Skin transmutation is the “easiest” part of Shape-Shifting 101.

We have the same genes – but more refined and evolved – as a CHAMELEON.

Lizzy (not her real name) walked into Scandia Health Foods in Carpinteria, California, and asked me (the manager) what I thoughtof high-protein diet products.

“Not much,” I replied.

Lizzy protested, pointing to a can of protein powder she’d placed on the counter. “But I’ve lost weight on them before. I’ve lost weight on this one several times before.”

“Just how many times have you lost weight on protein powder?” I asked.

“Quite a few times,” Lizzie admitted.

“My point exactly. What good is a diet that you have to stay on all the time? Sounds like a merry-go-round to me. In fact, it’s called yo-yo dieting, and it’s definitely not good for your health. I study with a guy [Swami Nitty-Gritty] who taught me that ‘Abstinence cures nothing.'”

Lizzie stayed for a 2-hour consultation on Time-Conscious Eating.

I told her she could double her calories and still lose weight.

I also “recycled” her of a trauma. Lizzie had been struck with a baseball bat as a child.

10 days elapsed, and Lizzie didn’t return to Scandia.

I wondered if “eating in time” wasn’t working for her or if my attitude had been too cocksure.

Twilight of the tenth day, I stopped at a gas station on my way out of town (to do a Solar Nutrition workshop in San Diego), and there was Lizzie.

“Wow!” she crowed. “I was just thinking about coming to see you, and here you are!”

“That’s the way it often works when you’re ‘in time’,” I replied. “And I see you’ve definitely lost weight.”

“10 pounds,” she confirmed.

“And it looks like you’ve been hanging out at the beach,” I observed. “That’s a great tan.”

Lizzie had been lily-white 10 days before. Now she was very bronzed.

“No, I haven’t been in the sun,” Missy replied. “My complexion just CHANGED. My boyfriend camehome from his vacation and was amazed. He asked, ‘Who ARE you? I don’t even know who you are. You’re a whole different person!'”

I never connected Lizzy’s “bronzing” to the day Swami Nitty-Gritty (Adano Ley) and I crossed that bridge from California into Arizonawhen he transformed from an Oriental yellow man into a Native American red man. Not till years later.

Clue: Chameleons have VERY LONG TONGUES – and they know how to use them.

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