A lady went to see a hypnotist with a swollen purple arm.

Under hypnosis, it became totally normal.

Out of hypnosis, it soon swelled up and turned purple again.

This scenario happened three times.

Weeks later, the woman died of complications from a swollen purple arm.

The 1999 movie The Matrix helps explain these two dimensions of reality.

Jung and Pauli placed their faith in Consciousness.

Masters in India know better, and place their faith in Beingness.

It’s “I am because I think I am” versus “I am that I am.”

Is-ness trumps thinking when the rubber hits the road.

Consider the Sufi story of the Master and his student walking down the road.

The Master explains, “Our thoughts are not our own.”

The student asks, “What do you mean?”

The Master says, “See that man riding his camel down the road. What do you want me to make him do?”

Student: “You can do that?!? Well, then, make him get off his camel.”

The man in the distance dismounts his camel.

Student: “Make him pick up a rock and throw it into the bushes.”

The man picks up a rock and throws it into the bushes.

Student: “Make him go out into the bushes and retrieve the rock.”

The man goes out into the bushes and retrieves the rock.

The Sufi Master and his student approach the man, and the Master says, “Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?”

Man: “Certainly. What do you want to know?”

Master: “Why did you get off your camel?”

Man: “I thought he was tired and needed a rest.”

Master: “Why did you throw a rock out into the bushes?”

Man: “I thought there might be wild animals nearby. I wanted to scare them away.”

Master: “Then why did you go to the trouble of bringing that particular rock back?”

Man: “When I threw it, it seemed heavier than most rocks. I thought it might contain gold.”

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) claimed …

“All of our thoughts are the recycled thoughts of our space brothers.”



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