We live in a global Medical Police State.

The vomit spewed by the retards in charge is called “Science-Based Medicine.”

They call Alternative Medicine “Voodoo Science.” You can bet they are looking in a mirror.

Unless you or I have a Mad Dog (M.D.) license, we can’t offer up a specific remedy to a specific person without committing a crime.

It’s called “practicing medicine without a license.”

Only a State-accredited (brainwashed) doctor can diagnose – even though their diagnoses are wrong 80 percent of the time.

The rest of us are mere “slobs in the mob” with our freedom of speech thwarted by the Powers That Be.

Well, that is, we have no free speech unless we phrase our remedies in lawyer-proof weasel-words too vague to be of much use.

Isn’t Freedom of Speech supposed to be a Constitutional Right?

It isn’t a Constitutional Right when it threatens to take money out of the pockets of the Golden Stethoscope Cartel.

The most important aspects of the Information Society are illegal.

We live in a global Agricultural Police State too.

You can’t even diss the Beef Industry in the U.S. without “getting the horns.”

Oprah triumphed over a multimillion dollar defamation suit by Texas cattleman, and proclaimed, “Free speech not only lives, it rocks!”

But as Robert Miraldi pointed out in “The High Costs of Free Speech,” 1998 …

“When an industry can haul a speaker into court for merely discussing food safety, the result, inevitably, is silence of the next speaker.”

… and …

“Oprah’s producers, fearing a costly lawsuit, may not now cast aspersions on poultry (watch for e-coli); or fish (high bacteria); or fruits (sprayed with chemicals). After all, Oprah’s defense cost between $500,000 and $1 million. The flag of freedom was waved after this case, but surrender will come quietly in the form of a pliant and meek press.”

… and …

“Nor would Upton Sinclair’s famous 1906 expose of the beef industry, The Jungle, have survived. Sinclair would have his pants sued off today.”

Be careful what you say. Big Brother or Big Sister may be listening.


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  1. November 25, 2013 @ 9:37 pm atomb

    I’m not advising you to start a revolution.

    I’m advising you to start a garden. :)

    Check out my e-books at …



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