It’s been known for well over 100 years that nitrogen utilization is a key concept in the understanding of cancer.

According to “Clue to How Cancer Kills: Cancer, at least in mice, picks up nitrogen from protein food and holds it trapped so that body can’t use it. With nitrogen gone, the body dies,” Science News Letter, Sept. 13, 1947, “As the cancer grows larger, the demands for nitrogen exceed the supply from the diet. The cancer gets the chemical at the expense of the body. Death comes when the body tissues cannot supply further nitrogen. […] Some ways in which cancer kills are already known. It may kill by interfering with the function of a vital organ or by causing hemorrhage or ulcers which get infected and then the patient dies of the infection. But injury and other non-cancerous conditions may kill by the same means. The killing effect of cancer itself is not understood unless the nitrogen trapping action explains it.”

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) subscribed to and elaborated on what has been called …

the “theory of embryonic rest,”

the “Beardian thesis,”

the “trophoblastic thesis of cancer,”

the “nitrogen theory of cancer,” etc.

Adano said …

“Cancer, the ‘disease without cause,’ is the minus range of protein [protein minus nitrogen].”

“Cancer is caused by eating protein without nitrogen. There are approximately 15 different kinds of cancer. Cancers feed between 2:00-6:00 pm and are inactive between 3:00 AM-1:00 pm. For cancer treatment, do not eat between 2:00-6:00 PM, and do not eat nitrogen-poor proteins. Take vitamin A, niacin, pancreatin, and natural cyanide in the form of apricot pits.”

“All immunity deficiency is a lack of vitamin C and nitrogen. People with AIDS eat fried foods, soda pop, and candy. They don’t eat vitamin C and nitrogen. Nitrogen is in the top of an onion, and oxygen is in the bottom. Cancer is a lack of nitrogen. Cooking food destroys nitrogen.”

“Cancer is a lack of nitrogen.” LET’S QUALIFY THAT.

Nitrogen is an atomic element that can only be “destroyed” in a cyclotron or nuclear reactor.

However, the fragile hydrogen bonds that hold nitrogen-containing protein together CAN readily be destroyed, so the qualitative difference is the same – some, or even many,cancers areassociated with a lack of AVAILABLE nitrogen.

Globular protein is especially susceptible to thermal denaturing.

Cooking any proteinacious food coagulates about 50 percent of its protein, according to the Max Planck Institute.

Perhaps the coagulation of heated blood is related to the coagulation of heated protein.

According to “Mass Detection of Cancer: A new simple and quick blood test for this disease has been discovered which may be used as a mass screening agent such as X-rays are for unsuspected tuberculosis,” Science News Letter, Mar. 20, 1948, “Blood plasma from cancer patients coagulates much faster when heated than blood plasma from healthy persons or from persons sick with diseases other than cancer.”

Heat, as well as ultraviolet light, alkalinity, lengthy storage, etc., disintegrates hydrogen bonds and destroys (denatures, ferments, and degrades) protein.

According to “Ultraviolet Helps Reveal Chemistry of Vitamins,” Science News Letter, Jul. 1, 1944, “… when light of a wavelength that is absorbed by a particular protein molecule shines on that protein the protein is denatured. Vitamins are composed by light of the wavelength they absorb. Viruses are made non-virulent, without coagulation of their protein and without destruction of their immunizing power, by the particular wavelength they absorb.”

Cooking also destroys many other valuable cancer-fighters such as folate and indoles such as indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane.

In cases where folate feeds cancers, e.g., leukemia, the antimetabolite and antifolate drug Methotrexate contains 20 carbon atoms, 22 hydrogen atoms, and 805 nitrogen atoms (C20H22N805).

The nitrate form of nitrogen is especially transitory, and its content varies on a day-to-day basis while it remains in vegetation.




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