I Consume, Therefore I Exist

By Atom Bergstrom

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How is it possible that multiple millions of people can fall head-over-heels in love with a poison that causes Yellow Fat Disease?

How is it possible that only one in a million people have even heard the NAME Yellow Fat Disease, much less know ANYTHING about it or its cause or its connection to premature AGING.

That question is easy to answer. The ability to think clearly (if at all) was eliminated from kindergarten onward by Mass Monopoly Forced Schooling in Factory Schools..

John Taylor Gatto (The Underground History of American Education, Revised Edition, 2006) wrote …

“Faced with the problem of dangerous educated adults, what could be more natural than a factory to produce safely stupefied children?”

According to the same source …

“Children need not be wasted building blocks for the State’s purpose just because their natural parents had been. The lesson the new machine-economy was teaching reinforced the spiritual vision of utopians: perfect interchangeability, perfect subordination. People could learn to emulate machines; and by progressive approximations they might ultimately become as reliable as machinery.”

Michael Parenti (History as Mystery, 1999) wrote …

“To say that schools fail to produce an informed, democratic citizenry is to overlook the fact that schools were never intended for that purpose. Their mission is to turn out loyal subjects who do not challenge the existing corporate-dominated social order. That the school has pretty much fulfilled its system-sustaining role is no accident. The educational system is both a purveyor of the dominant political culture and a product of it.”

Wilson Bryan Key (The Age of Manipulation: The Con in Confidence, The Sin in Sincere, 1989) wrote …

“With endless course of vague, fact-deficient generalities, they provide little education about language, thought, and behavior — the ultimate considerations in human communication. Young people are indoctrinated for a place on the endless belts that carry them as marketing statistics in and out of countless shopping centers as they process through life. I consume, therefore I exist, or vice versa, becomes the philosophical premise upon which much of life is predicated.

“Techniques for critical language analysis are available. They could provide the intellectual toughness to defend against verbal manipulation, to discriminate between fantasy and reality. But the language system to which most individuals are educated ensures they will become both victims and victimizers with little awareness that anything out of the ordinary is going on.”

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  1. June 20, 2016 @ 12:39 am Atom

    Farley Mowat (People of the Deer, 1951, 1952, 1975) wrote …

    “There was a reason why the Ihalmiut had never learned to make and to use nets; for they were perfectly well aware of the fish that could be had for the taking. But they also knew that the results of fishing on a large scale are simply not the kind of results that can support human life in the Barrens. It all comes back again to the problem of fat. No inland fish, and this applies equally to hares and ptarmigan, can supply even a fraction of the fat requirements of the People. Fish are fine in summer as a dietary supplement when there is plenty of food in any case. In winter, a prolonged diet of fish would be as disastrous as poison to the People, and starvation in the form of fatal deficiencies would smite those whose bellies are distended with fish as violently as it smites those whose bellies are empty. Later I will tell you of a race of Northern natives who were weaned over from deer meat to fish. It is evident that the tragedy which resulted did not make its mark upon the official minds of men in high quarters.

    “The deer must feed the People, and the deer alone can give the People life. In the years to come the Ihalmiut will eat deer meat as they have done for countless centuries and as their bodies demand that they continue to do so. If, and when, the time comes that there are no more deer, then the last Ihalmiut will die in their igloos and the problems tht they pose to us as their guardians will not be problems any longer. The fish nets will fray and whiten on the rocks by the shores of the Little Lakes, but there will be none to use them. They will remain for a while as symbols of the type of aid that we gave to the People in their extremity.”

    Farley Mowat is better known for his 1963 book, Never Cry Wolf, in which he is told, “But dogs can’t work good on fish — get weak and sick and can’t haul no loads. Caribou is better.”



  2. June 20, 2016 @ 12:42 am Atom

    Marshall McLuhan (Deconditioning Lecture, 1969) said …

    “You have to have a crowd around you like this to have privacy. You need a public before you can have privacy. […] You cannot have privacy without a crowd, and you cannot have poverty without affluence. You cannot have ignorance without learning, and you cannot have a colored man without white people.”



  3. June 20, 2016 @ 9:45 am John

    Hi Atom, is it true that some of the worst bacteria is under our fingernails ?


    • June 20, 2016 @ 6:09 pm Atom

      According to most sources, toenail bacteria are worse than fingernail bacteria, and mouth bacteria are worse than either of them.


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