During & Following Radiation Therapy

By Atom Bergstrom

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Miso or corn mitigates radiation therapy if you have an appendix.

Rue (in safe amounts) works when someone has no appendix.

Radiation is the ultimate alkalizer, so acidification six or seven hours after the fact (but not during) helps.

Many lives could be saved if doctors checked for chlorides versus oxides in the urine following radiation.

Also, low urinary surface tension contraindicates an immediate follow-up of radiation.

High surface tension indicates a higher dose can be tolerated.

During radiation, it’s best to intensify the alkaline effect by taking sulfur and fatty acids.

Fatty acids actually alkalize and supply oxygen to protoplasm, while sterols acidify and remove oxygen from protoplasm.

Following radiation, acidifying the body limits systemic destruction independent of target tumors.

Anti-fatty-acid foods like fructose (especially in oranges) quickly raise cholesterol (twenty times as much as eggs do, according to Ray Peat).

Corticoids help re-acidify the systemic and organic levels (directly related to the Second and Third Periods of the Periodic Table of the Elements).

Sterols help re-acidify the cellular and nuclear (referring to the organelles) levels (directly related to the Fourth and Fifth Periods.

Both corticoids and sterols can be partially activated by getting enough sunshine (but not too much).

Exposure to a 250-watt red General Electric chicken brooding light bulb helps too.

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  1. January 25, 2016 @ 4:49 pm Atom

    Done writing Mind Reading for the Millions. Vibrant Gal started proof-reading it today. :)


  2. January 27, 2016 @ 5:30 am Atom

    Now available! / MIND READING FOR THE MILLIONS was formerly known as Body Dowsing. I’ve changed the name because folks inevitably confuse it with radiesthesia. Why have I added THE MILLIONS to the MIND READING? Because it’s so amazingly simple once you get the hang of it even a child can do it. MIND READING FOR THE MILLIONS — without the slightest trace of exaggeration — is by far the most effective emotional trauma detection technology on the planet. Everything else is an also-ran. It’s consummate low-tech biofeedback — all you need are your eyes to observe and your fingers to feel. Practice makes perfect.



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