s Story: A Fowl Tale of the Death of Diversity,” Associated Press, Nov. 19, 1995) wrote …

“Turkeys can live two decades, but few do; most die by age 2. Here’s how: Birds are taken off the truck and hung upside down on shackles. They then move down a conveyor through a bath of brine charged with electricity. Birds are stunned senseless, and pass groggily by a rotary blade that slits their throats. A fatality-control worker stands by to finish off the birds in case they survive.”

Butterball turkeys are debeaked without painkillers so they don’t injure one another in the overcrowded conditions.

The good news about Butterball turkeys is that most of them are gluten-free — guaranteed to have eaten no wheat, barley, rye, tritacale, spelt, or kamut.

Enjoy your gluten-free toxic brew of growth hormones, chemicals, and vaccines!

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    'Are You Eating Frankenturkey On Bird Day?' have 3 comments

    1. November 22, 2015 @ 2:46 pm Atom

      Excerpt from Butterflies Need No Taxidermist Volume 1 (available at–e-books.php)

      acupuncture antenna — acupuncture needle. “In acupuncture, the needles are antennae, or SHUNTS. You can shield them out.” (An inserted acupuncture antenna can be blocked with a lead or asbestos shield. According to David S. Walther, D.C., Applied Kinesiology: The Advanced Approach to Chiropractic, c. 1976, “Placing an acupuncture needle into the appropriate acupuncture point will immediately cause a strengthening of the previously weak muscle. It would seem that the stimulation from the needle is the causative factor in the muscle strengthening. This can be proven incorrect by leaving the needle in place and covering it with a small piece of lead; the muscle will immediately return to its previously weakened state. Removal of the lead will again return strength to the muscle. The same experiment can be done by placing an Acu-Aid, which is a small metallic sphere held in place by tape, over the acupuncture point. The Acu-Aid will give increased strength to the associated muscle, and the increased strength will be removed by covering the Acu-Aid with lead. It appears that the needle and the Acu-Aid act as antennae for energy to be added or subtracted from the meridian as indicated by the over- or under-energy pattern present. This is further exemplified by the fact that the doctor can place his finger on the appropriate acupuncture point; immediately a previously weak muscle affected by the under amount of energy in that meridian will strengthen. However, it will again weaken if the doctor holds onto a water pipe or other grounded item. The grounding eliminates the antenna effect of the doctor adding energy to the acupuncture point.”)

      acupuncture gonadal inhibition technique — acupuncture technique for sexual overstimulation. “You do not wear gold lower than the sexual organs – gold is a frequency that is exactly like the skin, and if it is brought within certain areas of the endocrine system, it has a particular action. Below the sexual organs will start depletion or excessive stimulation.”

      acupuncture meridians vs. reflex points — electrical pathways vs. lymphatic zones. “Meridians work in magnetic flow, and reflex points work in life flow.” (An acupuncture point is smaller than a reflexology point, and it spins counterclockwise. It’s a mini-version of a low pressure tornado or hurricane, which also spins in a counterclockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere. The microcosmic and macrocosmic levels of an acu-point both relate to the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. A reflex point is larger, about the size of a quarter, and it spins clockwise. It’s a mini-version of a high pressure weather system, which also spins clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. The microcosmic and macrocosmic levels of a reflex point both relate to the body’s sympathetic nervous system. Acupuncture points, just like parasympathetic responses, tend to be fast and precise. Reflex points, just like sympathetic responses, tend to be slow and diffuse. The navel point at the umbilicus is the body’s ch’i center. The navel point is neutral, a mini-version of the planet’s intertropical convergence zone. The “equibalance center” is Adano’s name for the navel point. It probably relates to the enteric nervous system. According to Felix Mann, Acupuncture: The Ancient Chinese Art of Healing and How It Works Scientifically, c. 1962, 1971, “It should be noted that the Chinese describe the acupuncture points as being quite small – a matter of millimetres. In my experience this is only true to a limited extent, for not infrequently a stimulus anywhere in an area as large as a dermatome (or several dermatomes if there has been a spread of hypersensitivity) is sufficient.”)

      acupuncture needle is pulled in — action of a constricted point. “Constricted areas are where you feel pain.”

      acu-reflex points — anatomically accurate reflexology locations. “Reflex therapy does not correct at the entrance point. There is more area to work at the exit point. The entrance point is smaller than the exit. This is analogous to a bullet wound.”

      acute high pressure disease vs. chronic low pressure disease — alkalosis vs. acidosis. “Volition is normal blood pressure. Low blood pressure causes you to drag your feet and be listless, to be nonparticipating, and eventually become catatonic. High blood pressure causes you to be overly concerned with time, with getting things done as quickly as possible. Though low blood pressure and high blood pressure are both problems, if you have to choose between them, pick low blood pressure because high blood pressure kills.” (“Biology, like geology, is the study of pressure and time.” — unidentified TV program.)


