Re: What are your thoughts on playing meditation CDs while you sleep?

Meditation music can help, especially listening to the Prism-er of Love, the so-called “Sonic Colonic.”

I listened to the Prism-er of Love 24 hours a day for over a year, sometimes to multiple simultaneous recordings of it.

Voice instructions are counterproductive, since disease is easily transferred through vocal stress.

It’s best to be in a “Sound Free Zone” between 2:30-6:00 a.m.

The last faculty to be lost at the time of death is hearing.

Listening to the sounds of the world (including meditation CDs) blocks us from hearing the Audible Life Stream at the center of the forehead.

The inner sounds of our body designate our journey up the endocrine ladder.

1st Endocrine Level = bees or drums

2nd Endocrine Level = flute

3rd Endocrine Level = strings (harp, guitar, violin)

4th Endocrine Level = bell

5th Endocrine Level = thunder

6th Endocrine Level = lightning

7th Endocrine Level = bagpipes

8th Endocrine Level = total silence

I met Swami Nadabrahmananda, a master of Nada Yoga and the science of Taan, in the 1970s.

According to the Golden Lotus Yoga Studio Website …

“He [Swami Nadabrahmananda] was not only a brilliant vocalist, but also a virtuoso in the harmonium and the tablas. He developed astonishing abilities thanks to his art. In India, musicians of ancient times studied in great depth the science of vibration and its relationship with the body. This science was called Taan. Swami Nadabrahmananda was the last known Master of this discipline. He could control the frequency and the whereabouts of vibrations in his body. He also had the ability to synchronize his voice with a succession of extremely rapid notes or vibrations and make these sounds leave from different parts of the mouth, skull or backbone. His mastery of the art of Taan enabled him to acquire a robust health and an inexhaustible energy. He had the incredible faculty to suspend his breath and not blink his eyes while playing the tablas for half an hour; this was demonstrated through tests that were made both in India and in the United States, where Swami Vishnudevananda had invited him. Furthermore these tests demonstrated his control over certain vital functions i.e. he could make his pulse rise to 240!”

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'Listening to External Sounds Versus Internal Sounds' have 6 comments

  1. September 4, 2014 @ 3:03 pm atomb

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  2. September 4, 2014 @ 3:10 pm atomb

    Aspirants confuse profane sound with sacred sound.

    Profane sounds include “Coca-Cola,” “Om,” “Hare Krishna,” “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo,” and other mantras.

    Sacred sound is the Primordial Sound Current (the Audible Life Stream).

    According to Sant Tulsi Sahib (“Within the Body”) …

    “Within this body breathes the secret essence. Within this body beats the heart of the Vedas.

    “Within this body shines the entire Universe, so the Saints say.

    “Hermits, ascetics, celibates all are lost seeking Him in endless guises.

    “Seers and sages perfectly parrot the scriptures and holy books, blinded by knowledge.

    “Their pilgrimage, and fasting, and striving but delude

    “Despite their perfect practice, they discover no destination.

    “Only the Saints who know the body’s heart have attained the Ultimate, O Tulsi.

    “Realize this, and you’ve found your freedom (while teachers trapped in tradition know only the mirage in the mirror).”


    • September 8, 2014 @ 12:12 pm Ryan

      Thanks you for this Sant Tulsi Sahib quote, Atom!



  3. September 7, 2014 @ 5:05 pm Michael Gebhardt

    Atom Going off as usual!! Sound off!!


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