Conspiracy Theory Paranoia Disorder


By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog


Conspiracy theorists are narcissists, according to the emerging Global Police State.

It’s ironic that, according to these same ruling-class historians, there was once (and still is, say some) a worldwide Commie conspiracy.

And lest we forget, political orthodoxy labeled the 1969-1970 trial of eight antiwar activists the Chicago Eight Conspiracy Trial.

Don’t be surprised if an upcoming Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Sixth Edition (DSM-6) lists CTPD (Conspiracy Theory Paranoia Disorder) as a psychiatric illness.

According to the Daily Mail (Mar. 8, 2016) …

“In the internet age conspiracy theories can incubate in quiet corners of the web, but it may be psychological predispositions of believers which keep them alive, rather than cold hard facts.”

In other words, conspiracy theorists are supposed to be nuttier than squirrel poop.

Michael Parenti (History as Mystery, 1999) wrote (discrediting “psychopolitics” and “psychohistory”) …

“In 1969, the noted psychologist Bruno Bettelheim ascribed the student antiwar protests that were sweeping the nation’s campuses to the influence of a permissive society and to the ‘guilt’ the students suffered because they had avoided military service. As Bettelheim explained to a special House Education Subcommittee: the guilt-ridden students, having evaded military service, ‘feel like parasites of society and hence come to hate a society which they think makes them feel this way.’ In a word, the students were not bothered by the Vietnam War as such but by the fact that they were able to evade their moral obligation to fight in it.

“Reaching beyond Bettelheim, Lewis Feuer diagnosed practically every student rebellion in the twentieth century as suffering from irrational hostility toward surrogate parental figures.”

According to the same source …

“However, not all student uprisings have pursued such ‘pseudo-goals,’ according to Feuer. University rebels in Communist countries — whose efforts he applauds — were the exception; they were not acting out their filial resentments, rather they were engaged in a ‘quest for real freedom.'”

Incidentally, Bruno Bettelheim blamed autism on “parenting style.”

His remedy for autism was a “parentectomy” from the “refrigerator mother.”

If Dr. Bettelheim was correct, compulsory schooling — government kidnapping of children from their parents — is a psychologist’s wet dream.

John Taylor Gatto (The Underground History of American Education, Revised Edition, 2006) wrote …

“Rockefeller had been inspired by the work of Eastern European scientist Hermann Muller to invest heavily in genetics. Muller had used x-rays to override genetic law, inducing mutations in fruit flies. This seemed to open the door to the scientific control of life itself. Muller preached that planned breeding would bring mankind to paradise faster than God. His proposal received enthusiastic endorsement from the greatest scientists of the day as well as from powerful economic interests.

“Muller would win the Nobel Prize, reduce his proposal to a fifteen-hundred-word Geneticist’s Manifesto, and watch with satisfaction as twenty-two distinguished American and British biologists of the day signed it. The state must prepare to consciously guide human sexual selection, said Muller. School would have to separate worthwhile breeders from those stated for termination.”

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  2. June 29, 2016 @ 3:59 pm Atom

    According to the Neoist Alliance (“The Grail Unveiled,” Mind Invaders, 1997) …

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