    2. November 22, 2015 @ 3:08 pm Atom

      Excerpt from Frankenscience * Farmageddon * Pharmapocalpse (available at–e-books.php)

      The planet as we know it is being transformed into a gigantic laboratory test tube, a genomic global Island of Dr. Moreau.

      According to “Scientists Make Assumptions About the Year 2025,” AORN Journal, Oct. 1994 …

      “The diets of people from advanced nations will include less animal protein and more synthetic and genetically manipulated foods. These foods will meet consumers’ taste specifications and medical and nutritional needs (e.g., cancer-preventing french fries).”

      The U.S. government’s ignorance of ecology and agriculture got us into deep doo-doo way before biotechnology and nanotechnology made the scene.

      Evan Eisenberg (The Ecology of Eden, 1998) wrote …

      “A 1993 study by the Office of Technology Assessment found forty-five hundred alien species that had made themselves at home in the United States. Of these, some 15 percent were known to ’cause severe harm.’ A mere seventy-nine of the more notorious had, in the years from 1906 to 1991, caused documented losses of $97 billion. […] Invaders now make up one-fifth to one-third of all North American plant species, and their share of territory is even greater. In the middle of the continent, the allies and hangers-on of pale-faced humans have all but erased the native prairie flora. In Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, four-fifths of the land is so far gone that it can no longer support native plants.”

      The multiplication of top-secret, high-tech, industrial enclaves such as North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Missouri’s “BioBelt,” Cuba’s Polo Cientifico biotechnology park, Germany’s “Bio-Regio” areas, China’s “international bio-island” on Guangzhou Island, and Singapore’s “Biopolis” is exponentially proliferating the world’s “mutable feast.”


    3. November 22, 2015 @ 3:12 pm Atom

      Excerpt from Body Language Systems (available at–e-books.php) …

      A man came to me with three problems: “I have a migraine headache. There’s a painful bump behind my knee, and my knuckles are swollen.”

      He grasped the ring finger of his right hand as he complained about his knuckles.

      The body’s anterior right side and posterior left side register trauma with females, so it was obvious this man had an emotional “charge” from an unresolved issue with a woman.

      The ring finger is the Triple Heater Meridian’s “commitment” finger, which is why a wedding ring signifies, “I only have heat for you” or “I’m only in heat for you.”

      “Which specific knuckle is swollen?” I asked.

      “”They all are,” he answered, still holding his ring finger.

      “Which knuckle did the problem begin on?” I tangentially persisted.

      He noticed he was clasping his ring finger, so he said, “Well, it started with this one.”

      “Did you recently get a divorce?” I probed.

      “Yes, I did.”

      I held his knee while he sat in a chair, extending his right leg out and in about a dozen times or more, faster on the way out and slower on the return.

      The bump behind his knee disappeared, and I said nothing.

      Next came conventional muscle response testing of his acupuncture meridians (Touch For Health, Applied Kinesiology, etc.), and the only meridian that was not up to snuff was his Stomach circuit.

      “That’s interesting, because I recently had gastritis,” he commented.

      “Before or after your wife left you?” I pried.


      “Do you miss her cooking?”

      “Well, yes, I do, She was a really good cook,” he sheepishly reminisced.

      He returned to his chair (I had muscle-tested on the floor), and reached for the back of his knee while asking, “Now what about this?”

      To his astonishment, there was no more bump!

      “Where did it go?” he exclaimed.

      “You know,” I laughed, “You were ready to let this go before you ever came to see me.

      “That’s why your knee problem resolved so readily.

      “All you had to do was kick your ex-wife one final boot out the door.

      “Goodbye. Adios. So long. Time to move on to something new.

      “All it took was mimicking a kicking action by moving your knee back and forth, which is what I did.

      “If you hadn’t been ready to let her go, you might have had to kick something a hundred or even a hundred thousand times — however long it takes to discharge the repressed anger.

      “And if you were still living with her, it could be an ongoing stockpiling of hostility unless you both resolved your issues.”

      I continued, “Health requires two things [I learned from Adano].

      “One, a hostility discharge, just like in Gestalt therapy, Alexander Lowen’s work, etc., etc.

      “Two, it requires forgiveness to deal with any residual guilt.

      “Once the hostility is discharged, the guilt problem must still be resolved.

      “And after forgiving, the hostility often returns.

      “Discharge it again and again, repeatedly, however long it takes, but ALWAYS follow a hostility discharge with forgiveness to end any guilt feedback.”


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