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Conventional muscle response testing (MRT) takes too much time and effort and offers too little information to track down traumas …

… compared to Foot Biofeedback (BioFEETback).

Let’s take Jack’s hypothetical statement, “I went to Wally World with Jane to buy a vacuum cleaner for Joe on Thursday.”

(1) Maybe Jack frequented Wally World with a father or uncle as a child and associated it with an unpleasant memory.

Jack’s LEFT foot may twitch or stiffen at the specific mention of “Wally World.”

(2) Maybe Jack recently ended a codependent relationship with Jane.

Jack’s RIGHT foot may twitch or stiffen at the specific name “Jane.”

(3) Maybe Jack’s mother worked out her anger by vacuuming during his childhood.

Jack’s RIGHT foot may twitch or stiffen at the specific mention of “vacuum cleaner.”

(4) Maybe Jack doesn’t like Joe because he’s Jane’s new boyfriend.

Jack’s LEFT foot may twitch or stiffen at the specific mention of “Joe.”

(5) Maybe Jack broke up with Joan, his girlfriend prior to Jane, on a Thursday.

Jack’s RIGHT foot may twitch or stiffen at the specific mention of “Thursday.”

A person’spsychological and emotional history unfolds very quickly!

MALE traumas “show” on the LEFT ANTERIOR and RIGHT POSTERIOR of the body.

FEMALE traumas “show” on the RIGHT ANTERIOR and LEFT POSTERIOR of the body.

“Twitches” are motor responses, so, obviously …

(1) a MALE trauma originatesfrom the RIGHT rear and causes the LEFT FOOT to twitch or stiffen, and

(2) a FEMALE trauma originatesfrom the LEFT rear and causes the RIGHT FOOT to twitch or stiffen.

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'Secrets of Foot Biofeedback (BioFEETback)' have 2 comments

  1. April 17, 2011 @ 10:10 pm tori

    What are examples of male & female traumas?


    • April 18, 2011 @ 1:54 pm atomb

      The 2000 movie Disney’s The Kid contains an authentic example of Body & Organ Language.

      Russ Dritz (played by Bruce Willis) has a “father trauma” manifesting as a recurring twitch (neurological hyperexcitability) in his left eye.


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