Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“A Master must master cancer.”

Adano identified the trophoblast cell as the mechanism responsible for both cancer and IMMORTALITY.

According to Modulating Aging and Longevity (edited by S.I. Rattan), 2003 …

“Genes are not involved in aging because they have not been shown to affect, reverse or arrest the inexorable expression of molecular disorder that defines aging.”

… and …

“Another argument against the direct role of genes in programming the aging process is that animals do not age at the same rate, even when inbred, nor are the patterns of age changes identical in each identical twin or other identical multiple births. When the random events characteristic of aging are compared with the orderly, virtually lock-step, changes that occur during genetically driven embryogenesis and development, that orderliness and precision stands out in stark contrast to the quantitative and qualitative disorder of age changes. The variability in the manifestations of aging differs greatly from animal to animal within a species but the variability in developmental changes differs trivially. Humans from conception to adulthood are virtually identical in respect to the timing of the stages involved in biological development but from about thirty on, age changes produce profound biological heterogeneity.”

Adano said (referring to the bare minimum survival parameters for a non-God-realized person) …

“Saturn Return gives you thirty years to muck it up, thirty years to clean it up, and thirty years to enjoy it. You’re allowed thirty years to muck up. You can’t break Nature’s laws – you break yourself against them.”

Rephrasing the oft-quoted Biblical pronouncement (Matthew 18:3,4) …

“Unless you repent and become like a little EMBRYO, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Whoever then humbles himself as this little EMBRYO, he is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

An EMBRYO becomes a FETUS about eight weeks after fertilization.

Eight weeks = 56 DAYS.

We’ve come full circle back to TROPHOBLAST CELLS again …

Trophoblast cells are vital to the cellular mechanism during the first 56 DAYS of fetal development, but are extremely dangerous when reactivated and proliferated.

Erich Fromm (The Forgotten Language, 1951) wrote ..

“Inasmuch as man is like God, gifted with a soul, with reason, love and freedom, he is not subject to time or death. But inasmuch as man is an animal, with a body subject to the laws of nature, he is a slave to time and death. The Babylonians sought to appease the lord of time by self-castigation. The Bible in its Sabbath concept makes an entirely new attempt to solve the problem: by stopping interference with nature for one day you eliminate time; time is suspended, Saturn is dethroned on his very day, Saturn’s-day.”


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