(1) GMO foods

(2) chlorinated hydrocarbons

(3) heavy metal hazardous waste

(4) nanoparticle contamination

(5) petrochemical pollution

(6) radioactive fallout

… are not the greatest threat to global human survival.

The two greatest threats are …

(1) recycled water

(2) processed sewage

These provide “lending libraries” for antibiotic-resistant genes (ARGs).

UV light has no effect on these genes, and chlorine actally supercharges them. [1]

(1) GRAY WATER is recycled water (the leftover water from baths, showers, wash basins, and, sometimes, kitchen sinks and washing machines).

(2) BLACK WATER is sewage water (water containing human feces).

(3) WHITE WATER is potable water.

A world expert on ARGs lives right here in Montecito, California.

Medical geo-hydrologist Dr. Edo McGowan warned …

“In the late 1970s, the US/EPA did a major study that documented that sewer plants were a principal factor in putting resistant bacteria into the aquatic environment of the nation. That paper cited other works stretching back to the 1960s that said the same thing – sewer plants make antibiotic resistance. The EPA study for some reason, including all data associated with it was removed from the EPA data base. There was nothing wrong with the study, but I suspect it would raise questions about antibiotic resistant pathogens being in sewage sludge. The question would draw attention to the promotion of land applied sewage sludge and the potential for sewage sludge to spread resistance across the nation’s farmland. That would interfere with the promotion of sewage sludge by both US/EPA and USDA. The issue with reclaimed water is not dissimilar because we are discussing resistance. Once in the human gut, the genes can be kept for quite long periods (years) and thus act as a lending library to incoming pathogens. Maria Sjolund (2005) indicated that resistance in the normal flora, which may last years, might contribute to increased resistance in higher-grade pathogens through inter-species transfer. Sjolund et al go on to note that since populations of the normal biota are large, this affords the chance for multiple and different resistant variants to develop. This thus enhances the risk for spread to populations of pathogens. Furthermore, there is crossed resistance. Thus, with resistant organisms and the capacity of the gut biota to take in genes and multiply bacteria, the old paradigm of infective dose may no longer be applicable here.”

Dr. McGowan warned the California State Water Control Board …

“It has been held by some industry pundits that acquired resistance (lateral gene transfer) is a sometime, short time thing. Such is not the case. Lawrence [R. Curtis] notes that incorporation of DNA fragments conferring resistance or virulence can transform a benign strain into a pathogen in but a single step. Horizontal transfer of genes is often accomplished by phages while in a lysogenic state. Phages are abundant in sewage and within sewage plants. For example, the transfer RNA locus leuX operates as an integration site for pathogenicity islands in uropathogenic E. coli. Acquired horizontally transferred genes do last for some time, Lawrence suggests, however, that very few are maintained more than 10 million years (Myr).” [2]

Compliments of gray water and black water, ARGs are now commonly found in white water.


[1] Chlorine is a contributing factor to the worldwide proliferation of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylocccus aureus).

[2] Regular readers of Atom’s Blog know a lot more about horizontal gene transfer than the general public.


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  1. August 15, 2013 @ 5:01 pm atomb

    My e-books are available at …


    Dr. Edo McGowan also warned …

    “Further, there is the chance for prions, which are essentially indestructible, to be in sewer sludge. Embalming practices in many states allow direct discharge of body contents to sewers. It has been reported in the medical literature that perhaps up to 13% of Alzheimer’s patients are actually suffering from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease – the human equivalent of mad cow. Further, is there any control over source of the raw stock for the compost? In California, we have some serious issues with misrepresentation.”


  2. August 16, 2013 @ 6:07 am Helen

    And would reverse osmosis get rid of all of that?

    If not, what is the solution to protect oneself and family?

    Love & peace


    • August 18, 2013 @ 6:28 pm atomb

      Reverse osmosis eliminates some of it.

      Eating on time is important to immunity. (I’ll write a blog about it in the near future.)

      Emotional clearing is also important to high-level wellness.

      A Velcro Mind collects emotions, while a Teflon Mind doesn’t.

      A Mirror Mind is a panacea against disease.


      • August 18, 2013 @ 10:09 pm jwong

        What is the difference between a Teflon Mind and a Mirror Mind? What is the best way to let go, and not collect emotions?

        I find that writing down my thoughts and feelings allows me to clarify and understand my embedded emotions and the issues bothering me, and then I can be more easily release them.


        • August 20, 2013 @ 4:04 pm atomb

          A Teflon Mind avoids attachment to traumas by not getting involved.

          A Mirror Mind avoids attachment while being involved.

          The Teflon Mind is an intermediate step between the Velcro Mind and the Mirror Mind.


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